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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

My name is Lorenzo Leeuwe. I am 22 years old. This year I won the Dutch bodybuilding overall title. My goal is to win a Pro Card in the future . My physical goal is to gain in body mass and still keep my proportionate and aesthetic physique. Welcome to my new video. Today we will train shoulders. We haven’t made video’s in a while because I was on holiday and off season. My last competition was in Milan in November. This was my first professional competition. I ended up fourth. Which I’m very proud of. Today we will do an off season training. You will see how I train off season to build mass. The first exercise is the seated barbell press. Which is perfect to build mass in your shoulders and triceps. I mix this up with dumbbells Usually one week the barbell and the other the dumbbells. Of this exercise I do four sets. The first one is a warm-up and lighter of which 15 repetitions. Afterwards I build up the weight and do less repetitions. You can see that I don’t go too low during this exercise This way I prevent putting too much pressure on the shoulder joint and instead keep the pressure on my shoulder muscles. We are moving on to the Arnold press. This exercise was invented by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This exercise is ideal to stimulate the front and sides of the shoulders. It’s important to keep control of the weights while turning them to prevent injuries. Regarding all the oncoming exercises I will do three sets of each and with this exercise between 12 and 15 repetitions. The next exercise is the dumbbell side lateral. I will do drop sets. Which means I will go on until I can’t do any more. After which I take lighter weights and again, go on until I can’t do any more. And this three times in a row in total. Inbetween sets I take a few seconds to take a breath and then immediately continue. Drop sets are perfect to exhaust the muscle. With each set you force the muscle to extend. At the moment I have been off season for two months. Off season is very important for a bodybuilder. It’s a period where you can up your nutrition so your body can grow and to increase your body resistance. Also, to build up towards your next competition. The next exercise is the bent-over lateral raise. Which is perfect for the back of the shoulders. It creates the 3D look of the shoulders. It’s important to lean forward and don’t bend your arms too much. Otherwise you will pull with your back. The focus has to be on the shoulders. To get the best results and maximum muscle growth it’s important to feel the pain during the exercises and push through. The last repetitions really make the difference. It’s time for the reverse peck deck which is also for the back of the shoulders. Because of the exhaustion from before it’s perfect to do this exercise on a machine. The machine alows for stable movement. Perfect for after the dumbbell exercises. I use the machine horizontally to focus on the back of the shoulders and less on the back. I raise the number of repetitions with this exercise to feel my contractions better. Usually around 15 repetitions per set. The next exercise is the front raise with a dumbbell. I switch between the bar and the dumbbell. The dumbbell isolates each side more whereas the bar is a whole and isolates less. Don’t go too heavy with this exercise. Make sure to keep control and to feel the contractions at the top. I like doing this exercise with the neutral grip. Also known as the hammer grip. This way you will cover both the front and sides of the shoulders. I get a lot of questions about supplements. To me nutrition and training are the most important. Supplements will complement that. At the end of the shoulder exercise I train the trapeze. Usually one exercise consisting of three to six sets. My base exercise is the dumbbell shrug. I prefer doing the shrugs heavier than the other exercises. That’s because it works best for me personally. I think that’s because the trapeze are used to being used a lot during other exercises. I do the shrugs after the shoulder exercises because I feel my trapeze have already been stimulated. Some people prefer doing it after training the back, I prefer it after the shoulders. In my previous video’s I talked about the supplements I take in the morning, before training, during training and after training. I will now tell you what I take before going to sleep. My favourites are the night protein and omega 3 ultrapure fish oil. The reason for taking both fats and eggwhites is because the fats delay the digestion of the eggwhites even more. Thank you for watching. I hope you learned something. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a look at my other video’s. Until next time.

45 thoughts on “Shoulders | Lorenzo Leeuwe | Bodybuilding Series

  1. I like your videos very much. You are great~ But I think if there is the scene raw sound during you work out, which means don't delete or replace the raw sound from the footage, it will be better.

  2. Respect voor Lorenzo, fenomenale physique, vind het alleen wel matig dat merken als XXL Nutrition onwetende mensen proteïne poedertjes aansmeren met het idee dat je er ooit zo uit komt te zien met die meuk.

    Beste mensen alleen met een extreme cycle van steroïden en andere middelen kom je in de buurt van een physique als dit, dat en elke dag keihard beuken in de gym, schoon eten, niet drinken, niet roken etc.

  3. Goedendag, Lorenzo. Ik kijk met veel interesse naar je video’s. Ik ben ook in training en strek mijn armen bij de side laterals meer naar buiten dan wat ik jou in deze video zie doen. Wat is het verschil?

  4. Men praat hier over anabolen enz enz, maar ik vraag mij af wie ongezonder is, hij of iemand die elke dag vet eet , rookt en drinkt en totaal niet sport. Als je in deze sport ver wilt komen zul je echt iets meer moeten nemen als alleen een eiwit shake. Maar respect voor deze jonge kerel die er super uit ziet en niet arrogant overkomt. Ga zo door

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