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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

everybody my Vilma here giving tips
today I was asked him Ike why is it that Indian bodybuilders struggle woof
are we grouping a billion people all together like the oil struggle okay
let’s let’s just battle back okay so let’s so for one the sport of
bodybuilding in India and Southeast Asia as such is booming right I mean a couple
years ago tender where there was nothing and now you see Kai Green or Phillies
got it and they’re like Michael Jackson I mean the sake crowds and crowds of
people I like the Beatles coming to America so the sport is booming a lot of
content of federations you look at the contestants they for the most part
wouldn’t be competitive anywhere here and the question is why is that there’s
only one Indian Pro body but if I’m informed correctly so one reason is that
the sports new right so if you look at our contest from the 60s when honored
winning the NI in a BBA in 1968 he wouldn’t with anything today
no offense he wouldn’t would miss the Queen’s not even mister historia so it
takes time to you know develop athletes and all that sort of thing then there is
a history of inactivity and I’m speaking from the kinds I have that of Indian
descent or Indian origin and the the culture such that sports is just not
taught in schools and it’s just not a big part of the culture and people who
do not play sports when they are younger they tend of less muscle mass they’re
less coordinated and it’s harder for them then later on to build muscle to
excite any sport so meaning if you have been playing PlayStation 2 age 22 then I
was I knew that off to be a bodybuilder it’s a hard time so then there’s also
this long genetic history of eating which turn diets are not being active as
a counterexample the mountain straws wonder the world from iceland his
grandfather had 20 inch arms a monster chest without ever going to the gym just
from fishing I don’t know wrestling mammoths whatever they do up in Iceland
and then of course the grandson if he decides to step into a gym he already
has 80% of what the guy in India first has
to do right just but pewter by genetics so there’s a very different starting
point then as I mentioned the diet is such that it’s mostly oily foods
vegetarian foods very little protein so that doesn’t help in terms of bone
structure a lot of them have short torsos and long extremities which does
not lend itself all that well for bodybuilding you know because it’s hard
to put mass and specially narrow clavicles and that’s what and now this
frustration that lefties training is see or their search for quick results which
is not so different from the West leads to an over reliance on supplements and a
steroid epidemic that is probably worse than here for a simple reason that so
it’s a widely available all right Mike well this sucks or should all Indians
stop bodybuilding just because you said so who am i I know but you have to
probably get to consider first stop with the drugs okay we just picked up weights
with the you’re in India or in Germany or in Wales or New Zealand it doesn’t
matter you’re not ready your motor eggs aren’t ready your nervous systems are
ready if you do not have the base to use the drugs efficiently you just kind of
go from I suck really bad – I suck a little bit less you’re not gonna go from
I’m awesome – I can beat Phil he’s okay drugs aren’t ace in the hole they can be
played once and then that’s it ditto with supplements you have to find ways
to implement proper protein into your diet be that wire I don’t know cottage
cheese or whatever is affordable training with that bone structure you
have to train for volume you cannot train heavy duty you don’t have to risks
of a Ronnie Coleman most people don’t actually I train volume you know I don’t
have big wrists or so that allow me to over it by 315 you have high insertions
which means you need to max out whatever you have in terms of square footage of
muscle meaning there needs to be the strength curve is be covered we
concentrate with constant constant tension and lastly you gotta have
patience you know so you are basically right now Larry Scott and these guys
that came up in the 60s and just tried stuff out but you’re not in a position
yet where you can take on people that had another 50 60 years of development
in addition to the generational you know early start they had because their
forefathers ate and our products and were physically active and you have to
start as a country probably physical education and sports earlier so that
people then have a better base but if you aren’t in your body right now this
very model I would urge you to stop with the drugs you’re probably not ready
improve your diet dramatically by you know getting rid of the oil in some
protein look at your body pick a higher volume or 2202 three times a day 20
retention and cover the strengths course and this way whatever frame you’re
having we feel good quality mass and yes you probably not gonna be an ass monster
but you don’t have to be because the smaller bone structure less muscle mass
will still look very dramatic compared to somebody with bigger bones also has
to fill the data structure so that’s it I think that the fact that the sport is
booming in the Sowers in Southeast Asia is awesome for us all of us right I mean
there’s more markets more stuff to do with that my god

55 thoughts on “SKINNY to MUSCULAR INDIAN: why it is Harder for Indian Guys to Put on Mass!

  1. India is the most genetically diverse nation in the world. As thier prosperity grows, i think you will see more and more great bodybuilders from india.

  2. Check for hrithik roshan a Bollywood star from India
    No men's physique guy all over world is no where in comparison to him

  3. The gene pool. They won't build muscle like northern European men. But they have darker skin which shows definition.

    Look at the Indian kids in NYC at Bronx Science and Stuyvesant Ecktomoroh.

  4. There is too much diversity in India . I'm from north India Punjab. People here r basically more stronger, longer and better at sports that requires power. Just look at our punjabi sports kabaddi and kushti (wrestling). So many of my friends r above 6 feet and have good physiques. It mostly comes down to money here more than other factors on how u look. It takes like 10-15k rupees to get a decent body. But that's too much money for average person to spend.

  5. I’m a trainer In NYC. I have about 50 clients. About 8-9 of them are Indian. All males. They put on muscle just as fast as white or other Asian people in my experience. The biggest obstacle is that they are often vegetarian , but other than that if they eat in a surplus and train hard , they will grow.

  6. India will never be good at bodybuilding because India is not going to take mindless steroids like Americans. They are better teaching the world Mathematics so that world can learn better calculation.

  7. Cricket is MASSIVE in India,much much bigger than American football in the USA….lack of protein ,thin frames and lack of time .They play cricket religously from the time they can walk,maney play hockey also,both sports better suited to thin frames and endurance…….

  8. Forget the men, have you ever seen an Indian chick with any muscle tone ? even when they're slim their legs look like sausage meat.

  9. Not a hater buy over the years I seen their physiques change dramatically. …are some of them cheating? Not cool all way looking for the easy way out. Nitcsurexwhy some people would use dangerous drugs

  10. I have some pure Indian genetics, I got a worse bonestructure. My wrists and ankles are f*ckin thin. Also my calves are extreme high, I train calves 4x a week but still no gains, only hardness. But people in India from punjab have mass genetics. The only thing is that those who are blessed, don’t use it. The most Punjabs I know are round and fat. I am 21 years. I bench 120kg, squat 150kg, deadlift 180kg. When I do max it feels like my bones are going to collaps. My height is 1,78m, weight 70kg. The only positive of my genetics is my skin, it is so thin that you can see al my veins and musclefibers poppin.
    Just some info about average indian natural hobby bodybuilder

  11. Idiot British, Indian Monohor Aich was named as pocket dianamo.
    Search about him he was the 1st Mr world.
    We do the brain muscle body building and ruling the world with brains.

  12. Most Indians are vegetarians too (let's be real meat will always be optimal for putting on mass). Most of their diet is mainly legumes, rice and kidney beans, rice and garbanzo beans and dairy like cheese.

  13. Also I think part of such a lack of a truly freaky Indian bber is in India bbing is treated the way it was in USA in the 60s as almost a freakshow hence the interest to sponsor a guy to just eat train and sleep isnt there like it is in Kuwait.

  14. I live in Canada on the west coast and you’d be hard press not to find a east indian man or woman whom is not obese.

  15. Great video. I think you are right . 1- the food has to change. Too much fried food too much oil, too much rice. Too little protein and vegetables cooked the right way. 2- They have terrible role models, the Bollywood stars and Wwe Superstars are not good role models as most of them are on steroids. 3- Their goals have to change. Being fit and in good shape , being able to run for 1 hour is a much more realistic goal than being on anabolic steroids painting your body gold. Love and Respect to all My Indian Brothers πŸ’Œ


  17. Dude it's not genetics most of Indians are retarded I don't know what they do in gym open mobile and play games ….they rely on supplements….I am 100% sure supplements don't work unless you change your diet ….and when supplements don't work they go for drugs…. bodybuilding is a lifestyle you are not here for just build a physique for girls you have to cook your own food and live like a bodybuilder

  18. Sir What I feel is that Indian Bodybuilders and the environment altogether lacks different scientific knowledge, Best Equipmets as well as money is a big issue.

  19. Most of the Indians are vegetarian
    And majority of Indians don't eat beef which is a great source of lean protein.

  20. Whatever you said is true bodybuilding is difficult for Indians Due to their diet, genetics etc
    I am an Indian I found It difficult to build my muscles cause I am vegetarian. And my dad and grand father were farmers so my genetics are not of any wrestler or bodybuilder.

  21. Depends where u r from India. But yeah Indians don’t play too much active sports in child hood. It’s in culture study & work is above play. But things are changing fast.

  22. It’s a myth….I mean Sangram chaughle, Sahil Khan, Thakur Anoop Singh, Manoj Patil, Guru Mann, Gaurav Taneja….etc…..etc… list is endless….these are all Indian beasts……

  23. Make a video about why most non Indians are jobless in their own country mostly because they have really really dumb genes

  24. I am a Indian calisthenics athlete and was pushing every limits

    Now I have a injured wrist


  25. No man cuz Indians are very money minded and there is no money in body building ..only steroids and diseases …apart from Arnold I dont see anyone who was a bodybuilder and made a huge brand …

  26. Actually it's because of lack of knowledge and expense of supps there is way differences in prices between usa and india

  27. Very good insight , there are some areas in India where the has been wrestling for centuries those guys have some good genetics but they are very poor. You find the richer guys have the money to buy steroids and supplements but poor genetics. To all the Indians reading this please train legs, been seeing a lot if Jonny Bravo's these days.

  28. Really dude come to India and don't give an example that indians are not doing hard work people lack financial and proper guidance

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