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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Narrator] Bodybuilding
and gym culture are in, and they seem to be only
growing in popularity. People have gone jogging in
super brightly colored jackets in the 80s, but now it’s all
about hitting the weights and eating a ton of chicken. That being said, there’s some shady things about the bodybuilding world
that you should be aware of. Keep watching to find out the
secrets behind the industry before you start chugging
a load of protein powder. – Amazing. – [Narrator] Number 10,
supplementation scams. The whole supplement
industry is built on the idea that you need to supplement your diet, it’s right there in the name. Selling supplements is the
number one way that bodybuilders, as well as other fitness
gurus, actually make money. In reality, however, the
average person simply does not need to supplement their
diet with anything. Decades of scientific
research has failed to produce any substantial evidence
that supplements and vitamins actually do anything
significant to your body. Special protein powders
and other supplements aren’t why bodybuilders are so giant. Bodybuilders get most of their protein from eating actual food
that is high in protein like chicken, beef, and fish. Aesthetically speaking,
supplements have come a long way from the old Flintstones tablets, and you can get cool-looking
ones that are transparent and have tons of little balls inside, but the reality is that they just don’t really do all that much. Some bodybuilding supplements
can even be dangerous, despite not really doing anything. Number nine, fake weights. You’ve no doubt seen the
slew of attractive Instagram and YouTube fitness E-celebrities, who seemingly make a living
simply by posting pictures and videos of themselves working out. Well, some of them may
not actually be as strong as they would like you to think. There’s recently been a lot
of pretty compelling cases of these fitness gurus getting called out for using fake weights. Basically, the idea is that your advice, your supplements, your whatever,
seem a lot more legitimate if you yourself are really strong. If you’re not actually really strong, then you can just make people
think you’re really strong, by using weights that are
actually lighter than they look. Perhaps the best example of
this is Gracyanne Barbosa, a Brazilian Instagram
model, who posted a video that many have questioned,
where in she appears to squat 495 pounds almost 10 times. For those of you who may not
spend a lot of time in the gym, the reason people are
skeptical of this video is because people who can squat
almost 500 pounds for reps, tend to look more like this, than this. Another point of reference
would be Olympic Medalist and power-lifting record
holder, Chen Wei-Ling, whose been doing strength
training her whole life, and can only squat 462 pounds. Number eight, dangers supplements. There are a ton of supplements
on the market out there for people looking to get big,
but just how safe are they? Well, the following press
release may give you an idea. It’s from May 1st, 2009. Fourteen Hydroxycut products
are being recalled voluntarily by the manufacturer after
the FDA received 23 reports of serious liver injuries, ranging from jaundice to death. Hydroxycut was discontinued in 2009, but had been operating since 2002. Until the brand disappeared,
it was actually one of the most respected supplements out there. And their fat burners were
their most popular product. What takes the whole instant
to a new level of shady, however, was they never
confessed about what had actually caused the problem. For all we know, there
could be other companies who are doing whatever
it was they were doing, that went wrong. Because bodybuilding
supplements fall into an unusual category with the FDA, not all
of them are even regulated. Added to this, once you buy them, you seemingly have to keep buying them. One such example is pre-workout. Pre-workout is super popular
in the bodybuilding community, but users say that once you’ve
started lifting with the help of its formula, which is
sort of like the effects of caffeine times two, it can be
hard to go back to just using your bodys natural energy. You’d be correct for thinking
it can not be entirely safe. In fact, some people have
suffered from abnormal hear rhythms after long-term uses of certain pre-workout formulas. Number seven, physical injury prevalence. As you can imagine, lifting weights, a hobby which entails not
only picking up heavy things and putting them down repeatedly, but constantly trying to
pick up and put down heavier and heavier things, is a hobby which can lead
to a lot of injuries. Ronnie Coleman, eight-time Mr. Olympia, considered by most to be one
of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, has had four spinal surgeries and a double hip replacement. Despite the fact that his
injuries have actually left him unable to walk, he’s actually
said that the only thing he regrets is doing only
two reps instead of four, when he famously squatted 800 pounds. Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympia, tore his bicep, his quadriceps,
and almost tore his tricep completely in two. I don’t think I could even move an object that would be heavy enough to
tear my tricep muscle in half. Old school bodybuilder
Dave Draper once said that a determined bodybuilder
is driven, daring, intense, and injury-bound. So the moral to the story is, if you wanna get into bodybuilding,
be aware of the risks. Number six, training secrets. Bodybuilders don’t train like the majority of the lifting population, which is one of the reasons
that they don’t look like the majority of the lifting population. Pros also are not in the gym
24/7 working out constantly. Dorian Yates would workout
one hour, four times a week. Veteran bodybuilders know that
you can only workout so much before what you’re really doing is preventing your
muscles from recovering. The actual lifting weights
part of being a bodybuilder is usually what gets the
spotlight, but most bodybuilders, when they’re not trying
to sale you a supplement that will magically solve your problems, will admit that diet is
probably a bigger part of their success. Bodybuilders don’t eat
like normal humans at all. For instance, they usually
eat five or six meals a day. Number five, torn aortas. I’ve already mentioned how
bodybuilders aren’t strangers to torn muscles, but
what’s more concerning is that your heart is one of
the muscles that you can tear. Aortic dissection is when
you tear the inner layer of the aorta, the large
blood vessel branching off from your heart, and
it can actually happen due to lifting weights. While the number of cases
where they can confidently point to weight lifting as
the cause of a torn aorta is small, if you have a
history of aortic dilation and hypertension, you
really need to be careful. Really, if you have any
sort of cardiac problems, you should seriously consider
your choice to get into bodybuilding, which I know
you have been considering, because of the previous
examples in this video. Andrej Gajdos was a 19 year
old aspiring bodybuilder from the United Kingdom, who
unfortunately died in 2015 when his aorta exploded. He was 7’2″, weighed 280 pounds. The doctor who performed the autopsy said that he was not a normal man. “It is extremely rare for a young person “to have a torn aorta like that. “I’ve only seen one
other case in 15 years.” His steroid use also played a
major role in his torn aorta. Number four, body dysmorphia. Most people probably don’t
suspect that people who look like Greek statues or comic heroes
are some of the most likely to deal with body dysmorphia. However, a study published in
the Journal of Psychopathology that investigated male
and female participants in activities that
require certain physique, bodybuilding included, found
that bodybuilders were more likely to be dissatisfied
with their bodies, and have unhealthy eating disorders than the normal population. It may seem counterintuitive at first, since you think that someone
whose made of 200 pounds of muscle probably feels
confident with their body, seeing as how seven out of every
10 Americans are overweight or obese, and they’re light
years ahead of the general population in terms of fitness. But the people who look like
that today, got that way because for whatever reason,
they were dissatisfied with what their body
looked like originally. That mindset is what helped
them reach their goal. But it’s not something
that’s easily left behind. So bodybuilders can get stuck thinking that they’re still that
tiny dude they were before. Number three, it’s almost
impossible to make it. The harsh reality of bodybuilding is that only a tiny percentage of people make it, in the sense that they go pro, and make a living as a bodybuilder
without having a day job. Bodybuilding has never,
and likely never will be, an extremely popular
spectator competition. So there simply isn’t the
level of money and sponsors involved as there are in
more mainstream sports. Bodybuilding competitions
usually aren’t even televised, with the exception of the
biggest few every year. But this isn’t the only
reason that it’s difficult to make it. A minority of people have the genetics to really make it far in bodybuilding. Bodybuilding requires broad
shoulders, a narrow waist, as well as long muscle bellies at the highest level of competition. Past a certain point, there’s
just no way to train your way out of these genetic disadvantages, and it’s probably the sport where genetics play the biggest role. Number two, it’s bad for your health. To clarify, hitting the
gym and lifting weights on a regular basis, is
actually very healthy. It helps with weight loss,
improves bone density, lowers your risk of diabetes,
improves the overall health of you heart, prevents back pain, and even helps you sleep better. The super tan guys up on
the stage wearing speedos, however, are not exactly
the pinnacle of health. For starters, their body fat percentage is in the low single digits. For reference, the normal healthy range is somewhere around 15 to 25. This need for crazy low
body fat in order to look as muscular as possible,
is particularly dangerous for female body builders. When a woman’s body fat gets that low, their pituitary gland automatically
reduces the production of crucial hormones that the ovaries need. It can even stop the menstrual cycle. This has its own related
problems, such as shrinkage of internal organs, loss of muscle tissue, and damage to the nervous system. It can even in some cases lead to death. Number one, steroids. Steroids are sort of an open secret in the world of bodybuilding. Steroids are one of the reasons Rich Piana had such an unhealthy and enlarged heart. And the list of additional
health risks associated with steroid use is numerous. Bodybuilding competitions
do not test for steroids. And everyone knows that everyone
else is also on steroids. Yes, even the women. And yes, even in divisions like physique, where having the most total
muscle mass is not the number one factor in winning. Yes, even Instagram and
YouTube fitness experts. You have to remember,
those people make a living based on their physique, too. The reason why everyone is
on steroids but nobody can really admit that they’re
on steroids, is twofold. Firstly, the fitness
industry needs faces to use in order to sale supplements, equipment, workout programs, and everything. If people thought that the
people on posters looked the way they do primarily due to steroids more than any other factor, they probably would not be as likely to buy whatever product they’re selling. Secondly, steroids are
illegal in the United States. Law enforcement does not
place a high priority on rounding up bodybuilders,
finding their steroids, and tossing them in jail. But you still can’t really
just straight up say that you take steroids. Possibly more concerning than steroids, is the widespread use of
HGH, or human growth hormone. At the top level of competition,
this drug is why you see so many bodybuilders with six-pack abs and next to no body fat,
somehow also have big, extended stomachs. This is because HGH does
not only help your muscles to expand, it helps your organs expand. Does that sound healthy to you? Do you know any other secrets
that I should have mentioned? And have you experienced any
of these issues firsthand? Let me know what you
think in the comments. Thanks for watching. (gentle music)

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  2. Should of also mentioned that bodybuilders make look strong and tough but in reality that's far from the truth.
    The size of their muscles and the amount they lift doesn't translate very well into practical strength for real-life use. They train to maximise their muscle size, so they do a lot of isolation lifting (using one muscle at a time, one day at a time) but in real life when you need to move something heavy it's almost always a compound movement (using lots of muscles at the same time). And you're usually going to need some muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness too. That's why World's Strongest Man competitors look and train completely differently to Bodybuilders.
    And before anyone tries to go there: yes of course Bodybuilders are much stronger than people who don't lift weights at all, but look at the name: Bodybuilding… It's a muscle beauty-contest not a strength contest. If you want to get strong Bodybuilding is far from the best way to do it.

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    Powdered proteins are nothing more than dried food. Some of them feature a lot of sweeteners and artificial flavours, some of them are junk free and are a good alternative to cured meat and canned food when you are in a hurry. Of course real, fresh food is way better and athletes prefer it, who doesn't?

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  33. Some actual supplements that are worthwhile:
    1)HMB – diminishes the body's signal to cannibalize muscle when training (spares muscle)
    2)Glutamine – having grams of this before/after workout also diminishes muscle wasting
    3)Beta-Alanine – removes metabolic waste from your synapses, allowing better efforts
    4)Arginine AKG – precursor to Nitric Oxide, and gives huge pumps/waste out/blood in.
    5)non-whey protein powder – whey has milk sugar most often, and will smooth you out bad.
    muscle protein takes a long time to break down, but powders break down in ~30min which helps feed people who are hard gainers or on steroids. Around 15 grams per hour is all the meat tissue the body will digest, so doing that math does even come close to the needed protein levels a 300lb bodybuilder needs every single day. They could never gain that much muscle if relying strictly on meat fiber in meals. I guarantee you bodybuilders DO get an advantage from powders, in addition (especially) to their anabolic stacks.
    6)VitC – half a gram to 1 full gram prior/after workout GREATLY reduces cortisol levels, and since cortisol destroys muscle tissue (yes, it does) diminishing cortisol levels will help you keep more muscle. Give these a try, and stay away from ALL CREATINE so help you God, unless you're on steroids or SARMS.

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