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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Nowadays everyone wants to look good and confident
and having a great physique is seen as the symbol of
strength, elegance power and dominance that’s the reason why many men and women
are considering to join a gym to get the physique they desire
So in this episode of what the science we will be looking into the science behind
bodybuilding and muscle growth
so without wasting much time lets flex some brain muscle
to understand how bodybuilding works and what you should avoid while building your
muscles INTRO bodybuilding was developed in late 19th century and was promoted in England
by a German Eugene Sandow Eugene allowed audiences to enjoy viewing
his physique in muscle display performances
These performances become a huge hit with audiences
and thus, resulted into the first bodybuilding contest
held on September 14 1901 called as the great competition
Which was organised by Eugene Sandow himself Nowadays various competitions held all over
the world based on the same Idea of Eugene Sandow
Thus, he was rightfully called the father of bodybuilding
bodybuilding which started as a fitness sport, now became the weekly activity of people
who wanted to have a great physique So even if you are a beginner
or have been hitting the gym for years you need to understand some basic aspects
of bodybuilding so that you can maximize your gains and avoid
injury Muscle growth is also called as hypertrophy
in technical terms Hypertrophy is actually a response to the
stress which we have evolved over time
basically, the muscles are made up of muscle fibre
which make up the muscle tissue These cells are different from other cells
of the body in a variety of ways
there are three types of muscle cells in our body
cardiac muscle smooth muscle and
skeletal muscle As far as bodybuilding is concerned
we will be talking about skeletal muscles skeletal muscles are composed of thread like
myofibrils and sarcomeres that forms the muscle fibre and are the basic
units of contraction there are 650 types of skeletal muscles in
our body the motor neurones are the one which control
your skeletal muscles the motor neurones tell the skeletal muscles
to contract and relax the better you become at having those signals
the stronger you get this is the reason why a powerlifter is able
to lift heavy weight despite not looking very muscular
it is due to their ability to activate those motor neurones
and contract their muscles better motor unit recruitment also helps us to explain
why after practice certain movement become easier to perform
and most of the initial strength gains happen when you first start to lift the weights
this is the reason why you may see muscle growth
during the initial few weeks of training but as the time passes
you won’t see any substantial growth in your muscles
since now you can easily activate these muscles without stressing them when we exercise it causes the muscle fibre
to tear slightly in what is called as a micro tear
this is actually a good thing as this is how the muscle will grow
in response to the muscle tearing the body will use satellite cells to fix the
tears building them up more thicker each time to
prevent future damage This repair will require amino acids
which body gets from protein in the system the muscles that are repaired become thicker
and they require greater load and more repetitions to be torn
and this is how and why we are able to increase the load that we work with
Muscle growth occurs whenever the rate of muscle Protein synthesis
is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown
this happens not when you are lifting weight but when you are taking rest
so how do you add muscle to muscle cells this is where the satellite cells come in
when activated they help to add more nuclei to the muscle cells
and therefore, contribute directly to the growth of muscle cells
Thus activation of satellite cell is the difference between
fast gainers and hard gainers Now the main question arises how do you activate
these satellite cells to increase muscle growth
Well the underlying principle of natural muscle growth is
ability to continually put more stress on the muscles
the simple way to do this is to lift progressively heavier weights
and this additional tension in the muscle causes changes
in the chemistry of the muscle allowing for growth factors
such as activation of satellite cells Hormones also play an important factor in
muscle growth testosterone is the main hormone that most
people think about when working out
testosterone increases protein synthesis, inhibits protein breakdown, activates satellite
cells and stimulates growth hormone responses
by increasing the presence of neurotransmitters at the damage fibre site
But another hormone which is also vital in muscle growth
is IGF insulin growth factor IGF regulates the amount of muscle mass growth
by enhancing protein synthesis, enhancing glucose uptake
repartitioning the uptake of amino acids in the skeletal muscles
and also activating satellite cells to increase the muscle growth
Muscles need rest to grow as stated earlier so you need to give adequate rest to your
body to recover and grow strong
nutrition is one of the most important factor which people overlook
if you are not providing necessary nutrition in order to build muscle
they won’t grow and the body will start using up reserves
to compensate for the shortfall The result you will start losing muscles instead
of gaining them Micro tears are good for muscle growth
but overtraining will cause this tears to become severe
and will result in serious injuries so do not over train
it does not have any benefit also do not rush to hit the heaviest weight
as fast as possible muscle growth is a slow process and it takes
time build your strength gradually
and take your time to increase the weights in addition to that different people have
different genetics which plays an important role in muscle growth
some people can gain muscles easily while some find it hard to gain muscles
so one need to follow the workout regime best suited
for their body to get the desired results so that’s it from this episode of what the
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