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60 thoughts on “Simeon Panda – Shoulder Workout Motivation – Myprotein

  1. Order number 50821355. I ordered from these guys 1+ month ago and I still have not received my order. The Fedex tracking info they provided (780253440787) suggests that they have not even shipped my order. This was a $100+ order and I have yet to receive it. I have never dealt with such horrible customer service. They claim to respond within 2-3 days but they have not followed up on my order when I filed a complaint. What a joke. I highly recommend against ordering from them.

  2. He's natural.. Ive lifted as much as him and more.. ive done 855 shrugs natural.. which is less than what he did there.. the 405 on the smith machine isnt really 405 actual free weight…i ve done that before as well..Very possible for a natural lifter to hit those lifts with lots of time under the bar..  You can tell by his size he's natural.. 6'1 at 220-230 isnt that massive.. stand him next to Kali and Ronnie.. u will see what hgh and steroids do.. Hes very lean but that could just be his genetics and good diet plan..  if he is on.. its light with short cycles of it..  more than likely just a lot of supps

  3. Genetics play a part. But damn how can you knock the work he put into his body. How is it WEIRD? He his put together well. #hardwork

  4. Hey, when doing shoulder presses my left shoulder kind of pops out or should i say gives in. I highly doubt its the actual joint dislocating or slightly dislocating because it just moves out and then back in on its own, rather I think it's something to do with the ligaments. I would go to a doctor but I already have a tear in both my ACL's (my knees) and need surgery on both of them which will keep me on crutches for 6 weeks at least for both which is 3 months out of the gym and don't want to be out for a further few months due to my shoulders. Can anybody recommend a way to treat these and some kind of vitamin or any other tablets that will make my joints better and stronger. Thank you

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  6. u fools that take the time to hate on Simeon yall just mad cuz u don't have heart to workout and yall are miserable cause u niggas r is fat and y'all 'just jellous

  7. i am looking at the 1st excercise and wonder that did he do a up side chest workout? Guys! at the warm up set he pulled up 160 kg. So amazing!

  8. U guys act like take roid n playin video games to get big without weight trainin,damnnnnnnnn he lifts harde0r than whoever here…….

  9. looking at him now hes no where near this level, I think he's lowered the steroid intake, he's just not that shredded these days

  10. I have my proteins salted caramel protein absolutely delicious vanilla protein yummy watermelon bcca's ice cold it's the best tasting drink besides beer water tea and juice from vegtables and fruits I have vitams good and some more check out there prices and quality I'll never buy anything 💯

  11. I won't feel any mind muscle connection with my shoulders if I go this heavy( I mean my kind of heavy… Not the amount of weights simeon is carrying)

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