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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi guys I’m Amy so in the past month I’ve already uploaded a 30 ab exercises workout and also another wonderful links and many of you have asked for this arms one to complete the whole series so here we go I’ve put 30 of my favourite arms exercises at home and this 15 minutes workout then worked really well for me to really help them down my arms and to tighten the flabby area right here that’s what that will be into battle style so each exercise 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between just follow me and enjoy the burn and if you’re ready let’s go let’s warm up our arms with our first exercise air circles on straight out to the side rotate them and circles first 10 seconds to the front and then switch to rotating to the back we’re moving our whole arms and not just the forearms no drop pain let’s start to workout strong I’ve got you don’t wanna strung [Music] second exercise is exercise walk your hands forward until you’re in high plank position hands below your shoulder put your apps tight make sure your body is in a straight line then walk your hands back to your feet this works wonders not only for the arms from also the full body third exercise is shoulder tap holding and high plank position raise one arm to tap the opposite shoulder and keep alternating try your best to hold your core tight and not move your hip from side to side [Music] it’s new push-up knees on the floor bend your elbows to lower your body then push back up key is to keep your elbows close to your body and draw your shoulder blades back and down the burn is real but this is what we’re here for challenge yourself don’t stop take a deep breath and keep pushing [Music] fit let’s stand back up for a little cardio jock and punch keep jogging as you punch your arms out alternating between sides the harder you punch the more burn so push it were not here to select yes six is commando exercise now this is a tough one start an elbow plank then push yourself up with one arm followed by the other then lower back down again only 20 seconds guys we can do it we have the power to get ourselves to it’s our fault [Music] [Applause] [Music] sippin stand up again for ring the bell [Music] exercise hands and fists imagine there’s a bell above your head and hit it as hard as you can this targets the flabby area under the arm headed heart guys been through has made us wrong hey it’s wall push up place your hands on the wall this is just like a regular pushup and you can adjust the difficulty by yourself depending on how far you walk your feet back the further your feet are from the wall the more challenging it is and the more fun you get maximize the burn and make every second count [Music] ninth is plank to down dog from high plank position press your arms into the floor pick up in the air to form an upside-down Reed this is your down dog position alternate between the two keep breathing keep moving [Music] tenth is elbow plank to dolphin to keep the burn going this is similar to the last one but with elbows on the floor so it’s actually harder with more intense burn we’re not stopping here only a couple more seconds ago hang in there we’re done with one third of this workout already 11th will stand up for diagonal chop as a little fun break we’re still working the arms for slimming pants together chop down two opposite side as if you’re chopping a piece of wood and your hands are the eggs the harder you chop the more results you get [Music] 12 is tricep dip the most effective workout to target the flabby part under arms hands behind your back lift your hip up and lower your body just have to hold light you with your button and push yourself up again for every rep the brain is insane but trust me is totally worth it do this for yourself 13 is yoga pushup start an upward facing dog position then push your hip up into down dog position and bend your elbows and she dives back down to up dog this is one of the hardest but most effective exercises enjoy the burn almost there [Music] with a surfer little break after that so 4/10 is arm for arm straight out palms facing down then pull your elbows as you squeeze your shoulder blades together push your arms back to the front focus on a strong pull each rep it looks easy but your arm should be feeling sore let your body do the work fifteenth is single arm plank hold we’re working on the right side foot get into high plank position let’s left arm up and just hold it there it’s hard I know but this is getting us closer to our goals and this easy everyone can do it don’t give up we’re halfway through sixteenth is same as the last one but this time working on the left side I know you really want to come down just twenty more seconds prove to yourself what you can achieve [Music] seventieth is pipe push up another one of my favorite push up variation lift your hip up so that your body is in an upside-down you bend your elbows to lower your upper body until the top of your head nearly touches the floor then push yourself back up keep pushing don’t stop [Music] 18 will stand up for unwise similar to a shackle arms to the sides but this time lift them up and down as if you’re flying with your wings put in more force fly harder don’t underestimate the burn of this exercise and we’re on to our ninth exercise plank punch my favorite of all times an elbow plank position punch one arm forward alternate between side punch as hard as you can all the frustrations negative emotions punch them all out [Music] 12 is wing flight then your upper body down to almost parallel to the floor lift your arms up to the back as you squeeze your upper back and shoulder blades together only one side of the workout left hang in there next one is hand release knee push up but this is just like regular pushup except that when you lower your body to the floor quickly lifts both hands off the floor before putting them back down and push yourself up I’m not giving up so don’t put on me 20 seconds is crap walk hands behind your back lift your body up start walking backwards until you have no more space and walk forward again continue back and forth until 20 seconds or up twenty third is slide tap in high plank position lift one arm up to tap the side of your thigh and alternate between sexercise I love fitness because a lot of things in life we cannot control but the transformation on your body that we can achieve is entirely up to us you put in the hot work you get the results so even when you feel like giving up keep going and that’s what we do to sucess 24th is Superman lie face down with arms and legs extended then lift your arms and legs up at the same time as high as possible lower back down keep lifting we’re also feeling the burn in our back I’ve got you don’t wanna stop [Music] 25th is diamond knee push-up this variation targets more of the triceps to tighten that flabby area and the back of our arms exercise position your index fingers and thumbs so that they’re touching forming a diamond shape then perform push-ups as how you normally do this gives the most intense burn I know but that’s why it works no slacking you can rest very soon 26 is single arm tabletop starting with right side sets exercise lift your body up and also your left arm up just hold it there lift your foot higher do you feel like you’re dying here look at me I’m the same this hurts so bad but we’re stronger than we think so let’s hold it only a couple more seconds to go 27th is same exercise on the left side so right out up this time hold it guys stay determined no dropping but up higher only less than 2 minutes to the end of this workout let’s push for the final exercises we’ve had our great but so is there’s a light inside of us [Music] 28 is 5 micro tations working the right side get into elbow paint and lift right on up to rotate your body to the side come back down we’re almost done with a workout give it your all twenty-nine same exercise this time lifting your left arm and rotating your body to the left [Music] and we’re finally on to a life exercise for the ultimate arms burn halftime hold start in high plank and lower your body and bend your elbows to 90 degrees just hold it there keep your elbows right next to your body I know exactly what you’re thinking right now you really want to drop to the floor it’s so hard just breathe we’re almost done with this whole workout I can do it you can do it too [Music] and we did it 30 arm exercises good job on getting it done you did amazing shake out your arms stretch a bit you can head over to my complete stretch videos as well my arms are like jelly right now but I actually enjoyed this feeling because it means that what I put in just now are not a waste and this will bring me closer to my goals you can include this workout as part of your routine and do it two to three times a week you can also go to my one mass calendar to see how you can schedule my workouts it was great working out with you see you again Billy soon memories now the size [Music]

100 thoughts on “SLIM ARMS + GET RID OF FLABBY FAT! 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. Day 1: Finished. I'll keep updating for 1 week but I'll do it every other day because I trained with dumbells at the gym too so I don't want to exhaust myself. Wish me strength!

  3. Is this considered HIIT? I’ve read something online that I shouldn’t do HIIT everyday so I plan to to this during “rest days” but I don’t know if it’s applicable or not. Please help a girl out.

  4. Hi Emi thank you so much for your videos i love all those exercises i did some of your exercise everyday👌👌👌👌goodjob

  5. I feel kind of better but GODS!!! I did some others and you could hear the hip pops and if you went in my room, you'd see my arms SHAKING!!!!😫

  6. my arms feel like hell but its my third day and im hoping for some results

    first day of 2nd week << 333

    4th now

  7. I love ur workout. It's easy to follow n it also works on me. Thank u sharing all the steps! Much love from me. 🤗😍❤

  8. Hi Emi, i never comment on anything but I wanted to tell you that I have been doing your exercises Everyday for 2 weeks and i can see amazing results so far ! I've never been motivated to work out, i have not liked my body for more than 5years but my confidence is at its best right now and that is thanks to you <3 thank you so much

  9. For today I was only able to finish up until the 10th step. I just couldn't breathe anymore. Huhu

  10. it my third day, exactly it was my fourth but I rest yesterday.. my arm lose weight a little.. it was really great exercise !! it hard, that I skip 3-4 exercise but at third day I can do all of it ( just skipped one 😂 )
    thank you !! wish I can wear my fav dress 😍💚

  11. Wow I am so unfit 😪 by that last one my arms just completely gave up on me and I lay there on the floor like a dead fish 😂

  12. Can i know the background music? 😭😭😭 please it keeps playing in my head everytime i have finished this workout.

  13. After leaving these excersies what will happen to arms like will they be double as they were before because it happend to me before!

  14. I did it! It was intense, but thank you emi, surely my arms will sore tomorrow😩 and it's worth it every second of this workout! So see you my lean arms very soon 😍💪

  15. The best workout ever,,i will keep doing these until i can see movement with my arms..Belly exercise works for me…lovvveee it.

  16. Hi, is anyone DID loose the arm fat?? I want mine to get toned or slimmer BUT not to have muscle. Lemme know the results plss!! Thanks!

  17. ok i'm gonna start doing this everyday from now wish me luck guys!!
    also going to update everyday 🙂
    measurement – arms: 12.8 inches

    day 1: it was so hard and i skipped all the workouts which included planks since i do this workout in combination with her plank workout and was already burned out

  18. I’m going to do this 2-4 times a week, and ACTUALLY update. Starting today (9/7/19)

    Day 1: 9/7/19 was somewhat hard BUT I do work out a lot. Although I couldn’t finish a few of the moves I completed the workout. I was able to do other moves that required arms after finishing. Arms hurt just a bit.

    Day 2: 9/9/19
    I made it through more moves than the first day. It was a bit more challenging but I pulled through for most of the moves. Ended up seeing results on 9/10 and 9/11 my arms are a bit slimmer and my chest is lifted a bit

  19. It’s the third day doing your workouts and completely love it! I like that they are not too long and I am actually capable of doing them. Normally I cannot finish any workout from any channel but yours are good to follow but also intense. Love it and I’ll keep doing them for reaching my goal!
    While I was doing this workout I realized and it was very difficult to bend my arms because I have arms that have a different shape, there are not straight, my elbows touches each other forming a v shape, I don’t know if I am explaining myself what what I want to ask if anybody happens to have the same situation and me and could tell me how to do the push ups and so because I cannot bend them like normal people.

  20. I really cannot hold myself up in a half plank hold like even for two seconds. I’m wondering if it’s because I have really weak wrists, but I manage to do all of the other ones? Anyone else have a hard time with that last one?

  21. Day 1 : ✅ It was hard but I was really determined to do all of the workouts . I felt the burn a little bit and it hurrrrt a lot !

    Day 2 : ✅ It was a little bit easier but still I get tired and have pain 😀 ( No pain no gain ^^ ) I sweat a loooot and I can see little difference in my arms I guess . It's a great workout !

  22. Will this work if my arms are genetically fat?? Like my arms aren't exactly that fat. Just the part where my shoulders and arms meet there's like a huge bulge and it ruins my arm shape so it's mainly upper arm fat. My arm fat is between my shoulders and elbows

  23. why am i doing this +3 other workouts on a night before school where i have gym? i won’t be able to do a push up tomorrow but it’s worth it! 💪🏻

  24. Hi ma'am , me and my 2 friends did this and one of my friend got dizzy but it didn't last long, just wanted to ask if it's natural to feel a little dizzy after doing this 🙂

  25. I like these workout but kinda hesitant with the ones that involve squeezing my tummy bc i just had surgery last april 2019 so i just do the ones that only involve my arms.
    Do you guys know any workouts that wont strain my cut? :((

  26. This is kinda unrelated to the video but I was trying to figure out the background music in this video and I usually use pop-up shazam for it, but I looked and it wasnt on the shazam app anymore. Does anyone know what happened?

  27. My body's been exhausted for the last 4 weeks since I have walking pneumonia for 4 weeks as if today and cold came 5 days ago, but still trying to get my exercise in. Thanks for the inspiration ☺️🥰

  28. Did half the workout because it was 11:30 pm and already showed also had school the next day

    Me the day after: why tf does my stomach hurt I did arm workout 😂

  29. Doing this everyday. It's my 5th day doing this 15mins arms workout. I sweat a lot because of this. Means it's working. Thank you emi. 🤗

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