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You’re going to find the naysayers in every turn that you make. Don’t listen.. Just visualize your goal, know exactly where you want to go. TRUST YOURSELF. Get out there and work like hell. And break some of the rules and never ever be afraid of failure. If you’re not willing to work hard, forget about it. The most important thing is that you have a vision. That you have a goal.. Because without that vision and without that goal , you’re just drifting and you’re never gonna end up anywhere. Here’s the goal And whatever it takes … To get there .. I would do. Think BIG, because then you’re gonna get BIG. Then you’re gonna go and achieve big things! That is the most important thing .. .. We don’t achieve big things by accident. Right here, this area. Now don’t freak out when you see this biceps OK.. If your goal is to have a perfect body.. You have to go on forever!! It’s getting closer and closer. Anthing and everything can be done.. If you can visualize it and if you BELIEVE in yourself.

100 thoughts on “SET BIG GOALS

  1. La mejor música que le podías haber puesto a este excelente vídeo. Gracias por motivarme, aún a mis cuarenta años de entreno…

  2. Самый: крутой, знаменитый, разностороний и умный. Дай бог долгих лет.

  3. Football: Messi
    Basketball: Jordan
    Tennis: Federer
    Skateboard: Tony hawk
    Running: Usain bolt
    Strongman: Brian shaw
    Bodybuilding: ARNOOOLD
    (hotel: trivago)

  4. Esas mamadas de estar haciendose pendejo cargando a lo pendejo ,nadamas es para que se balla la fuerza , puras puterias

  5. seriously I think year ago why he is legend understand now by seeing today's bodybuilders and his speaches

  6. Arnold is a God amongst men. Seriously the guy did everything that he wanted to do if that is not motivation what else is.

  7. When Arnold is doing a post its effortless, while the one’s doing a post in this generation its like they are constipated 🤣

  8. Арнольд крутой парень . Мы с парнями в своё время фанатели и он до сих пор мой кумир.Респект Арни.

  9. All time best motivating person!! Actually Arnie is love!!! Matchless and perfect! I wish I could see a freak like him today in the gym! But no, today's bloated mass freaks aren't even close to him!

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