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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

side effects of too much protein most people know that protein is
paramount to a healthy body and has a direct correlation with muscle gain the
more protein you eat the more muscle you build the recommended dietary allowance
for protein is 46 grams per day for women and 56 grams per day for men but
most people easily surpass these amount often you hear about all the positive
effects protein has on the body such as increased strength and muscle
mass in some cases more protein can even be problematic do you know what happens
if you consume too much protein here are some of the side effects of too much
protein kidney damage when you eat a steak chicken breast or any other source
of the muscle builder you additionally take in nitrogen which is naturally
occurring in the amino acids that make up proteins when you’re consuming a
normal amount of protein you excrete the nitrogen with no harm no foul but when
you eat a ton of the stuff your kidneys have to go into overdrive to get rid of
all the extra nitrogen this could increase your risk for kidney damage
over protein can dehydrate you you know all of the extra nitrogen we just told
you about not only can it wreak havoc on your kidneys but it can leave you
feeling extremely thirsty too the reason high amounts of nitrogen are toxic so to
stay safe the body uses fluids and water to flush it out which can leave you
feeling thirsty your breath gets smelly when you don’t eat enough carbs the body
burns fat and protein for fuel it does so by a process called ketosis
unfortunately ketones have an awful smell that cannot be masked by brushing
or flossing you could die sooner according to a study that followed
thousands of adults for nearly 20 years those who eat a diet rich in animal
protein are four times as likely to die of cancer than those who follow a low
protein diet you actually gain weight a lot of people
think that a high-protein diet means you will lose weight but wrong when you
consume more protein than your body needs the excess protein is used to
provide your body with energy are turned into fat the bottom line is just because
something is healthy in small amounts it does not mean that large amounts are
even healthier remember when it comes to nutrition more is not always better

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