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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] [Music] not a single penny away country approve an illegal drive on demand and Oh [Music] Oh Oh you funny things that I’m wrong and decide when it’s online abandon normal life biggest gym you only get one shot why would I love you welcome to full day of eating guys my shredding guide meal by meal this is probably the most requested video on my channel but here it finally is this should serves as the dieting time for you guys a meal plan you can go to a lot having to pay for it a meal plan I should be able to give you food ideas and a meal plan that explains everything to you why I eat the certain way and why it everything I do and what is the most efficient way to eat I’m a medical student so a lot of the foods you’re going to see are very big budget either in your pocket and making cutting cheaper for you but let’s get into the meal rules so I’ve been training for about three years and I have been bulking and cutting bulking and cutting I’ve got an absolutely peeled on the side as you guys can see right now this is me using the sign and it is effective the Dining Plan that I use is a cross feed between old school bodybuilding eating and the mix between if it fits your macros so this diet is effective and at the same time it is an enjoyable diet it’s not one that means you feel terrible or stirred up a lot of cravings so you’re going to see a lot of my favorite foods here that do workout but enough of my smoking sit back enjoy the video be either than like and let’s get on to the first meal [Music] ah [Music] I’m wrong and decide when it’s on the night of betting on my life did they get two kids the only give vodka going on I Oh like how much spicy that is my senior the real answer is as long as you keep it consistent really doesn’t matter spice expense especially salt do increase the amount of water attention you have but over time and fifty in your diet is well balanced up your weight will come to a balance and they won’t fluctuate as long as you keep your spices consistent and you make it look as enjoyable as it can – this is about the long haul come on short form did we get to give you all the give vodka why would I like you everything you’ve got got it Oh you so in my dorm room and remember when I told you guys that my diet is a mix between opal bodybuilder and if it fits your macros this is one example of the old-school bodybuilder I will bit my lips kidney that any non vegan bodybuilder has had this meal so it’s chicken 400 grams of chicken breast that is pure protein you’re going to hit and then I have here exactly 150 grams of basmati rice why I love basmati rice obviously the tapes for meat my favorite rice and then for my coat which is also a little bit of carbs after mixed veggies here which include broccoli and a lot of different veggies in Y and this is a huge meal guys about full of volume this is exactly going to 1286 calories if I’m not mistaken and I’ll tell you guys that this meal is awesome in terms of volume this is equal to two Big Macs and you think about it and it is a lot of food so when the chicken breasts are ready that gives me 85 grams of protein and then there’s beans in your as laws again so I drained the brine because the brine is just full that little sauce you get in the beans is just carbs that you don’t need especially when you’re cutting so I drain that out and that also gives me about 11 grams of protein at 27 grams of carbs and then add the mixed veggies here which is 200 grams and that gives me my micros and 170 calories 26 carbs is very very little but it adds a lot of volume to your meal so adding veggies so all your meals will always give you a lot of volume and this is one of my staples a lot of you guys know so I’m going to dig into this more some of this and I will catch you in the next meal and you guys are probably seeing all the macros on the screen manner [Music] now math number two or meal number two I’ll attack Edoras here and this is wisely I do in a fits your macros at 2500 calories this does fit and something I wanted to ask you sure this plenty in my videos that I eat Oreos and it’s not again bragging but I wanted to make the pointers to you guys when you eat any food if it’s make vegetables to Orioles or to a McDonald’s your body doesn’t know you’re putting in McDonald’s allure is in it your body your stomach itself brings the foods into its more simpler finer products that allows you to intestines and jested that’s carbohydrate protein in fact that’s all that it sees and in reality this is just carbohydrates why healthier foods are better for you is that healthier foods contain more micronutrients and they’re more beneficial to your body they’re more bang for your buck but like I said I like to have my diet enjoyable so I this packet of Oreos and I also have a Diet Pepsi zero calorie this does not make you fat so define what you should notice that this does not Kathy and say be having trouble sleeping don’t drink this so I’m going to have my orion out it’s been watching this and i’ll catch you guys for my next meal hahahaha ah Oh now you guys always TB majors on the channel and I get so many snapshots from you guys my snapchat is righteous but add me on snapchat if you have it take a second and this is a great pre-workout why this is a good amount of protein in here about 50 grams and there’s a good amount of carbs from the rice cake those are the great post-workout because this will help your parents glycogen and get your protein in your body as soon as you finish the workout for me I’d rather have this post-workout to be trying to eat quickly and the protein will satiate your appetite it will cut your outside a bit down before diving into a big meal but this is awesome so that meals not sure like I said send me the meal if we do ever try 270 grams of milk in here and then I added a dash again just so you get the consistency right you want to bit stick so it’s more of a sludge rather than my cup so having a watery so let’s dive in look at that consistency guys it is like sludgy see us there you go so I’ll catch you guys in there for about me or four I guess or three [Music] everybody’s I’m falling back every single day I wake up on the frame their little dry off no matter weapons minute event yes that will complete my full day of eating and I’ll tell you guys why I love this meal so so much so it’s two sniffles and it can be considered a meal or snack but to come out to the 346 calories are extremely fast to cook and they’re very tasty and that rather good macro this you can use Junior cut ordering your bulky to decide a lot more put the 32 grams of proteins in the chicken breast missile 24 cards and 13 grams of fat so it loudly and it all to different colors it’s immaculate equally and that brings me to thirty two thousand four hundred and fourteen counties I’m extremely happy that aces calories list but I find that and I hit my snack with as you guys can see it not to the tea but I personally find that I’ve got to get a ping-pong ball game and but life is this is I’m going out too much my father would give good idea so let me know that you guys want me to do this and then next full day of eating I keep on upping my calories so that one above so that I think you get a wide range of different categories and different poses in veg can watch to be enjoyed it so much and they’ll end up being from 2500 don’t have one joining up 4,000 calories as April they’re being for living on the comment section or leave the video a life that will be a good indication that you guys want to see that but that comes to the end of it guys follow me on instagram on active i reply to all the comments there follow me on snapchat like I said my diet we need to be both the same proposal not show it here and guys thank you so much subscribe here previous video [Music] go to damage and a staff

100 thoughts on “Shredding Diet – FULL DAY OF EATING | Cutting Meal Plan

  1. Hey, bro! Huge fan! I have a question. How do you cook your chicken? Do you just put it and let it cook on the pan? Or do you add spray butter on the pan or something?

  2. Awesome vid. When using MyFitnessPal do you add your exercise to allow more calories or stick to the 2400 no matter what exercise is done? Cheers

  3. since when has 150G of basmati rice equaled 510 calories??? i have 200G of basmati rice which is 213 calories (tahts 200g cooked) please explain Mike :-0

  4. ah think I can see what you have done, you have 150 grams of rice which must be cooked weight, but you have looked at the packet and took the calories for 150 grams of UNCOOKED rice. Surly you are not weighing 150 grams uncooked then cooking that and eating it as that would be about 450 grams of rice cooked ……

  5. just stumbled upon your video and i really enjoyed watching this. #newsubbie. And yes to more full day of eating while you're on your bulk. Even though its a bulk i can definitely take away some meals for you upcoming cut. i'm doing a 90 day shred starting this Sunday, March 5th. Enjoy your bulk 🙂 i'll live vicariously through you.

  6. Thanks bro for your videos , really you inspired me …I'm in Ukraine and now I'd k ow what to eat exactly ..but by the way, i didn't get the Oreo and mac Donald's part, does it mean you still can eat them ( my special is mcdonalds 😜😜) while dieting …please explain more..Tnx @mike

  7. Do you do intermittent fasting and what time is your first meal? After workouts is when you fit all your calories in?

  8. sorry to say but you got a shitty diet and your misleading people by saying that if it fits your macros eat it… that's bs

  9. Idk why but anytime i eat a meal thats like 700 calories i feel like i didnt eat healthy. Its all in my head i know but for some reason my brain just goes "700 calories? Way to go fatty" lmao

  10. Really interesting……what else do you suggest for late night snacking…..I get home late from work sooooo I end up eating late….help

  11. Well don't forget that junk food like Oreos are carbs and empty calories with added salt and processed sugars with no nutritional benefit, not to mention all the artificial flavors, colors, and chemical preservatives that give junk food their 25-yr shelf life… that all contribute to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Of course with a very active lifestyle (like yours Mike) the bad effects of junk food can be greatly diminished.

  12. sorry Mike I didn't know when you upload this video. you didn't touch on fruits like apple and bananas
    and 5 a day concept

  13. Hm. The title of this video seems a bit misleading. It says "Shredding" but at 12:08 you say you are bulking. hmmmm…

  14. Yo Miky Mike I was like what the F at 3:53 Oh you funny ! This is Ralphy from NYC by the way. Dominicano dude ! Que pasa Cuba ? 🙂

  15. You say you'd 150g of rice but 150g of rice ain't 510kcal or 113 carbs… When you are on your fitnesspal you should not put the same weight as in the scale. If in your scale says 150g on fitnesspal you should divide by 3 and then you have the real calories

  16. well, my friend beside carbs protein and fats there are many other shit in food. so be sure that when you eat McDonald's your body knows it..

  17. lol touching things after handling raw chicken, that's how salmonella starts. but great video !!! 😂😂😂😂

  18. how much calories have to get a person who works for muscle mass growth and Genetically is endomorph and works for 4 times in a week
    and wants to gain muscle mass with minimum fat …
    tell me calories how much protein for one meal and what us a daily goal of total protein total fat total carb and total fat ??

  19. Man I see guys eating this stuff on a bulk not a cut diet? I get confused by all the different diets people do hmmm. Love the vids though

  20. Do you do any cardio on other days or is it purely weights and diet – in terms of daily consumption not diet as in lose weight?

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