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44 thoughts on “Science Says This Is the BEST Quad Strengthening Exercise- MUST SEE THIS!

  1. So the tried and true LAQs are the best, oh the irony. I wonder how many of the sports medicine "experts" this research upset.

  2. Not shocking, but we know that the more stress place across the muscle area the more potential for growth.

    EMG doesnt necessarily carry over to actual training. Also other factors such as ability to perform the exercise and the population being study is important.

  3. I do find this surprising since the leg ext machine is usually poo-pooed. I haven't tended to use them because it's hard to find one that you can adjust well for short people. Currently rehabbing and doing the ankle weight version of knee extension eccentric phase only. Don't mind the ankle weight approach but it is awkward if you don't have the right weight amount in them.

  4. Good to know – I'm one of those people who are pretty fit but there are some areas that I need to work on, such as increasing my quad strength. I am currently having a flare-up of acute (there is nothing "cute" about it) tendonitis in my knee and I am pretty motivated to avoid hurting it, so it's nice to hear that more of the quad muscle works in the first 0-30 degree range. If I do anything to try to fully extend that knee all the way it just ends up delaying the recovery process.

  5. Question about the last few degrees on the leg extension. I had an ACL replacement 10 years ago, and the ms affects my right leg. (Yes, ms. It doesn't deserve to be capitalized).
    My right leg has recently started hyper-extending during the support phase of my walk. To combat this, I've been resting my knee on a foam roller and lifting a 5 lb ankle weight the last few degrees on a leg extension 3 sets of 50 reps. I don't think it's working. Is there anything else I can try before getting a brace? (I don't want to have to get a brace.)
    p.s. I think you're the most famous PTs on the internet too.

  6. Once when I had physical therapy, they taught me to do a quad exercise lying down. Simply press the back of the knee into the table/bed. Of course, multiple reps and sets. It can be done, no matter what condition a person may be in. It works.

  7. There is a problem here. Just because the extension is the best strengthening exercise does not necessarily mean that it is now without its drawbacks.

  8. Or just learn to do squats. From a kinesiology and health standpoint, isolating muscle groups is a no no. Muscles are supposed to work in conjunction with each other to create stability. This is part of Stuart McGill’s philosophy in rehabilitation. Mind you, Stuart McGill is one of the most influential physical therapists of all time.

  9. I've been advised not to do that exercise.but it is one of my favorites so it's nice to hear that's it's good to do..thks guys love your channel

  10. I am a physical therapist and want to know the effectiveness of laser therapy in pain management , can you do a video on that?

  11. Strangely enough ,just watched a video from another channel about different exercises that were wrong to do and extensions was one ,according to them a lot of pressure on your knee caps ,since our legs weren't made to lift weights on that position,so sum up ,things change so quickly that we might as well don't exercise or do it laying down 🤣🤣🤣,joking of course

  12. I had ACL and meniscus repair 8 years ago and my Surgeon, who ironically went to Stanford, told me after my surgery that leg extensions was the one exercise I should never do again.

  13. I never had issues with leg extensions unless I go too heavy. I haven't been doing leg extensions for awhile since I get plenty of quad workouts between the gym and Brazilian jiu jitsu.

  14. …un muscolo bi-articolare, allenato in mono-articolarità, che riesce ad essere il migliore allenamento per il ginocchio…mah…

  15. I loved this thanks. I also found this format easier to follow and more instructive. It was calm with less moving around, and just more structured. Thanks!

  16. I'm a fit Master's cyclist who had a collision with a lorry and consequently fractured my skull, suffered a compound fracture of the left radius, and received very deep, to the bone, 6' diagnonal gash just above my knee cap, into the quad, rupturing my quad tendon and a lot of muscle damage. That was Christmas Day and the start 0f 12 days in hospital. March 1st today, and I have 90 degree flexation in that knee but not much strength, though I walk 4-5 km a day.. the doctors have told me to do some weight training in anticipation of returning to cycling in 2 months or so. Anyway, would you suggest this exercise with the quad tendon rupture or stick to closed chain activities ? The tendons around the knee still feel tight, so I'm a little reluctant to really push on at this time.. Thanks for your great videos, I'm following the ones on regaining wrist/forearm strength and flexibility as well, and am getting positive results

  17. Which one of you guys can come to my home and set up my PT gym? You can also stay a while to give me lessons 😁👌

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