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Hello guys, welcome to Natural cure tips. Today, i am gonna show you a complete video
about side effects of eating chicken, and with which things their feeds being produced. Now a days every body is eating chicken even
he is rich or poor, and this is favorite food now a days. These are chicks thats why we called it chicken,
real is coke or hen. If we think then we will amaze that how chick
grow up just in 40 days, why? Do you imagine? But real chick grow up in 6 months, and become
a complete hen in 1 year. We have to think why these chicks grow up
so fast. Feed that they are giving to chick they are
adding hormones, steroids and different chemicals thats why chick grow up just in 40 days. And also they add blood of different animals
and meat of different dead animals and their wastage in their feed. Why chickens cannot run and fly like a hen? Because their body is just fat, just because
of steroids. If you will try to catch real chick of age
40 days, you cannot catch him easily. Please try to think about that. Now let me tell you side effects of that protein
chicken. By eating chicken you will get Fat on body,
stomach and on liver, you may have problem of pain in different joints of body, your
bones may become weak, due to eating chicken, kids become adult before their age. Weakness in men, and irregularity in menses
in a woman, are the causes of eating chicken. These are just some side effects of eating
chicken. There are many more. We have to eat good healthy foods like vegetables,
seeds, fish, goat meat, beaf etc. Now let me tell you some negative effects
of eating chicken in our personal life. Many times you can see at the chicken meat
shop there is written sale 50% off or other sales banners, Basically they are not selling
chicken on discount, they are selling poison and that food that will take you to the death
slowly slowly. From past some years, 1 disease is common
in peoples and its ratio is increasing day by day, that disease is lack of vitamin and
calcium in a human body. And from research it is found that the feed
given to chickens could be the cause of heart attack in chickens , mostly chickens comes
to death. For saving these chickens they are giving
senkhia injection to all chickens, this injection is a deadly poison for us, this injection
finish all the calcium and vitamin from chicken�s body. So please stop eating this food that can take
you to health problems, if you wont stop then you could be the patient of bone and joints
pain for your whole life. Before eating chicken you must know from where
this chicken�s meat came. I think now a days everybody know that how
they are growing chick into chickens just in 40 days, and how this chickens production
plant works, and how chicks eating their feeds, what environment they are providing to chicks. Now i will tell you some deadly negative effects
of eating chicken. High Risk of Breast and Prostate Cancer The bodybuilder chicken that has suddenly
become the standard is actually fed Arsenic in order to grow so much. Arsenic is like a nightmare to humans. It is literally as bad as it gets. Consuming chicken on a daily basis or even
after every 2 days, results in buildup of arsenic in our body. The results are catastrophic. In women it causes breast cancer and men fall
victim to prostate cancer. This is getting alarmingly common in bodybuilders
and fitness freaks, who consume chicken in very high quantities. What side effects does eating chicken have? Broiler chicken causes food poisoning
Broiler chicken carries antibiotic-resistant germs
Chicken has a high cholesterol content Grilling or frying chicken raises cancer risk Factory Farmed Means Not Good The problem starts when you have no idea what
is in the chicken you are eating. Factory farmed chicken contains all sorts
of things that you would never want in the food you and your family eats. For example, the broiler chicken that we generally
get from any chicken shop, before the technological advancements in the 2000 decade, used to weigh
around 905 grams (roughly a kilogram) alive. Today that same chicken weighs 4202 grams
(more than 4 kilograms) alive. That is logical to believe that the genetically
modified chicken has been consuming genetically modified fodder. Lack of concern on both the seller�s and
consumer�s part is doing all sorts of damage to our health. So guys, i hope you would like that video
and the message that i gave you through that video, please subscribe my channel for more
important videos like that. Till that time, take care and good bye.

43 thoughts on “Side effects of eating chicken you need to beware of

  1. What the fuck is this , so you want to tell me that i'll get fat if i eat chicken ofc i'll get fat by eating anything and not actually doing anything and by the way it's the healthliest meat along fish only if you make them for yourself so try to avoid buying those meats from markets instead i have my own mini farm on village so i'm introduced to what my chicken is eating and how healthy they are

  2. It's true about chicken contributing to breast cancer. My sister passed away from breast cancer. Her doctor had told her about how they have linked breast cancer to people eating chicken. And that was a mainstream doctor who told her that. That's when I gave up chicken all together – never used to eat it a lot, but didn't want to take any chances. Also, doctors should be telling patients about meat and chicken BEFORE the patient gets breast or any other cancer, not after.

  3. Every time I eat chicken,beef,fish,cheese, yoghurts I feel acid in my throat and make me also cough plenty-it last me couple hours like that. I think is time to be vegetarian and eat only organic eggs,because only egg from all animal products make me feel ok. So from tommorrow I am vegetarian

  4. Chicken is not harmful only broiler chicken is bad due to all the antibiotics n hormones they r fed !

  5. Wow, dude, they keep showing that one guy with terrible teeth taking a bite of the chicken. Add that to the pictures of chicken. I’m done with chicken

  6. The video said chicken will make you fat. Actually it won’t, it’s a very lean meat compared to beef or pork. Do some research bruh.

  7. How can you say that we should eat any meat all of it is poison if they're giving chickens hormones they're giving hormones to the cows,pigs, and probably goats too. They also have fish farm(not natural). We don't even know what we're eatting anymore

  8. its true information but it also true that in 100 ° f , boiling something can destroy many harmful chemicals and things that harms our body . It also remarkable that how much and how many times in a week or month you are eating chicken .

  9. I always eat chicken. AND I HATE IT! MY DAD DOESN'T BUY ME ANY FOOD BUT CHICKEN! I want to throw up sometimes but I don't I just drink a lot of water to get rid of the feeling of the chicken.

  10. Anything processed & bought at the store is probably bad for you then. You cant just single out chicken. Why don't you harp on junk and processed foods and drinks? Only organic and never Chemically sprayed lands are safe to grow edible foods and vegetables. All else causes cancers, heart disease and most other diseases. IMO


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