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Ronnie became from this quiet guy in the background who nobody ever thought would be a threat to anything. He became Mr. Olympia. The owner was like man, he sees me come in and asked ‘Do you compete?’ I’m like no.. He’s like, you ever competed? You’re pretty big, you probably need to compete. You can probably be a world champion one day. As soon as he said that, first thing on my mind was no thank you. I’m telling you, you need to do this.. He was like, I’ll tell you what.. He said there’s a contest coming up in about 3-4 months. If you compete in this show, I’ll give you a free membership to the gym. I remember I’m struggling so anytime someone offered me something free at the time like that .. I’m like OK, what I gotta do? I started bodybuilding in 1990. I just steadily progressed since then. So it makes me feel that all my hard work is really paying off. It really motivates me to go to the gym everyday, it really motivates me to have to do certain things. It’s really a combination of hard work and dedication all paying off. Flex is winning all the shows. He won the Arnold Classic and all these shows, the year before that, the next year after that.. So I’m like dang, I’m tired to get my A$$ whooped, it’s time to get on board with the big dogs now. 1998 was an Olympia that was wide open. So suddenly everybody took their game up. Everybody thought they were gonna be the next Mr. Olympia. The Olympia was what I wanted in 1998. Because Dorian Yates had retired. I sat behind him for 6 years, and low and behold.. Me, Kevin and Flex, see Ronnie Coleman, a guy that we used to not even pay attention to.. Leapfrog over all of us. It just made you work harder and harder!! So we come down to the Mr. Olympia, I’m like man if I can make the top 3 this would be better than a dream come true. Because I know I’d never win, I just got into the sport to keep my free membership to the gym. You could see Flex’s back double biceps is a thing of beauty. But the only guy in that lineup that could match him on double biceps .. .. Not beat him but not be vanquished by him was Ronnie. He just dominated on size, he just got bigger and bigger. I remember being on stage 1998. I was in the first callout, I think Ronnie was in the third callout, we never even met each other on stage. But I remember watching him, standing behind him like ‘God dang..’ Here he is doing a crab pose, his back is striated from top to bottom, his glutes.. I’m thinking to myself what if they’re messin’ with him? He looks better than I do. People would always talk about my christmas tree. Honestly I’d always think about him, Ronnie’s christmas tree is just as crazy as mine is. His back is thicker but he doesn’t get the notoriety for it. Leading up to the show everybody already gave it to Flex. So I’m like OK, at least I got second so I’m still just as happy as I can ever be. In second place.. So all of a sudden he calls out Flex Wheeler’s name for second .. .. I’m like did I just hear that right? First thing I did was collapse. Everybody is like what did you say to him when you kneeled down? I said man I love you, congratulations, and I jokingly said I’m not gonna be at your after party right. It changed the destiny of every bodybuilder on the planet. If he would have won by one point, or two points, again I’m like I can chase that down.. I can go harder.. But by him winning by a perfect score, I’m like OK.. He’s out of reach now. When you did get up and you realized you were Mr. Olympia. You leapfrogged over several Hall Of Fame bodybuilders to get that first victory. It took a long time for that to set in first of all. I never even dreamed of winning the Mr. Olympia. I never even thought of it you know.


  1. In '97 Ronnie Coleman placed 9th in the Olympia. In '98 Ronnie came back and won his first Mr. Olympia!! #NeverQuit

  2. I loved the conference he did and Shawn Ray was complaining and Ronnie did this great comeback saying I didn’t complain when I placed 16th, and top 10’s for so long the moral of what he said why complain, the most opened Olympia 1998 nobody had Ronnie winning it everyone was flex wheeler had it I was shocked he was still there and won

  3. Awesome vid!! Makes me excited for this year's Olympia because it's also kinda wide open. We all root for people like Roelly and Brandon but maybe someone else will shock us all.

  4. I saw Ronnie for the first time in a bodybuilding magazine, I was 12 years old, there I understood that monsters exist … now I understand that hard work can make dreams come true … thanks


  5. Damn…I miss Ron being the champ…grew up with him Cutler, Ruhl…right after Yates dominance….man those were the days.

  6. Officer Coleman we got a problem.

    Ronnie: What's the problem?

    Police station: The Olympia is wide open!

    Ronnie: Ah copy that I'm on it.

  7. Coleman never expected to win. He just kept showing up. So work hard and have low expectations, one day the universe will surprise you.

  8. Man 1999 was the first time I watched him on some videos dude was massive everything about size as details on him was awesome his Lats were way out thick he was flying with those things lol.

  9. Ronny Kolmen будет жить он самый лучший бодибилдер 💪💪💪💪🙏🙏🔥🔥😈🚀🚀🚀🚀💣💣💣💣💣

  10. Cean ay see the dislajkers ?? Fucking idiots Rony is the bigest bodybuilder of all time no one like him ewer!!!!!!

  11. so sad to see ronnie in his best years in his fit body and then seeing the pictures of him now…… ;( very sad, what a legend

  12. If u actually believe he didn't train he's ass off and showed up too try too win, u need too take 7 shots of tequila eat a double cheeseburger with a large fry and call it a night. 😂😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊😊😉😊😊😊😊

  13. 2002 Arnold & 2003 Olympia VERSIONS of Ronnie destroys the best versions of any other bodybuilder ever…Sergio 72, Arnold 74, Banout 83, Haney 84, Flex 92, Dorian 93, Ray 96, Cutler 01 & 09 Levrone 02, Phil 2013…Ronnie Beats all these guys at their very best…Amazing!!!…

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