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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So you think you can get a full shoulder workout
in with just one set? Well, it all depends on how hard you’re training.
I want to show you how hard hard really is today. What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. The one set shoulder workout, is it even possible?
It all comes down to how hard you train. And one thing I say here over and over again
is, you can either train hard or you can train long, but you can’t do both. And what I mean by that is, if you’re applying
the proper intensity to your workouts, they don’t have to be long. And you can certainly be overloading, right.
We’re not talking about overtraining, guys. Overtraining does NOT mean overloading. I’ve addressed this so many times that it’s
almost-I get nauseous by now. There is no such thing as overtraining being a good thing. It’s just a misdefinition of the word. Overloading
is good, and that’s what we’re trying to do in this workout. And you can do it in one set. There’s a big
advocate of this we talked about before, Mike Mencer, who said one set was enough. We think if we can do a hard workout and get
it done in an efficient amount of time, a lot quicker, right, then we can get a more
effective workout. Because we’re going to condense the time period
that it takes to do our work, and therefore have a more effective workout. I think we can demonstrate that today with
one series of exercises in one compound set that can accomplish that. And we’re going to do it through 7 different
exercises. We’re going to start with a regular Dumbbell Overhead Press. Ok, then we’re going to drop it down to a
Push Press to get a little bit more assistance from our lower body. Then we’re going to do a High Pull, ok, which
is going to give you again a little bit more of a transition, a step-down transition, from
the pressing exercises. Then we’ll drop one dumbbell and go into our
plate-eight, into our Plate Press Combo, so if you haven’t already seen, a lot of these exercises, guys, are right
from the Deltoid Dozen that we did last week, and I’ll link that video up over here because
you’re going to want to see these in action. Well, we’re going to put them to the test,
drop ’em down, and finish out with bodyweight, and see-How long can I extend this one set? And I want you to see the level of intensity
because that’s what important, right. And I’ll address it if I can talk when we’re
done to tell you, and wrap it all up. So, we start here with our dumbbells, and
we start cranking away. And away we go. Still going. One more. Ok. Let’s start all over again. You can either work out hard, or you can work
out long. How hard are you working out? If you think
that you can do what I just did and repeat that now for 2 or 3 hours? Because we’ll get the comments. ‘You’re crazy.
There’s no such thing as overtraining. I work out 3 hours a day. You don’t work out hard
enough.’ If you can put this kind of effort into your
sets, now it doesn’t have to be this big, long, extended drop set like I just did. The point is to illustrate that for some beginners
that would crush them. They wouldn’t be able to do another set. And for me, that’s fine. Workout’s over. You
stimulated enough muscle to assure that you will grow the next time, ok. So, you want to make sure you’re progressively
challenging yourself, so you go through that again, do it 2 or 3 times, 4 times. But I can guarantee you, you sure as hell
ain’t going through this thing 10-15-20 times. Not with the same level of intensity and effort. And that’s what we’re talking about, guys.
Start making your workouts more efficient. Maybe not one set, but if you’re in the gym
for longer than 40 minutes, 50 minutes, an hour tops, you’re probably not training hard enough.
You’re certainly not training with the intensity that’s required to see results without overdoing
it. And that’s what we’re trying to illustrate
here. If you guys haven’t already, and you want
to start trading in workout length for intensity and therefore better results, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now. Let me
be your coach. Let me show you how we train, and how we get things done. That’s at ATHLEANX.COM. In the meantime, leave
a thumb’s up. I would normally lay it all out here for you in these videos, but I felt this one isn’t necessary. I gotta’
go rest up though now. I’ll see you guys back here in a couple days.

69 thoughts on “Shoulder Workout in ONE Set (137 INTENSE REPS!!)

  1. I just did it wit 25s mannnnn… I couldnt get 20 reps on NONE… 17 MAX…. KOOOL AS FUCK MAN… BOULDER SHOULDERS COMING SOON

  2. Seriously, who are all the idiots clicking thumbs down? I use Jeff's advice to train safer. People look at me and can't believe my body at 62. It's just my life style; eat 6 healthy meals daily and do the work in the gym. My BP is 108/56, I avoid salt & sugar, and I take zero meds. Jeff's video gives me a variety of exercises.

  3. I could barely catch my breath after each set just like Jeff here. If you don't sweat or breath heard like he does then you are not work hard enough. Everything needs hardwork!

  4. One set workout is a joke ….Mentzer didn’t even do just one set work outs …research it from guys that trained with him at Golds …He used multiple pre sets …
    Go and research it …Dorian Yates tried low sets & heavy…Injuries ..Injuries …Injuries …again don’t take my word…go spend time researching it …

  5. Lol, I like the comment about the cameraman saying he forgot the battery at the end of Jeff's session. I know there would be some fighting and cussing!

  6. Jeff,I did this routine and it was amazing ,my body was on fire and my shoulders looked great, but it takes me 5 days to heal, which I think it means my cortisol pumped intensely,is that fine?

  7. Oh so when Jeff says ONE set, don't get excited … It's a super, wookerlooper, mooleripstic, Dooper Set… Ouch! Definitely trying this later… Jeff is king

  8. OK… It's official… I just did this and this is an automated service I set up before the workout… I died :/ What a pump!

  9. But what about burnout? Isn't it better to rest abit in order for your muscles to recover a little therefore allowing you to be able to do more? I know for me if I tried a superset like that my muscles will fade fast and not let me do that many reps. For instance for arguments sake let's say I could do 10 reps for 10 sets on heavy with 10-20secs rest between but there would be no way I could rep 100 reps on heavy only 25 or 30 max. I find it hard to believe that 1 set of 30 is better than 10 sets of 10 or am I missing something? Or are you saying 1 set of 100 on light weight is better than 10×10 on heavy?

  10. There's this guy comes to my gym, works out for 3 hours. For 2.5 hours he's walking back and forth to the water fountain. Walks around like he's all bad, too! haha

  11. i smoke 2 much weed and get destroyd then i go watch A-X video and i get energy and motivation to train crazy hard ,this is like every day so thanks athlean x for givin me all i need

  12. I have severe arthritis in my right shoulder and can no longer do pullups; my shoulder just grinds and hurts when I attempt pullups. Is there something I can do to strengthen my shoulders so I can do pullups again?

  13. Hi Jeff, my name is Kyle Denno and I’m from a small town in California… I’m 16 years old and I’ve been weight training since I was 12… I was wondering if you knew anything ab getting rid of the fat on my lower abdomins

  14. I have always been ridiculed for short but intense workouts. I typically work out alone and I take very little rest between sets. I typically can be in and out of the gym in less than 1 hour, and if I do core that day, 1 hr 15 mins tops. I dont waste time on the phone, or talking to others, walking to the water fountain, etc… Get in, Lift hard, get out. In just the last month alone, I have put 2 inches on my chest, 2 on my shoulders, and 1 inch on my arms. I am not trying to get huge anymore (been there done that as a youngster). I am just trying to lean out like Jeff does. He is just a bit taller than me, but I need to lose about 15 more lbs to be where he is. I am currently 5'9" and 189. the last 15 are hard to lose, but eating right and training is how it is done. Intense and short works with many facets of exercise. All you meatheads that say you lift for 3 hours a day… BS! You are at the gym 3 hours, but most of it is rest time, flexing in the mirror, hitting on the women that think you are gross anyway, walking to the water fountain, setting up your weights, getting your chalk ready, setting up the benches, writing in your little books, flirting some more, 5 mins of grunting before your set, getting a spotter ready, and then FINALLY getting a set of 10 in there. Actually clock the time ACTUALLY spent lifting and NOT the time in the gym….

  15. The only thing I don't like about the elongated set on one body part is the high risk of injury on that body part especially the shoulders.

  16. Hey Jeff! I’m really changing my nutrition and have been viewing lots of your videos and I’m ready to enter the gym as a 55 year old beginner . I’m not in shape and I would really like to see you do a video for the newbie who wants to get a start on a get strong healthy workout and not hurt himself on the first or second day. I’m concerned about my joints and maintaining flexibility . Thanks

  17. There is absolutely no number of credits that this guy should get .He is definitely one level ahead .!

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