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Hey ! What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist today I am going to review a protein powder GNC Pro Performance 100 % Whey which is currently most widely sold protein powder Before purchasing a protein powder, we see two things First is total protein content. Second is quality which is also called bio-availability or biological value In one scoop of this protein powder which is thirty five grams has around twenty four grams of protein that means total protein content is 24 multiplied by 100 and divided by 35 66.66 % this is total protein content After some time in this video , I will also cover the quality of the protein according to nutrition label fat is around 1.8 grams cholesterol is around sixty three milligrams carbohydrates is around 5.4 grams except carbohydrates, rest nutrients are very less which is a good thing Since this is protein powder Since this is protein powder, so we are concerned about the protein. Next let’s move on to ingredient label where we will know about the quality of protein After completion of ten thousand subscribers I will be giving five protein powders to my subscribers Those who will help me in this journey If you haven’t subscribed already then kindly subscribe kindly keep supporting First let me cover the quality of protein according to label this is a protein blend which is made by blending whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate that’s whey this is whey blend If you look closely at the nutrition label You will find whey protein concentrate after that you will find whey protein isolate this means that whichever is listed first In this protein , first whey protein concentrate is listed after that whey protein isolate that’s why whey protein concentrate is more in quantity compared to whey protein isolate most people have this confusion that this product says it has zero sugar then why this protein is tasting good ? If you look at the ingredient label contains maltadextrin and sweeteners as these things are in the product these ingredients are responsible for it’s taste next it has thickener scientifically also known as xantham gum xantham gum job is to make the shake thicker so that it doesn’t look diluted like the water next emulsifier is added also known as lecithin lecithin works as an adhesive now the question is whether this product can be used by vegetarian people ? If you read the nutrition label it’s clearly mentioned since milk and soya bean both are vegetarian source so this product can be used by anyone whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian Follow me on my social media Subscribe and press the bell icon Can we consume this during fat loss or only during muscle building ? In India there is a huge myth regarding this whey protein is just used during fat loss or if you want to gain or bulk body size then we use mass gainers this is a big myth those people are suggesting these kind of things ask them just one question. What is the role of protein in human body ? if they can’t answer this question they haven’t studied about nutrition or isn’t certified from anywhere then why do you listen to such people who doesn’t know how does protein works in a body then how can someone explain how does a protein powder works so always gain knowledge from correct source and you know how to invest money on supplements since this is a whey protein you can use this during both muscle building and fat loss no problem because protein powder job is to fulfill daily requirement of protein there is no other reason to use a protein powder Price of this protein in India for 4.4 lbs will cost around 3500 INR since this is an international brand this is fairly priced since this comes under whey blend Thank you so much for subscribing. Please LIKE the video if you found it useful Please Share it with your friends as well so that it helps them as well currently there is a protein powder give away contest on my social media every week you will win something in the weekly challenges kindly connect with my social media and keep reading the posts also read the description of the posts of Alpha Warrior 2.0 what you need to do so that you win every week Peace ! This is Amit signing off

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  1. Sir you can make video on during abs workout there is paining in stomach and cramps also coming please make video on it. Thank you so much sir

  2. Bhai mene aaj tak jitane bhi protein use kiye usme se iski mixiblity bhot bekar hai bhot jada lumbs ban rahe hai apka bhi yahi experience hai kya ya mera protein nakali hai

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