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What is up guys so we’re here at the UT today I’m here with my boy Jack, and I’m gonna be talking to some girls and while I’m talking to them Jack is gonna rip off my shirt Is it gonna be awkward? Or is Jack gonna turn into the best wingman of all time? Probably both, but, we’ll see how it goes. Hey excuse me girls, Do you know this area kinda well? I’m new, I’m wondering uhm, Do you know this area kinda well? Yes. I’m looking for uhm, I was looking for uhm, I’m looking for uhm, Oh what’s it called? What in the world just happened? I’m looking for… Okay, well I’m looking for uhm, What… What is this going on? No! That is an important shirt! Is this what happens in Austin? What in the world? What just happened? What just happened? Did that guy really just steal my shirt? I’m so sorry this is not very safe Wait did someone just take my shirt? That was good. Oh my gosh this is so embarrassing.. Oh my gosh well I’m sorry that was so embarrassing but uhm, But I have no idea what just happened. I’ll go find him in a minute but I gotta know, I’m looking for uhm… I was actually looking for your number. I was looking for your number. Was that good? Sweet That was actually a really important shirt Do you know what that shirt was made out of? What? Boyfriend material. I hate you right now… I was looking for… your number. That was a good one right? Do you know where it is? I’m looking for uhm, your number. Oh my god! Was really smooth wasn’t it? You can just put it in my phone if you know where it is. Sweet Can you help me find it though? Sure Yeah, so can I have your number? Yeah. Yes You gotta admit that was funny. Do you do this all the time? No! Only when I see a very attractive girl. Thanks This is a joke? No! What? Okay, this is bizarre but you’re like really funny so I’m gonna do it anyway. Awesome! Awesome, I appreciate it. How’s your day going? Not bad it’s kinda awkward right now cause this dude stole my shirt. Yeah I don’t know how you’re gonna get that back. Yeah obviously he’s gone but uhm… Alright guys so there’s actually a table over there at UT and they’re looking for models so uhm, we’re gonna give them one. Hey wait, you just gave me your flyer You guys are looking for models right? Yeah. Does this work? Yeah. Will you guys hire me? Yeah I guess we’ll hire you just come to our mono casting. Okay. Yeah. Sweet. Do you guys always do that? Do we always do that? Well, you know… just on special occasions you know, people are looking for models or something but uh. Alright guys thank you so much for watching the video I hope you guys enjoyed it uh, please like, comment and subscribe you know, check out the gym clothes I wear at check out the supplements I take at, everything you need is in the description below, I love you guys, I’ll see you next time. We’re filming like a stupid youtube video Oh is that all being filmed? Yeah, yeah. We’re actually actually filming a youtube video right there you see it’s filming. So yeah. We’re just doing like fun a prank to girls. Is it cool for you to be in the video? Go for it Hey, thank you so much you are awesome. Are you serious right now? No, no, no, I have a ton of fans on this campus so yeah we’re filming right there. Is it cool if you’ll be in the video tho? Yeah no it’s cool! Awesome. Can I get photo? Yeah, for sure. Yeah for sure for sure!

100 thoughts on “Shirt STOLEN While Talking to College Girls (BEST PICKUP LINE EVER)

  1. Por q las mujeres en otro país se mueren por hombres a si con ese físico. Alguien q me explique jeje

  2. Are ALL his vídeos like This? He seems a little jurk. He is Very handsome but i wouldnt like to be with him now that i Saw more videos…. Is he Just that? A body?

  3. 205 girls numbers given 1 called the rest still saying to themselves I'm sure hes just bizzy but hes gonna call….

  4. He pulls out his phone ready to type the digits before they even say him their number.He is 100% sure they will give it to him.

  5. If he would have done this in front of Homo's, they would have probably jumped him. All 2.4 million of his subscribers.

  6. I’m pretty sure Jack has 5 different forms of mouth herpes… WHERE IS PIPER!?!?!😂😂😂😂 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  7. Im sorry but uhm I think you being fat would be appropriate to these kind of pranks. Not being harsh here or something


    Dá essa ajuda no canal meu é de meu amigo se inscrevendo muito obrigado fez d já.

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