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Winter is coming! And along with it is a string of illnesses
that you are very likely to catch. And being the avid gym-goer you are, you cannot
stand the idea of getting sick and risk losing all of them gainz. So instead of heeding the usual advice of
resting and recovering, you decide to go to the gym anyway. Question is, should you really be working
out when you’re sick? Yes, the conventional wisdom is to rest while
you’re sick. After all, your body is working hard to get
rid of the illness-inducing infections. It naturally wouldn’t make much sense to put
more stress onto your body at this time. But being sick also comes with many different
symptoms. And with different symptoms, you have different
answers to whether you should be working out. You should definitely stay home and rest if
you’re experiencing symptoms such as heavy sore throat, chest congestion, upset stomach,
vomiting, fever, and muscle aches. And you might be able to work out if you’re
only experiencing minor sore throat, nasal congestion, slight coughing, and sneezing. Within the fitness world, this is considered
the “above or below the neck” check. Symptoms existing above the neck should be
okay for working out while symptoms below the neck is a definite no go. But even if all of your symptoms reside solely
above the neck, it doesn’t guarantee a green light for gainztown. Use your own judgment in this case. If your initial instinct is to rest, you’re
best to listen to your instincts. After all, losing a bit of gains is better
than prolonging your sickness and losing more gains than you expected. Along the same note of prolonging sickness,
is it possible for exercise to reduce the length of your illness? Although there are not many studies on this
matter, being it is highly controversial to intentionally infect subjects, you mad scientists,
some studies have looked into the effects of moderate intensity exercise on reducing
the length of a cold. In these studies, subjects were intentionally
and with consent, given the rhinovirus, a common perpetrator for upper respiratory illnesses. They found that one, the illness did not significantly
impact performance, and two, it did not alter the severity nor duration of the illness,
but subjects did report that they felt better with exercise. So even though the data shows no changes in
illness duration, it might at least make it more tolerable. And perhaps you share this same experience,
after all, some athletes swear by exercise helping them to “sweat out” their sickness. And choosing the appropriate exercise is really
important as well. Undoubtedly, you should NOT try to do the
same intense workouts you normally do. Everything should be dialed down. The amount of weight you use, the amount of
sets and reps, and the amount of time spent working out should all be less than usual. You most definitely want to avoid going to
failure. Also, stay hydrated and continuously monitor
how you’re feeling throughout the whole process. At any time your symptoms get worse, it’s
best to stop immediately. But best practice based on the few studies
we have, light to moderate cardio for about a half hour might be your best option. At this level, you’re still getting a decent
workout while avoiding the stresses of a more intense workout where the added stress can
make things worse. If your symptoms get better the next day,
you should be okay to ramp it up a bit, but if it gets worse, best practice is to just
rest. And of course, keep your workouts at home
or somewhere empty outdoors. Stay out of the gym not for your own sake,
but for the sake of avoiding spreading your icky little germs to other bros and broettes
hard at work. Go ahead and share your thoughts on working
out sick in the comments. Like and share the video if you enjoyed it,
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100 thoughts on “Should You Workout When Sick?

  1. Having light cold symptoms and doing strictly cardio? For example I'm slightly sick but will running / playing basketball improve my recovery by sweating it out? Or will it negatively effect me?

  2. I once exercised when I was sick. My symptoms were all above the neck but afterwards I got fever and all of the sudden I ended up in the hospital because of a heart attack. Was definitely not the greatest idea but I guess everyone's different. Might also had gotten that far because I really wasn't in a good condition during that time.

  3. I have been heavily sick and it was just getting better so i thought i should be able to workout. now its worse fuck well you learn by your mistakes i guess…

  4. I had the flu, rested. But I had a bit of a lingering cough. I had almost no cough left and decided to work out. next day I got way worse cough going on for 5 days now but I am healing, Gonna wait until the coughing is completely gone this time.

  5. Last year I started gaining weight so I started working out everyday for like 6 hours (2 hours in the morning , 2 hours in the afternoon and 2 hours in the evening ) and I ate one meal in a day so I got sick really quick
    I wanted to lose weight as fast as possible so I just continued working out even though I had fever and strong coughing
    The day after while working out I passed out because of the high fever 😂 I don't know why but I think it's a little bit funny because my parents called the doctor so he could come over to our house and check on me and when he asked me what I was doing so I passed out and I just said I was taking a nap on the floor do you have any problem with that 😂😂I know it's stupied
    But the good thing I have almost lost 26 kg and now I weigh 49 kg so believe in yourself and don't starve yourself 😉

  6. Doing light exercises like stretching, walking/jogging, and ballet (So what if it’s girly? It still helps!) should make you feel better. Also try taking short breaks to eat vitamins (fruit, vegetables, nuts, ect) which will help you during your workout by keeping you energized and the vitamins will also help your illness go away by boosting your immune system. After you do your exercise(s), make sure that you get lots of rest.

  7. going to the gym feeling nauseous? that comes and goes and idk if it's anxiety or stress.i tried working out but not go away or even smelling or think of food makes me quesy

  8. A cold/flu is a virus. Light workouts are good because it boosts your immune system – isn't related to the symptoms per se. Workouts have the same effect as apples, oranges, etc.

  9. Got sick on Friday. It's Monday. Still a little sick. But I worked out in sat I did feel a little better. But did not really remove the illness.

  10. i cant remember any illness that made me hit the bed in the last 13 years, im 17, been working out for 2 years, apart from minor colds and tooth infections (no fever no nausea just tooth pain) i literally never got sick, wtf maybe i have hiv and its beating all the other shit

  11. I already knew it's a big HELL NO! I once tried hitting the gym wheni had a little cold, after 5mins, i was finished! I was done, destroyed! Wow, feeling so weak sucks ass

  12. But if you do less weight do it even matter if you train? Because you are not doing more weight then last workout

  13. I’m experiencing light sore throat REALLY bad nasal congestion and REALLY REALLY bad coughing

    So can I do push ups???

  14. what if you got some coughs and a runny nose when asmathic? Should I still workout? My mom said its just better to rest. Any opinions?

  15. You have football practice every day and I have a cold right know. I am mostly felling aches, it’s been very hard to bend my knees. Also, my energy depletes extremely quickly. Last, I’ve been very tired. I know that I should play, should I?

  16. Some nasty girl in my class was sneezing all over me a couple of days ago know im sick and feel like crap im wondering if I should work out our stay at home

  17. Once I was sick and we had gym, but I couldn't excuse myself for being sick because the gym teachers didn't believe me, so mid workout I fainted.

    Everyone stopped what they were doing and I woke up to the gym teacher staring down at me and the first words he said we're "get up, push through it."


  18. I'm sooo angry
    Missed 2 days of school this week and on Friday my gym teacher makes you workout extra hard while the rest of the class plays on their phones if you missed a day that week or if you lost points and basically tomorrow I'm gonna have to workout and I'm still really sick but my mom is making me go I have a really sore throat, have asthma, and have been having really bad abdominal pain this past 2 weeks but no, my gym teacher is gonna make me run and if i try to argue/convince him I have to do an extra workout next week too
    I am outraged
    This just makes me want to show this to him

  19. I've gone in sicj with a face mask and hand sanitizer. I've also had experience holding in coughs and sneezes ubder extreme physical stress for work purposes so I felt I did what i could to prevent infection

  20. Good video from the beginning I liked that you didn’t just say yes or no but when we should while being sick and when we shouldn’t while being sick👌🏽👌🏽

  21. So basically if you feel like your dying don’t go to the gym but if your no pussy hit the gym and hit it hard , aight thanks coach

  22. Take time off and get well. You won't loose gains and may actually come back stronger. Your body gets stronger when it rests. If you train when sick you will draw the infection further into your lungs and end up with pneumonia. Focus on nutrition.

  23. How about wait until you feel better so you dont get other people sick. I had a dude cough right in my face area from the machine in front of me facing me with both his hands on the bench press machine …..I looked at him like wtf.

  24. I have flu and a bad sore throat and cough. Went to workout today and could barely hold a front lever and could only do max 6 pull ups

  25. I was sick: my throat was sore my nose was closed(i would breathe with mouth which would hurt my throat) and i was on my period.
    I started my 30 day HIIT challenge and now it is day 9 and i feel Amazing: my physical health increased and i didn't really do anything less on those days. I found hard to do some like jumping high knees etc cause of breath was a struggle. But i pushed through it now I am better than ever.
    When your body struggles with virus, show it how strong you are

  26. I once felt a bit bad because of a cold but nothing major. Went to the gym anyway and felt absolutely drained.

  27. If anyone wants to get rid of fever, take a warm bath! Not cold cause that’ll make you sicker! And drink a lot of water and take a few naps!!

  28. Symptoms above the neck also can’t do the work out. If you sweat from head then you increase your sneeze into severe fever

  29. Gyms are gross to begin with. Don't go to the gym if you're sick. Workout at home and be considerate to others

  30. Well the bit about sweating out your cold/flu seems quite unreasonable considering that glands produce sweat, it's not as if it comes straight outta the infected areas/blood. I have, though, noticed that with some light lifting while sick, I feel much better shortly after the workout

  31. I literally just have a bad cough but the cold I just overcame had me out of the gym for a week. Should I still go while I have my cough or should I wait it out until all is well?

  32. no, you should not go to the gym when sick… and make other ppl sick… no… dont ever do that…
    you should work out… no problem… just do calisthenics at home or whatever you got around

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