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hello, Everyone Scott Herman here from Been getting a lot of emails from you guys asking me what I do from my training Routines I’m gonna put some thought into it and I’ve decided that I’m gonna take the camera to the gym And I’m gonna show you guys exactly what I do So I hope you’re ready for it because it’s gonna be intense, and I don’t mean intense. I mean it’s gonna be intense So hope you’re ready for it And I hope it gives you the motivation you need to go to the gym and get the job done So keep your eyes open check out my channel Subscribe to my videos and be on the lookout for Scott Herman’s training Routines I’ll see you guys soon

100 thoughts on “Scott Herman- MY workout routines Teaser

  1. Love the pump… and hate it, It's great because it can give you that extra edge when you need it (visually)… But it's awful because it lasts so short and makes you feel like shit when you don't have a pump

  2. @Dubs0000 agreed. and he ain't even big :/ I think it's because at a specific point in time he threw technique out the window.

  3. You're not really that big Scott but god damn you lift heavy…. Your body is my ideal body in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜› Working on it!

  4. @masterkiller1791 i visited his gym and i recognised him from these videos. it just so happened i walked in on him in the bathroom while he had a medical dispensor of dbol out on the sink and he was putting one in his mouth. i walked by and he spun around on me and was like "who sent you?" i diddnt know what he was talking about so i was l turned around and he grabbed my shirt. i shrugged it off and left. i think he knows i saw him take the roids and he thought i was gonna tell.

  5. @masterkiller1791 dude dbol has been illegal for like 20 years. your thinking of andro. andro is a prohormone. dbol is a real steroid.

  6. @dyslecix I love workout pump up!!! I always wear a tight shirt after my workouts cause it makes me feel that much bigger ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. @ScottHermanFitness same here!…..i look like a HULK Gohan SS21 :P….and btw ive actually been following most of your routines…i have to give you thumbs up on your progress…you look fantastic and i envy how intense you workout…i wish i could workout with no shirt in the gym! haha……flippin College.

  8. same here!…..i look like a HULK Gohan SS21 when im pumping in the gym :P….and btw ive actually been following most of your routines…i have to give you thumbs up on your progress…you look fantastic and i envy how intense you workout…i wish i could workout with no shirt in the gym! haha……flippin College.

  9. @ScottHermanFitness same here!…..i look like a HULK Gohan SS21 when im pumping in the gym :P….and btw ive actually been following most of your routines…i have to give you thumbs up on your progress…you look fantastic and i envy how intense you workout…i wish i could workout with no shirt in the gym! haha……flippin College.

  10. @Philzilla428 I don't get why people like you complain about him making videos. Don't watch them then! He makes these videos for people who are interested in getting in shape, in the gym and motivated. People do watch them and appreciate them. I bet some of the stuff you watch on youtube, other people think is complete crap. Keep your opinions to yourself.

  11. i think you are a very humble guy, because only that kind of guys share this type of info with people so thank you man i wish you a long life.

  12. Damn i want to train with you , Not with pussys like my friend that dont think i know anything about training!! idiots! ๐Ÿ™

  13. talk negative through the internet because if you say it to his face shit wouldn't go soo smoothly …anyways man great workouts love the vids

  14. @3737jak been 4 years in the gym, spent $800 for supplement and food every month, and i cant get this shape till I use steroid. lol,

  15. @dikajenny Then you're doing it wrong. Way wrong. I'm 7 kg less this guy and that's because i'm not serious. Know your routines and do proper gain on the routine and you're all good.

  16. ever thought about for a small legend in Portuguese
    I do not speak English I am Brazilian and I love your videos
    thanks for reading

  17. Could you help me with something? I have GYNECOMASTIA and it has really inflicted every day of my life. I have thought of many solutions like putting tape on my nipples wearing triple shirt when its 35 degrees celcius. My dad has told me that he had this same problem. I donยดt know if i can believe him. Could you give me any advice? Solutions? Have you experienced GYNECOMASTIA?

  18. love your amazing pecs, sexy body and face, make a video of you shirtless in just underwear and show off your bulge

  19. @ScottHermanFitness
    The exercise on 0:19 can you do it on your knees?
    because I saw some guys in the gym doin it and i gave it a try and it's a kinda good workout .. what do you think?

  20. Hey Scott or anyone in the know. I worked out at the gym one week, it was my first work out in the weights room and I was sore for about 3 days. Then about 5 days after that workout I did a similar workout (round robin) but I went a lot more intense. Thing is I didn't even feel sore at all, my mate told me if I don't feel sore the next day but I do the day after it means I went to hard and I would probably be heaps sore. Well it's that day and I'm not sore though I worked out a lot harder?

  21. @LoneWolfSpike Also I was wondering what you thought of the "chest and tri's back and bi's routine" would you recommend this or what are the names of any better ones?

  22. @LoneWolfSpike dude its cuz ur muscles get used to the training eventually…so thats why you need to switch up ur training every once a while…so stick with the same routine for a month or two then switch it up…what i mean is like for example lets say for chest u normally do: dumbbell chest press, incline dumbbell chest press, cable flys and dumbbell flys. after a couple of months change it up so for ex do: bench press, incline bench press and dips etc. Dont worry too much about soreness,

  23. @LoneWolfSpike because just because ur really sore doesnt necessarily mean you had a great workout. Theres no scientific research to back that up. so if ur not that sore the next day dont worry. some people get big without ever being sore at all like me. And make sure u dont overtrain. dont be in the gym for 2 hours. try finishing ur workout under an hour and 15 mins but aim for an hour. and try going to failure on every set if ur still worried about soreness. GOOD LUCK! ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. @yuvrajdiwan123 cheers for the advice, but I must point out that it was my 2nd ever work out except for cardio in the pool. My first ever work out I was sore on a basic round robin routine, 5 days later I do the exact same routine but at a higher intensity and I'm not even sore at all. Just seemed odd.

  25. @LoneWolfSpike did u do a full body workout? if so that explains it. try doing:

    Day1: Chest Tricep
    Day 2: rest
    Day 3: Back Bicep
    Day 4: rest
    Day 5: Shoulders and forearms
    Day 6: rest
    Day 7: legs

    and if u want u can rest on day 1 again or start again with chest tricep.
    also try keeping ur whole workout under 15 sets

  26. @yuvrajdiwan123 Yes that routine is very similar to what I will be doing. For the moment I am just doing round robin to get my body used to training and build my balance muscles so I can maintain an effective technique.

  27. srsly… did anything change in the two years ? I mean did you gain strength? oder did your muscles grow in the last 2 years? Somehow it is getting pointless to train, after you reached your limit I think =/

  28. @FFreeLevant you little douche bag why practicing when you don't gain anything you bitch? to maintain your body is fine yeah, but still there is that motivation gone of getting stronger

  29. @FFreeLevant lol I'm practicing now for 3 years and I reached my goals and trust me I get more gril than you ever had, but my point is that you … ahh you know what? fuck it, don't even know why I am writing to some guy I don't even know…

  30. This guy likes to show off but hey if anyone was that muscly wouldn't they lol he got some helpful videos So fair play the the lad

  31. @13jumpball13 that may be some1s 1st thoughts after watching this but look at some of the other videos he's done showing ppl step by step how to do his routines, him giving free tips on how to eat, how many ?s he's answered personally from fans/subscribers all with a smile on his face and a genuine nice guy attitude so u my friend are the douche bag who's hating on some1 else all while sittin on ur couch hiding behind your computer screen truth hurts eh?

  32. @lars307 i am from norway 2 and doing the same :), Thanks Scott! But i am only 17 years old (playing soccer and handball) does that make my muscles not growing big enough?

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  34. @xsyivgq yes i mean it. It was tough when I was working out hard and no muscles were coming in my thin body. Between If you want something that builds huge muscle which showed me exactly what i was doing wrong. The video describing the method is here >>

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