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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hell guys, today we’re gonna look at the feedee
sample from “abc123monkey”. For you guy, who don’t know, what a feedee – feeder relationship
is: It is that a guy feeds a woman. And thats what we are basically going to do – we are
going to feed her. So lets just start! Why is everybody sleeping? Wow, how late is it?
23:00. Let’s make her eat some microwave cake. In the meantime, we make our own cake. Cake
is probably the fastest way to gain weight – its sugar. I hope it works. With “lucinda
(name)”. WOW! Look at that! So sitting in front of the TV is obviously making her really
fat. She is getting HUGE! Let us change the outfit to Party-style, Bath-style – definitely looks better. Let
her change her outfit, I want to see her in her bathing suit. I forgot to select her,
as always … Ok guys! What we got here is Sims 4 and the feedee – feeder
template from “abc123monkey”. This is the feeder, this is the feedee and we got her
really, really huge. Look at her! Look at her boobs, look at her butt, look at her belly!
She got huge, we did a great job. So if you want to gain weight in Sims you have to eat
a lot of chocolate cake and cake in General, basically everything what fattens you up in
real world too. So we went to a bar, ate a lot of chips – chips make you gain weight.
For some reason you randomly gain weight during the day and night – whenever she woke up,
it was like WOW she gained a lot of weight! I hope you guys enjoyed my video. Thanks for
watching and have a fucking nice day! SUBSCRIBE

40 thoughts on “Sims 4 – Incredible Weight Gain

  1. You know a guy can be a feedee as well, there are a lot of women out there that are feeders, they just don't advertise themselves very much if at all.

  2. So theres no weight gain mods here just…normal base game weight gain…thats not huge darling…there are CAS mods that can make sims huge.

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