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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all right today we’re gonna be
discussing skinny fat some people might be thinking can you even get skinny and
fat at the same time and we’re gonna get into that right now what is going on my friends my name is
mark from superhuman fitness and today we’re gonna be discussing skinny fat
we’re gonna be talking about what the solution is how you can fix it what
skinny fat is is basically when you’re not having a good enough diet and you’re
not doing good enough training with weights or just strength / muscle
training in general do what that results in is you’re gonna be like somewhat
skinny because you’re doing cardio and all that but your diet is obviously not
good which is why you’re fat in the first place right and you’re just doing
cardio so you’re getting smaller but cardio will be burning both muscle and
fat so you your your body fat percentage would be the same but you’re getting
light you can do one of two things the first thing you can do is you can go for
a cut and then try to lose all that fat first and then you try to build muscle
on top of it and go when you’re going for that cut you’d obviously be you’d
still be lifting weights you need to lift weights regardless and you need to
have a good diet and train because that’s the solution to skinny fat in
short but what you can do is you can cut you can cut down you can cut your
calories and all that but you do your cardio normally and then you’ll do
weight training as well so that will kind of keep your muscle there while
still burning the fat so your body fat percentage will lower another thing you
could do is you could go for a book right and sure you might gain a little
bit of fat but you’re gonna gain so much more muscle and the thing is this is the
one I would recommend by the way if you’re a skinny fat out totally
recommend you going for a bulk first then cutting after because you’re gonna
already have muscles they have motivation now and you’re not gonna
you’re gonna feel good another reason I would recommend it is because you can
also burn calories while you’re lifting weights so sure you might burn Michael
you’d obviously burn more calories while going for like a mile run or something
like that but you’ll still be burning calories while you’re bench pressing and
doing your regular workouts especially compound lifts guys if you’re a beginner
especially I would recommend that one too because you can still lose fat while
building muscle you wouldn’t lose that much fat but you’d still be losing fat
and building muscle that’s newbie gains for you guys that’s awesome
a lot of beginner people and advanced people we don’t have new begins to take
advantage of it while you can guys so to solve being skinny fat the solution is
simple you need to fix your diet and add weight training in
mix or calisthenics if you can’t get to a gym or any of that make sure you train
strength wise and muscle wise and then you guys can choose whether you want to
cut or bulk I recommend bulking make sure guys drop a like on this video if
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