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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys kevin kreider more than just muscle the single best exercise to lose belly fat is bullshit I’m not even to tell you the best exercise to lose though is that because that is just a marketing ploy to get you sucked in and the fact that you’re watching this wanting to learn the best exercise to lose body fat means you probably won’t lose body fat because you’re looking for a quick fix it’s not going to happen overnight there’s not just one exercise you can do that will black the body fat because losing body fat is very simple it’s so simple that most people don’t want to do it which is put in less energy into your body by food by reducing your food intake then you burn for a day which is called a caloric deficit you can’t beat this guy’s you can’t beat the physics and thermodynamics of energy you just have to put in this energy into your body for some people that might actually be tracking or writing down a food journal and you don’t want to hear that because you want to know what the easiest thing is because you’re like oh I see this guy he’s genetically gifted he only eats like fried chicken and whatever he wants every time he’s out with me watch whenever you out with you I actually sometimes plan that ahead of time like I’ll do my warrior diet where I just eat fruit throughout the whole day and then when I’m out with my friends I’ll just what I want really and sometimes it’s fried chicken or a 24-ounce take like I had last night there is no single best exercise to lose body fat get that shit out of your head right now and just get in there stop being a spectator be a player on the field and do the work and get into a habit be consistent and get into the lifestyle of it if you make it a lifestyle it becomes fun and you have goals and you set it free stuff and achieve it and you make it meaningful you will achieve your goals and this will be fun to become a lifestyle instead of it sure instead of something you have to drag your ass into the gym and do there is no single best exercise to burn belly fat get out of your head it’s a marketing ploy don’t be fooled by that please guys subscribe to my youtube channel i hope this didn’t turn you off you might have turned me off a little bit earlier if you’re looking to lose body fat off of one single app exercise for a simple and effective workout plan with nutrition i’m accepting clients right now i do one-on-one coaching you can go to my website and fill out a pre-qualifying application the link is below also you can download my free intermittent fasting handbook it’s free what do you have to lose sign up for it the link is also below and you can get a structured way to figure out how to use your macros and come up with your calculations and also get into intermittent fasting which i find is an effective tool and strategy to burn body fat thanks guys I’ll see you next week

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  1. Thank you for the "tough love" . I can't begin to even recall all the crazy, fad, unsafe, and unhealthy diet programs I have tried. My unheathly lifestyle has resulted in my peaking at my top weight of 309. Thankfully I am no longer there. I have acheived high blood pressure and diabetes, and now that I am in my early 50's my knees and joints hurt. Yes i have done a number on myself. I can only blame myself and my lack of investgating healthy options, and actually getting into the game of life! I'm down nearly 60lbs, and I'm working on getting the blood sugars under control as I genuinely want to grow old, have my eyes, kidneys, hearing, mental clarity, and my extremities. I needed to gear the tough truth. it took decades to screw my health, it is going to take time, effort, hard work, and accountability. i downloaded your free handbook. 🙂

  2. This is the question that no one has been able to answer for me, so I hope you can. You talk about caloric deficiency, and that is of course, true. Consume fewer calories than your body burns off and you'll lose fat. But what everyone ignores is that you will also lose muscle. I end up looking skinny and that is NOT what I want. It's so easy for me to just eat less and I do lose weight. But I want to GAIN muscle and not lose it! I work out and lift and then try to lose body fat by eating less, but then I can't grow.
    How can anyone gain muscle while losing fat? That is the question that no fitness authority seems to be able to answer—they just tell you to eat less than your body needs. But that's not the solution because you just end up skinny!
    And if I eat more, I gain muscle but also gain fat!

  3. hey I'm new to all this I'm like skinny yet I have a fat stomach. o.o I see many people taking supplements and different type of workouts and all any advice how i can start or from were.?

  4. I didn't even want to watch the video because I know there is no such thing. But then I watched it and you say the exact same thing. 😛

  5. hey bro can you make a video about nofap? It's about restraining from masturbation as much as you can cause ever since I started this I was gaining muscle mass without barely doing anything, less belly fat, I also burn more fat overall and I just want to share :). I used to be a skinny kid but then I started this and my testosterone just raised to the roof, Now I,m 16 and I do intense basketball 5 times a week and weight lifting once a week and I don't really get tired. Just spreading some info bro 🙂 keep it up.

  6. What macro split would you recommend when trying to reduce fat? And what are your thoughts on HIIT during the last few hours of an intermittent fasting schedule?

  7. You're the only youtuber who feels me! I'm so happy I found your channel thanks for this! Motivates me A LOT

  8. Ok so when I cut am I suppose to burn more calories than I take in? Example: I eat 2000 calories a day, should I go burn 2000 calories? Or is it just going in a calorie deficit and that would make you lose fat? Plz answer

  9. Clickbait!!! You tricked me into watching an awesome video, bro! Not cool. Great advice, definitely one of the best fitness channels on youtube.

  10. The single best exercise for getting rid of belly fat is eating of course🤗, more specifically eating correctly.

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