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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s IFBB Pro Sergio Oliva Jr and we are at The
Gym in San Diego and I’m training with the real deal Chris Cormier and we’re
gonna kill some chest today first movement here is the one of my
favorites the flex leverage incline because you want to attack the upper
part of chest right away that’s usually the weaker part on most people but you want
to get that when you’re at your strongest in the workout nice and easy just warm it up a month and a half or so I’ve been training Sergio
here at San Diego it’s been a great atmosphere
Sergio’s been making some really good improvements I’m really happy with his
back improvement lat spread back double biceps all improved legs are fuller more
detail gonna see this for yourself but I see it coming already so we just finished the arsenal
strength it’s really a flat press but I I move the seat all the way forward so
the majority of the movement is pushing up to hit the upper chest I’m trying to
go as narrow as I can so I can try and hit the center that’s the main focus on
is filling in the center upper part of my chest we did four sets of 12 to 15
reps the only thing that I try and do in that is really trying to squeeze my back
together so I’m pushing with my chest and not my triceps without letting it
come all the way down extra stretch on the pec keep the muscle healthy now we’re going to move to a flat press
which would be more of a squeezing than actually training heavy all right when I’m on these ridiculous
low carbs there’s no point in trying to train really heavy you’re not really
going to make that much of a difference you’re definitely not growing muscle at
this point so just trying to fill in the gaps and try and get more fullness in
the muscle for me training the next generation to
continue to help the next generation now means a lot you know starting from the
teenagers on up I think it’s all important to build up solid foundation
and instill the right mentality with the younger groups coming up and hopefully
we can make the next generation just like the last generation this close to a show
you’re not gonna build any muscle like new muscle so getting on free weights
and doing heavy heavy there’s just more risk than reward I’ve been dieting for 16 weeks I took
the last year and a half off all for this one show if I did something stupid
and got hurt a few weeks before the show I don’t think I could ever let it
down now we’re doing the machine flies some
reason when I lean back all the way and put my back against the pad I only
feel on the outer part of my PEC coming in so just by me leaning forward and
sticking my chest out and then bringing the handles out without my back touching
the pad I feel like it hits the upper and the middle chest which is again my
main focal point so this is old school pec dec a lot of
gyms don’t even have anymore again it’s the same focal point middle
of the chest sort of different because takes your triceps out of it
so you have to drive with your elbows which makes you squeeze with your
clavicle so it’s good to finish with when your arms and your triceps are dead
from the rest of the chest day so that concludes our chest workout
mostly primarily tried to focus on upper chest and the center thanks for watching
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  2. With my all total respect to sergio n chris but he need some time to put on more meat on he’s body, but at this point he’s doing alot of great job 💙

  3. I love your shirt Sergio. I have that pic on my phone. It's my favorite body builder pic ever. 😀😀

  4. I miss those old school ped decs. I don't bother with the 'new' type as i just cant get a good mind to muscle connection with them at all

  5. Sergio has the intensity of a Greek God, I remember him doing legs with Tom Platz and he survived, he's probably put ppl in the grave yard just from training legs but Sergio survived. Straight beast!

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