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Today I want to answer a question I get asked a lot and it’s should I be training my abs while I’m bulking It’s a really good question to ask and there are multiple answers to this question Which is probably why a lot of you guys are so confused And there’s not multiple answers because there is a definite right and definite wrong It is it basically comes down to what your overall goal is in terms of your training But let’s think about why people ask this question to begin with because there is a myth that needs to kind of be kicked to the curb and people ask this question because they’re so worried that while they’re Bulking if they’re training their abs the abs are going to get bigger and then push all that fat forward and make them look fatter than they already are from all the bulking and What I have to say that is number one when you’re bulking if you’re bulking Naturally you shouldn’t be gaining twenty to thirty pounds of fat anyways because it doesn’t make a difference And it’s not going to make you gain more muscle All it’s going to do is just make you look fatter than you should when you’re bulking and number two if it was so easy to build big strong abs Everyone would have big strong Abs like you’re not going to go to the gym and do a bunch of ab exercises Then all of a sudden your abs grew like six inches and your gut is out to here like people have this mindset It’s like when people say oh I don’t want to go to the gym because I don’t want to get too big you know we’ve all heard people say that if You don’t apply that mindset to your abs training your abs you’re anything you’re going to make this area tight up And you’re going to be able to you know reduce the size of your gut and you’re going to be able to kind of pull Everything in nice and tight, so even if you’re bulking you’re getting that layer of fat You’re not necessarily pushing things out if anything you’re gonna be pulling things in and get things tighter all right But let me get back to what I was talking about in terms of goal so training abs in general You know now that we’ve dispelled this myth of it’ll make you look fat You get the people on this side that say you don’t need to train abs because you get enough ab training when you’re doing heavy Exercises like dead lifting and squatting and all these core related exercises and then you get guys on this side of the Equation that say you have to train your abs because if you want them to pop and you want to have blocky abs and shredded obliques you have to train that area just like you would train any other muscle in your body and what’s the difference between these two groups of people well over here you have the Bodybuilder you know aesthetics crew and over here You got more of the power lifters or the people who really don’t care about having abs to begin with now How do you answer this question? Well if your goal is more power lifting or you don’t really care about having abs You’re gonna get a nice strong core from doing all your heavy compound lifts And you don’t have to worry about training your abs and has nothing to do with Making your gut look super huge all it has to do is what your end goal is and how aesthetic you want to look The people on this side who are bodybuilders When they’re bulking obviously you’re going to gain some fat going to get a layer of fat over your torso That’s where most of us carry our fat to begin with we gain a little extra body fat in this group of people when it’s time to cut You don’t want to have trained every muscle in your body Besides your abs and then when you shred all that fat off And you flex in the mirror your biceps look great your chest looks great. Traps look great triceps. Look great legs Look great, and then your abs look like shit because you never train them I made a video about a year ago called how to get blocky abs and I’ll post a link to that Video down info section below and guys you know it is true that when you lose body fat You will be able to see your abs But if you guys have ever noticed the difference between someone like me who trains abs like my abs are blocky Abs they pop out they stick out if you just lose body fat You’ll see the abs but it’s more like a flat surface and you kind of see the thin outlines if you want them to pop You have to put the work in and that video that I just mentioned has Exercises that you can do and I go over and I explain high volume versus low Volume and heavy weight and low weight and all that stuff So there’s no confuse, and I really don’t want to get into it in this video But at the end of the day The way to best answer this question is you got to figure out what your goal is if your goal Is you eventually want to cut down and get super Shredded then you have to train your abs Or else when you shred your core is gonna be the weakest part of your body It’s not going to match your big arms and big chest and you’re gonna have you know really dumb looking abs but if you’re a power lifter And your goal is never really to cut down because you’re more focused on doing your power lifting and getting as big as possible Then your core is going to be fine It’s going to be super strong from doing like your heavy compound lifts, and you never plan on cutting down So you don’t even care if people can see your abs to begin with and not for nothing but a lot of the really big powerlifting dudes. I mean they just want to be as big as possible you know it’s very rare that you see a huge power lift there it takes off a shirt has a shredded six-pack And it’s for that very reason It’s because they’re different goals So I hope this answers your Question if you have any more questions about this topic leave those comments down in the comment section below and for those of you who Are looking for a really fun 30 day 500 reps a day challenge make sure you check out my latest video. I just put out this week It’s an at-home routine you can do it pretty much anywhere only thing you really need is a pull-up bar and that’s easy to come by Make sure you check it out hit that like and subscribe button and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  2. if anyone could help me, i dont know where to start with my bulking im 15 5 foot 11 and 127 pounds how do i bulk up and how do i begin

  3. at my place, those trainer said you shouldn't train your abs during bulking because you cant even see them and i was ok and then continue training my abs.

  4. When it comes to abs I find that 4 is not enough and 6 is too many. How can I get a killer 5 pack like you Scott?

  5. hey what do you think about training abs everyday for just 15 to 20 minutes in which you're doing only two or three exercises?

  6. Hey Scott so im an obese teen just got into body building and losing weight. So i wanted to know if i were train my abs like what you said, would it help me lose weight (fat) in my ab area??

  7. Scott I just wanted to say thank you, I'm 16 I've been working out for about a year and a half but unfortunately I had to quit due to my grandpas death and my grandma amputation but now that I'm getting back into it 6 months later, thank you for all your videos and free advice I really wish I knew this stuff when I started back in 2014 thank you.

  8. Hey Scott I've got one question, I got finished my bulking season and gained 40lbs (from 120lbs to 160lbs) but obviously gained some body fat, how should I train now in order to lose this extra body fat but at the same time have some muscle gains (I assume you've explained it before but I kinda new here). Hope you see this 🙂

  9. hey scott. i have an important question that i always wanted to ask you. is it okay to train different muscle groups everyday in a week? would that still lead to muacle decay??

  10. I've asked a lot of the buff dudes in my gym about ab training, and they usually tell me to train abs one day and leave it on the next day, and so on. Is this true?

  11. There is a lot of talk about slow and fast twitch muscles and how they affect muscle growth. Is it true that slow twitch doesn't build muscle as well as fast twitch? Should I train differently according to my muscle fiber type so I can get maximum gains? Does it depend on our personal goals? I could use your input because I'm not seeing the results I'd like to see.

  12. Hey man !
    i have a Question : i do 30 sets 8-12 reps every day . because im doing every body parts
    is this moderate excercise ? or intense ?
    the weights are heavy 🙂

  13. Yeah well said, it could easily make you look tighter especially if u include vacuums in your program which is a must for people looking for physique.

  14. Ok, off the subject, have you or can you do a segment on Gym etiquette? case in point, I'm doing one arm cable pulldowns, gym member ask if he can do pull ups in between my sets, ….im not looking at my phone, im in and out, it would slow me down if i had to wait……once i was in mid wide grip pulldown and a guy asked the same, i said no and he was pissed. what's right or wrong? Thanks Scott.

  15. I'm lucky with nothing except my abs. I'm injury prone, have scheuermann's disease (light form!) etc, but as soon as I'm below 15% bodyfat I've got visible abs. Ah well… ;p Can't complain about that, but I'd trade my visible abs for not having permanent back/shoulder issues due to scheuermann's etc any day of the week. Great video!

  16. hey man, 1st of all, love ur vids! Just one Q: Do sweet potatoes change their type of carbs when cooked instead of backed? Think I heard that in one of ur vids but cant find it anymore… thanks man!

  17. Hey all,

    My gf is getting into fitness etc. and is looking for a great YouTuber like Scott, but would prefer a female. Any suggestions of who is great in focusing on technique/form/etc.? Scott would love your opinion if you read this also!

  18. What's up Scott. Been following you for a little while now. I was looking for an area where viewers could make suggestions about what next to cover in your videos. I've been reading a lot about Blood Flow Restriction training and it seems quite interesting. Exercise physiology, sports medicine, and lifestyle medicine are my passions and the science behind this seems really interesting. Wondering if you could eventually cover this topic for your subscribers.


  19. this isn't relevant, but I started working out my legs for the first time(my legs are strong anyways) and as I was doing squats my colerbone started to hurt and I has goton worse, pls help!!

  20. I've seen many workout channels but this guy is just the best, he really cares about his views and explains everything so perfectly 💪🏽

  21. thanks again Scott. learnt how to do a proper hammer curl & you reassure my ab training for shredding is correct. What weight do you think i should lift for mercy 30's? I want to invest in a barbell im currently lifting two 20lb dumbbells doing 4 sets of 10 reps.

  22. there's isn't such thing as spot reduction so if I have to get those blocky abs I must shred overall body fat which contradicts the bulking phase….help me out because I am in my bulking phase putting on weight n muscle 🤔🤔

  23. Oh man I've been watching your videos since your started man. I had a bad car accident and was out of the fitness lifestyle for almost 2 years and crushed me man. I'm back now and watching you again. Your still here! Awesome man. Love your channel and videos and everything u do

  24. lean bulking 2 weeks ago, I gained a pound and the next week I incorporated hiit into the routine and ended up losing that pound which was super frustrating. I have a meal plan and all that, but was I supposed to compensate by adding more calories? I didn't think 2 sessions of 7 minutes that week was going to really make much of a difference in terms of somehow slipping out of a surplus, especially since I felt like I ate a bit above my requirement a few of those days.

  25. Does being nautral mean no protein no steroids and protein powder, mass gainer, pre workout etc. …or does it just mean no steroids?

  26. But don’t you look fat if you Train your abs, cause they will push out. It’s cause you need to work on your transverse abdominis. But my abs are sticking out and it makes me look fatter. Maybe my body fat is still high idk I don’t think I’m at 16% body fat no way. I need to go check my bodyfat

  27. But I feel like I have more like a gut that sticks out full of gas or air in it. It doesn’t look like fat idk if I have gut inflammation or gut fat, cause yes that’s a thing there’s fat under neath the skin and behind your abs and gut as well.

  28. I am bulking and I have gained around 15lbs in 4 months what do you reacon the percentage of this is fat?

  29. good day,,i have been into the gym and started working out to achieve the body i desire like having brood chest, flab abs, nice back. i have been into the gym for 2 and a half years yet i don't see results,,what can you suggest? thanks and more power

  30. i have been training for a more than year now, earlier i used to be very skinny, now that has improved a lot but i still have a lean body, should i start training my abs now, or should i gain more mass and then start training it?

  31. Anybody answer my question i am lean,so doing ab exercise will make my abdomen bigger,i need a bigger abdomen what should i do

  32. I’m actually doing well on my bulk, even tho I do cardio 4 times a week because I have soccer I eat healthy food and protein and I gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks or so, but I’m just bulking because I want more muscle and then cut

  33. You only build muscle when bulking she why the hell wouldn't you train your and the only time they can actually grow?

  34. Ok my goal is to be shredded not a power lifter…But the question remains… Since Im a hard gainer, does training abs burn so much calories that might affect the builking process ?

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