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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey Paul what are you up to man? Hey Steve
– what is up man? I am just doing what everybody should be doing. I am having me a protein
creamsicle. A couple of my buddies like they like the chocolate flavor, I like the vanilla.
Okay! You know I am a sucker for creamsicles. And ah I get the OJ and the milk and I mix
it in with a scoop or two I get like 30+ grams of protein. You know and usually I don’t
like protein powders. I like to eat my meals you know not drink them but THIS ONE is so
perfect because it tastes good a lot of them taste like cardboard you know but this one
taste so good and it mixes so easy. I do not even need a blender I just put it in and I
just mix it up. You know I had some the other day and it tasted really good. You are talking
about the SEXERGY ® right? Oh yah yah. Yah I had it in a shake actually. Well it is kind
of like it is good in a blender, but I do not have a blender and it is so easy to make
man. Well you know I noticed and maybe we can take a peek that it is actually getting
quite empty so somebody has been using it. Yah I think that might have been me. I started
training again, you know and I cannot because of my workload I cannot eat perpetually and
so I grab like one or two shakes a day. You know the way I look at it you don not have
to eat as much meat. Oh gosh yah! It is the less expensive way and you don’t have to
eat as much meat. And half your vitamins are in there with two scoops. And not just that
but it is the cooking and preparing and just the whole lump of time. I cannot always eat
but I take the bucket to work that is why it was gone the other day. Oh a couple guys
at the shop we had protein shakes so that was me. But it is just tasty you know! Again
there is vanilla and there is chocolate. I like chocolate but as far as protein powder
I like the vanilla better for this particular brand. Ok ya I agree with you. So basically
it is convenient, it is inexpensive, eat less meat. It’s definitely convenient and definitely
inexpensive compared to meals. And the protein, you get 27 grams of protein in 2 scoops that
fast. And sometimes you don’t have time to pull over and buy a chicken meal. And there
is a lot of vitamins in their too Steve! I don’t know if you knew that but it is chocked
full of vitamins listed on the back . I don’t know but it is a Home Run..I Agree man! And
I the next one I will buy. The next one to replace it sorry about this one.

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