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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Skinny fat. One of those oxymorons that you’ve
heard about before. Heck, you might even label yourself as skinny fat. So what does it actually
mean, why does it happen, and what can you do about it?
There isn’t a specific term to describe skinny fat. But generally, the most common description
is someone that weighs very little but have a disproportionately high amount of body fat.
Meaning that your weight might be considered in a healthy range but that belly is still
kicking and the flab is still flicking. Now, being skinny fat isn’t at all a bad thing
nor is it unhealthy and definitely not something to be ashamed of. But for many of you that
categroze as skinny-fat, you might think there’s something that’s not quite right. And it’s
not that you’re lazy or not trying to change. Chances are you’ve gone on weight-loss diets
and even gone to the gym, but bam, still skinny-fat. The deal with weight loss diets is that even
if you do lose weight, you’ll lose fat and lean mass simultaneously, which pretty much
keeps your bodyfat percentage the same. If someone weighs 160 pounds with 40 pounds of
fat cuts down to 140 pounds and 35 pounds of fat, the bodyfat percentage will still
be the same 25%. This scenario is true for many beginners since the majority of the weight
they lose in the beginning is water instead of actual fat.
Working out is great but a lot of times people that are skinny fat focuses too much on cardio.
Cardio is definitely good for you, especially for your heart, but again you just end up
dropping the weight without changing the proportions of bodyfat to lean mass, especially with steady
state cardio. Burn all the calories you want by doing cardio, but at the end you’ll just
be a smaller skinny-fat version of your old self.
So weight loss diets don’t work and cardio doesn’t work. What the heck do you do then?
Well, the answer is simpler and closer than you think. You know all that clanking and
banging and all sorts of weird grunts you hear from the “other side” of the gym? Well,
that’s where YOU have to go. Resistance training is the missing ingredient. Since we know that
the problem with skinny-fat is not weight loss but instead body fat proportions, your
goal is to counteract the bodyfat and by far the best way to do so is by adding muscle
to your body. Not only does it offset bodyfat percentage from the added muscle mass, but
it also adds the ever-needed definition to your skinny-fat frame. Resistance training,
whether from lifting weights or bodyweight exercises, is the best way to pack on muscle
and give you that more well-proportioned look. And you even have the luxury of building muscle
and losing fat at the same time. Unlike a bodybuilder, who struggles with putting on
more muscle because they’re close to their genetic limit, a skinny fat person is ripe
for packing on muscle fast. And unlike a skinny-skinny person, your body is primed to burn excess
fat as energy. But this can only last you for so long. Once you’ve trained long enough,
your rate of progression, or “newbie gainz,” will quickly diminish and you’ll have to choose
between losing more weight or building more muscle. That choice is ultimately up to you,
but keep in mind that you need to keep lifting in both scenarios. During weight loss, aka
cut, resistance training will preserve as much muscle as possible from being broken
down. During weight gain, aka bulk, resistance training will obviously stimulate muscle growth.
So there’s your magical secret to solving your skinny fat problems. It’s nothing that’s
an actual secret nor is it really all that magical. Train hard and train consistently
and watch that skinny fat flab turn to not-so skinny fat fab! Ask your questions in the comments below.
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100 thoughts on “Skinny Fat Explained – Dealing with Being Skinny but Belly Fat Lingers

  1. I just want to lose the stomach. I'm literally 92 pounds at 4"11 but my waist is fat and my calves are flabby. What can I do to fix my flabby calves and waist 😢 i Tried losing weight but I'm already thin so that's not safe. Everyone comments how small I am but under the skinny jeans holding my calves and my shirt hiding the belly I'm a piggy.

  2. Thanks!! But you have not explained what to do for each scenarios when you reach the plateau of muscle gain, what should I do if I want to simply keep the muscles and the lower fat level without adding more bulk?

  3. How to become from skinny fat to just skinny, I don’t think skinny people have that much muscles but why are they not skinny fat

  4. ok so i was skinny . not skinny fat. i went to gym to gain muscle. within 6 months i gained about 10kg muscle and fat. mostly muscle. it was very encouraging. however, my belly fat has increased. now im wondering how to gain more muscle but not belly fat. if i go on a low carb diet i may not gain muscle. so what do i do now? my belly is more big than fat. its bloated looking.

  5. If this comment get's read and maybe up voted for other people to see; you can watch the video and waste some time before actually doing something, or you can read this instead for an easier answer which is the most obvious one this guy explains in 1 minute and 49 seconds, if you're more focused on cardio, then you're just going to get a smaller version of yourself in a skinny fat way, the way to do this is, lift weights, like weight's that focus your biceps, triceps etc, do things like that, and before you do so, here's what I do: I do a plank for 2 minutes and 30 seconds (this depends on how long you can go I have the endurance for it because I enjoy the pain, weird I know.) but people can go longer because of their endurance, then I focus my core by doing crunches and flutter kicks, all the while focusing on my core abdomen, that give's my body the go ahead to do anything after that, so after I do all of that, I do reps of weight lifting, then I stop and do some cardio with a jump rope, jumping jacks etc, any type of cardio after lifting weight's is the number one answer, but people will say you'll tire yourself out by doing abdomen workouts before cardio, well that's true but that's because if you're not 30 minute's into a workout, then you're not feeling good, it's all about getting it at done, you contemplate to yourself "ugh here we go again another day of working out" but when you start going at it, you get into the mood to keep going, just learn from your mistakes when you workout, and ask people to help you, simple. Sorry for the essay but I just wanted to explain what could help you, it can help a lot.

  6. I have some belly fat but a skinny arms especially my wrists are too thin. Is exercising the only solution for me?
    Thanks to anyone who answers this

  7. Early morning my belly is flat but gets 2 months pregnant towards the evening
    What the fuck is wrong ????

  8. Thank you for the video! Makes a lot of sense. Resistance training: it's about proportions and shaping not just shrinking your body 🙂 Great visuals. Very memorable!

  9. I’ve been weightlifting for over a year and my belly is still fat 😞 the rest of me is skinny by my belly won’t go

  10. Learned I was this after I was unemployed for a bit but hadn't gained any weight since my last job and still look skinny since I have a fast metabolism. I hadn't gone outside or had reason to in months. Then one day while house sitting for a package to arrive I thought: "Oh heck, the walgreens is just quick jog away I can make it there and back with a frozen dinner." I did a bit of stretching and got a water bottle. I ran down the porch stairs and maybe half in front of the next door neighbors house before feeling weirdly tired. If you saw me panting you'd think I just did a 6k rather then hardly maybe 50 quick steps. Been trying to work at it though it's hard to find motivation to do it. I salute those of you here that do.

  11. I’m fine it’s just my belly.. when I’m standing it doesn’t look too too bad but it’s bad. Especially when i lay down on my side it’s like where did all this come from

  12. How did I get rid of it by just cardio then, I tell you everybody has a different opinion when it comes to fitness. Hell no I don't want to lift and damage my back.

  13. If I suck in my stomach I look slender at least from the front view; but once I let my breath out and get a side view look the dreaded belly appears along with the stretch marks, and I only weigh
    125 pounds and I'm 5'3" in height so the scale makes me happy but the mirror not so much. : /

  14. Am I the only one with an extreme fat Face but a thin body. Like it looks weird, it's as if your obeise until people look at your thin neck

  15. I been every body type since birth chubby baby skinny kid skinny fat pre teen muscular teen skinny lean young man thicc young adult now i see old ppl in better shape then me and i want to master my bodyweight so im grinding for that iman shumpert/ban look💪[]⌚

  16. i'm weigh a lot but i have a flat stomach, i am regularly active and have a decent diet, please tell me what's wrong

  17. I was a short fatass that slept and ate and played a lot of basketball all day till 8th grade, that summer I grew 5 inches and stayed the same weight, my arms and leg grew and I became very skinny but my stomach was still fat, since then I stopped eating a lot and doing sit-ups every few week and my stomach has been getting smaller I’m in 10th grade about to get a 6 pack rn

  18. Who else was a fatass and then puberty made you and skinny but your belly is still the same after all of that? Cause that’s what happened to me in 8th grade and I’m in 10th now and I’ve eating less since and now I have a 6th pack

  19. I’ve been doing football and losing weight and lifting weights but I still have a lil muffin top and it bothers the heck outta me what do I do?

  20. Im 13 and a girl and im kinda skinny fat i do not eat unhealthy but i have a belly how do i loose belly fat? I cant go to a gym cuz its too expensive any advice for any workout i can do?

  21. When I’m more of a fatskinny person… if I lost 25 lbs, I’d be in the right spot for my height… being short sucks sometimes

  22. Was 230 went down to 180 was lean and cut but literally only had a lil belly left n it’s because I was skinny fat shit sucks and hard asf to figure out what to do to fix it, I worked out 5 days outta the week but I think I fucked up doing cardio for those 6 months

  23. Am I skinny fat if I actually have my arms, legs, and top half of my torso look muscular but the bottom half of my torso is where I look fat like I don't have abs but it doesn't poke, you can just barely see the outline of my abs. I'm pretty sure I am but I read that skinny fat people have low muscle mass and may have trouble doing one chin up or one push up but I can easily do around 30 push ups before I start to really struggle. And also I weigh 123 lbs as of yesterday.

  24. I'm 5"8 and 125 lbs but my waist is 35 inches and it's been like this since I was about 12 (I stopped growing in height at 11)

  25. So basically we’re the real MVPs, we’re just right in the middle to get that dream body if we put in enough effort 😅

  26. This video destroyed all the other "Skinny Fat solutions" videos. No beating around the bush, no pay walls, just a simple, honest answer backed with sound science. Thanks you so much!

  27. I’m a skinny fat dude. People either think I’m a skinny as hell healthy guy, or a girl. Average torso, huge waist, skinny arms, it is all around weird.

  28. omg i look skinny with clothes but take em off n i look fat..especially if I sit down. But im not skinny skinny but normal

  29. I thought he was gonna say skinny fat means someone whoes skinny and eats so much food and never gains weight cause thats my friends

  30. I was 11 and weighted 45kg and I had a belly So (I) decided to lost weight and didnt eat normal for 3 months, i skipt breakfast i didnt want to eat Any fatty and unhealthy foods my family thought i had anorexia seriously😂 now i am 13 and weight 38kg i lost 7kg and now for some reason i am kinda skinnyfat lol😂

  31. this video gives nothing to viewers. i went to gym and still going to gym about a year ago i built decent muscle mass but my flabby old viceral fat in stomach and in my chest are still there too!

  32. I'm not skinny fat but I'm on keto and I'm scared of loosing a bunch of water weight and no real fat (I have lost 8 pounds so far and I'm 128 punds)

  33. someone help my body is weird shit mix my hole torso is skinny arms are skinny like a teenage but i got heavy legs like rrally heave that when i tell someone to guess my weight they guess it to be 65 to 70 kilogram but its actually 85 kilogram all that from by legs? also i have beer belly , i n a stupid indian vegitarian,i should die this way only right? or is there any way

  34. 12 yrs old but stomach is fat af and has rolls…
    5’3 and 90lbs
    Hence why I always wear high waisted pants and oversized tops

  35. My arms are like chopsticks but my stomach looks like i’m pregamant with 30 children and my thighs look like they could swallow the whole planet

  36. Oh now I understand

    Thank you I aprecise this

    So the only way is to gain muscle in my adominal region

  37. When i sit down I suck my stomach all the way inside and hold my breathe so don't look fat I look so fat when I sit😭

  38. Hey it's not true that being skinny fat is perfectly healthy. Fat packed around your stomach and viscera is highly linked with an increase in risk for cardiovascular disease.

  39. Don’t know if anyone is still answering questions but kalabunga
    How does a vegetarian diet affect this? (Carbs but less fats)
    How does puberty affect this?

  40. I picked up the term "skin fat" in the ether but didn't think much about it. Thought it was some kind of an insult. Thanks for the excellent information. 😜

  41. Ok he said skinny fat is not unhealthy so that’s all that matters and I’m a sporty girl but i just don’t like lifting weights. The fact that I’m not the only one that has that body makes me feel better about myself and having a flat stomach isn’t gonna change anything at least for I just think we should be happy that we’re healthy that’s it . And feel like everyone is self conscious about themselves so we should just embrace all body types not just the “perfect” hourglass shape 🙂

  42. Yeah idk about this… I am a beginner lifter, I stopped lifting weights for about 6 weeks because of an injury and guess what, I lost 5kg in that time and 2 inches from my chest. Even when I was lifting weight, every 2.5kg I lost, I lost 1 inch from my waist.

    The water weight thing is true, but that's only the first 2 weeks. I'm eating a high protein diet, so maybe that's why I haven't lost much muscle, or any

  43. touch your stomach, if it is soft and squishy, u are skinny fat, If it sticks out but is hard, u are just bloated or may have a weak abdominal wall. Those are two very different things.

  44. I’m skinny fat! I have a huge bump that makes me look pregnant and I’m extremely insecure about so I wear long shirts because when I wear jeans I look so weird! But as a 14 year many people suggest not to do weights as it is not good for a growing person so any advice?

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