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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello everyone, this is April Today I will share a set of exercise very effective slimming arms I have been doing 8 Exercises in total 45 seconds per Exercise then take a break for 10 seconds First, let’s do Arms Cross Over Pay attention to keep the belly tightened Keep your arms straight and well controlled Don’t do it in the wrong way shown in the bottom left corner It won’t work in that way Please do not shrug Keep sinking shoulders all the time The two shoulder blades should be pushed down and then tightened inwards Don’t raise your arms too high Keep elbows lower than shoulders This can help avoid shrugging also Okay, the second exercise Arms Up and Down Keep your arms straight and well controlled Don’t do it in the wrong way shown in the bottom left corner You can look into the mirror while exercising Watch your breath Exhale when hands raised Inhale as you lower the hands Don’t shrug Sink your shoulders Please clamp the two shoulder blades Please keep your belly tucked all the time The third exercise is Tricep Press Keep your inner arm as close to your ear as possible Especially when the forearm bent backwards Do not open the elbow outwards Don’t shrug Pay attention to tighten your abdomen when standing to avoid anterior tilt of pelvis This exercise is mainly performed by the triceps “bye bye fat” on the back part of our arms is because the triceps have not been exercised for a long time which causes Muscle atrophy and fat accumulation This exercise can eliminate the “Bye bye fat” So we have to work hard to do this exercise accurately OK, let’s do a Palm Down exercise Please raise your arms keep forearm perpendicular to upper arm Always keep your arms tense Don’t shrug Sink down and clamp the two shoulder blades Do you feel your arms start to feel sour and burning? Keep It up Don’t shrug Watch your breath Exhale when exerting force Inhale while relaxing 5th exercise, C – rotation Keep Arms straight and well controlled Keep your fingers apart as far as possible And draw a C letter with arms Please do this action slowly and controlled Make sure to flip your hands to the maximum Relax your shoulders Don’t shrug Sink your shoulders as always Please clamp the two shoulder blades This exercise can help to tone the whole arm specially inside and back parts of the arm 6th exercise, Chest Fly Variation Please keep forearm perpendicular to upper arm Clamp the two forearms Raise your arm then back to original position Then raise it again Do this slowly Always keep your arms tighten Don’t shrug your shoulders Tighten the shoulder blades This exercise works very effective on our shoulders and back part of arms Thus can eliminate round shoulders and “Bye Bye fat” So please keeping going Next exercise, we are going to do Backwards Pauses Relax shoulders Move your arm hard backwards Note that the elbow joint is locked Don’t let the forearm flutters Are your arms sore now? Hold on, almost done The last exercise, Arm Wing Upper body lean forward slightly Tighten the lower abdomen Clamp both arms inwards tightly Don’t shrug Lower the shoulders and keep palms up Then raise the whole arm up Don’t bend the arm raise up the whole arm Then drop Keep the arms tighten and controlled Even when you drop it Please be slowly and well controlled This exercise can burn the fat and tone the arm well Do you feel arms burning now? Almost done Keep it up Good, please don’t stop Let’s do a few more arm raises 5 4 3 2 1 Fantastic, it is over Let’s do some stretching Relax shoulders first This action mainly relax the deltoid OK, do 10 times in the opposite direction Let’s stretch the arm now OK, switch to the other side If your arm feels really sore you can do some massage also That’s all our exercises today One more thing to remind everyone is There is no local fat burning so, you can do this workout combined with other whole body fat burning HIIT I shared before Then you can slimming down the arms much faster OK, that’s the video for today See you soon in next video Bye Bye

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