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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi friends it’s Victor Costa peace love
and muscles hope you’re doing well hope you’re having an outstanding day this is
an excerpt from a bodybuilding seminar that I was giving in a gym and in this
particular segment I was speaking about shoulder development I was also speaking
about how simple these movements are but we tend to complicate them if you were
to just raise your arm out to your side right now you could probably feel your
shoulder contract but suddenly when we put the dumbbell into our hands we start
picking up energy in different parts of the body in the traps and in the neck
and we think about mobilizing our body just to get the weights to move up what
I’m sharing here is really the idea that sometimes the simple movements get
complicated so what I’d like you to do if you’ve been trying to develop your
shoulders is to not think about moving the weights up simultaneously in both
hands if you’re doing side laterals with dumbbells but really consider one arm at
a time and and thinking about how simple this movement is just raising your arm
and letting the shoulder do the work rather than thinking about moving the
weights up think about having your shoulder raise the weights it’s a subtle
difference but it’s really the best way to connect with the shoulder if I put
really heavy dumbbells in my hands I’m really going to pick up the stress in
the traps first and that will inhibit a shoulder contraction so guys look this
is about body building it’s about connecting with the muscles it’s about
having a dialogue with those muscles and that’s what this video is designed to do
to get you to kind of slow things down have the weight and just think about
raising your shoulder up or having your shoulder lift the weight rather than
think about rather than thinking about having the weights come up that’s really
not what this is about it’s about raising the shoulder and getting a
contraction so again try to do one arm at a time experiment and that will
probably stop a lot of the loading up in the traps before your shoulders are able
to contract I know that if I take a heavy dumbbell or heavy dumbbells and I
try to just move those weights up simultaneously that the
first place that I pick up the energy will be in the traps take a look at a
video of yourself doing it look in the mirror you’ll see that there’s a flex in
the neck prior to the shoulder contracting right what I’d rather have
is sort of everything else relaxed just think about the shoulder of raising the
weight up out to the side and also guys if you can raise your arm out to the
side and feel your shoulder contract and then put a weight in your hand and not
feel your shoulder contract of course the weight is getting distributed to
somewhere else in the body so to me that’s not really working on the
shoulder that’s just trying to pick up as much stress in the body and get the
repetitions over with what you want to do is to try to get as close as you
possibly can to that feeling or that sensation without the weights and yes
add a little bit more resistance and then we start scaling up from there so
that to me is what bodybuilding is all about it’s about communicating with your
body it’s about learning how to ask the body for what you want you see here that
I’m mimicking how to do this improperly and I see a lot of guys in the gym the
first move is up with the traps and then the shoulder comes out to the side and
they never get a full contraction the traps pick up all the work you can see
here that my shoulders are doing all the work I have a light weight in my hand
and I’m getting a tremendous contraction in my shoulders I’m also expressing
during this and telling guys about staying natural has tremendous benefits
obviously physically but also emotionally and mentally and if you have
a distaste for mediocrity that you have a distaste for your current state and
that distaste is is enough that will trump any drug any supplement or
anything it will be the thing that can keep you steadfast in your bodybuilding
having a distaste for mediocrity Trump’s any steroid drug or any any supplement
that you could ever think of so guys think about how the body works when you
move you feel your body contract you can feel the muscles contract and what
you’re trying to do in the gym is just add a little bit more resistance that’s
really the name of the game and so that way you can think about crafting your
body you’re the you’re the captain of the ship rather than letting the weights
somehow affect the body you are using the weights as a tool
and those of you who have played golf can relate to this you swing the club
beautifully and you’re nice and relaxed and all of a sudden someone puts the
ball down and suddenly you mess up and and there’s this stress it’s kind of
like that with bodybuilding you’re able to raise your arm up out to the side
without your traps contracting and then suddenly put a dumbbell in your hand and
the weight gets distributed somewhere else that’s exactly what we’re trying to
avoid so guys I hope this video was useful to you I hope you try to connect
with your shoulders when you’re doing side laterals I don’t have the best
shoulders in the world but I’m working on them all the time trying to get them
better and my objective is to have this kind of control what I’m doing here with
a heavier tool every time that

18 thoughts on “Shoulder Workout. How to Get Bigger Shoulders with Side Laterals. Vicsnatural

  1. I feel much better following your advice than most other fitness ytbers – looking forward to seeing gainz from progressive overload!

  2. Best natural physique on YouTube. Just shows what's attainable when u train correctly and consistently for years. Proof it's not all about the weight but the way u lift. I.e. slow negatives and not just flopping round like a fish

  3. Huh. You hear "lift/push with the muscle" but until you actually see someone do it, it doesn't make sense, I feel like. Would you do a video like this for the back deltoid? I am trying to apply what you've said now to it, but I don't quite feel it like I do the side.

  4. Actually I've seen improvements in your shoulders Vic! Looking bigger and defined in those delts. Thanks for tips man we appreciate your advice. I've got your downloads for whole body on audio and greatly learn from you👍

  5. You don't even need heavy dumbbells. I use 15lbs to 20lbs weights. I do reps per shoulder to make sure form is correct.

  6. This is it though, – thought , absorption, connection, meditation. Think and visualise – bang bang bang and Grrr Grrr Grrr are not clubs you need in your bag.

  7. years ago when i first started i would close my eyes to really concentrate on the muscle being worked. will still do it today if i'm losing focus by staring at myself in the mirror.

  8. I like your golf analogy. I have another analogy with the golf one but it's different. You can hit the golf ball much further with relaxed muscles and perfect form compared to just trying to smash it the hardest you can. Sophisticated technique wins every time and this also apply's with bodybuilding.

  9. There where times that i was shrugging through the reps without realizing. Very useful information! I also feel less fatigued after the repetitions now, maybe its because shrugging stiffened all the shoulder making it more difficult to move?

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