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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You know you’re committed when it’s still dark out and you’re going into the gym or workout with a coffee to tripod we ain’t playing it 2019! What up everybody its your girl Joe and today I’m doing a highly requested video y’all be commenting and I’ve been kind of ignoring Until now, it’s not an easy thing to wake up one morning and just commit to eating better to working out everyday Oh, but two years ago. I got tired of saying one day. I could have a better body And decided that that one day was that day the day that I signed up for a gym. And yeah, it was very expensive Shake it But I felt like that got me to the gym and after two years I’ve committed I’ve stayed fit It’s not for the aesthetics for me. Yes, of course. I love fitting into a size four pants without doing the shimmy shake. what I really love about working out is that your muscles are your organs armour and like it was so real for me So fast because when I got shot it’s gonna be two years now Which is nuts if you didn’t know yes, I got shot in the back my back muscles actually prevented the bullet from going any further and doing any serious damage to my Organs, and after that happened I started looking at fitness as a way of life It was like fitness not only saved my life But it’s gonna be a part of my life our bodies do so much for us every single day And so if you don’t spend 15 to 20 to 30 minutes taking care of your body, then you’re doing something wrong We’re gonna do the fitness portion of all of this Motivational spiel with this very simple to follow slim thick workout plan and I decided I couldn’t do this one alone so I brought my girl Stella Raye and misako to join me on this workout Wow looking so nice and I Literally need to look I’m so excited So these are some more cuts that you can do at home no machines nothing fancy You could just do this wherever you are in the world on the go See, you got it to the slim and then you got to do the thick for the slim We’ll do a little bit of cardio. We’ll do the warmup 30 seconds of high knees and 30 seconds of butt kicks 30 seconds of rest in between each set You don’t want to stop for too long because the minute you stop for too long your body starts relaxing And that calorie burn slows down If you’re not Panting by the second set you’re doing it wrong get those knees up and hit those booty cheeks with the back of those feet that was a really good workout, thank you jo! I’m not really used to this sooo.. Well, you should get a little sweaty right now like if you’re not sweating you’re gonna do another one of those because that’s how you warm it up since I’m not a fitness person I decided to get some expert advice from my old trainer then good friend Trainer Jay he talked about supersets Trainer Jay: A superset is anytime you do two workouts back to back. Anytime So let’s get that superset going. So the first superset we’re gonna do are jump squats and lunges 10 that means that one jump squat and 2 lunges are one. do that 10 times! Nobody said the slim fit body was gonna be easy to get Rest for a minute and then we’re gonna jump in right into our next two percent plank for a minute with two side planks thirty Seconds on each side when you’re doing the plank keep your butt down Core tight act as though you have a person sitting on your back and you’re trying to hold yourself up Make sure that you’re squeezing everything in and lift up your arm to create a little bit of resistance This next exercise is actually one of my favorites cause it’s pretty fun put your back on the floor feet in front of you knees up and you’re gonna bring your booty cheeks up into the air do A little air humps. Squeeze your butt cheeks at the top squeeze it real tight and let it go. We’re gonna do 15 of these squeeze that butt nice and tight. We’re getting slim thick ladies and men. Here’s a side view Rest for 30 seconds and then go right into bicycle crunches where you’re gonna do your right elbow to left knee and then left elbow To right knee it sounds complicated, but it’s not don’t pull on your neck We all have bad necks as it is with those iPhones and those androids and all those screens So make sure your abs are really activated and your abs are doing the work All right, don’t hate me for this next one, it’s really not easy We’re gonna do a burpee which burpees are already evil And then we’re gonna do pikes which are also very challenging But if you’re gonna feel any of the workouts is gonna be just one and you’re gonna thank me later. guess what? we’re going to do it all over again! That’s your circuit it’s all about that circuit training You’re going to get that sweat flowing you want to do two rounds of this circuit? Because that’s when it’s really gonna make a difference if you’re trying to go above and beyond and really got it trimmed down do three Rounds of this circuit. I’m not a health expert I’m not a fitness expert but I’ve definitely made it a point in my life to live a more active and healthy lifestyle But less I’m always prancing around on these damn bikinis for all these freaking videos We have another class coming into the studio so we’ve gotta go After the workout we did a 10-minute cardio just to get those muscles a little bit loose, some people like to do cardio before But I’ve actually heard that doing cardio after is better because your muscles are super tight. That’s just my theory Can somebody please comment below what’s better cardio before the workout or after, and then because we’re not trying to get no ripped Limbs up in here. We do a nice stretch. Don’t forget to hit all the parts that you worked out Don’t forget to breathe think about your fitness goals when things get tough and that’s pretty much it just switch it up because the most important thing about seeing Results is tricking your body If you do the same workout every day if you’re running every day Your body’s gonna get used to it and you’re probably not gonna see results the way that you want to see them So this is only one workout. If you liked this video, please leave a comment below I’ll give you more workout inspiration. And again, this is totally equipment-less This is for somebody at home or somebody on the go. So no excuses Shut up and go! Get that fit in here treat your body because your body treats you peace of love I’ll see you next time body by Joe also Let’s hope that Masako and Stella want to hang out with me after this cuz I put those girls through work Stella and misako’s information is in the description box below Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and don’t forget to click that subscribe For more lifestyle, comedy, travel inspiration everything that you need. We got it. It will see them buy this is like when the motivational portion hits how do you want to feel the next you take your clothes off? Do you want to feel good? Do you want to feel tight? Do you want to feel right? because I do! I know, because there’s other people working out, that’s why I’m whispering not even 7:00 a.m. A your girl’s done with her workout


  1. VC esta muito gata .
    I'm so in love with your nice personality and smart.
    Si un jour tu viens à Paris, je serais très ravie de vous inviter à dinner. 😀

  2. JOOOOMYGOSH I tore my ACL a year ago and I’m at that point of helplessness. Hearing you do this for two years motivates me to keep trying ❤️

  3. “I got shot”

    Me: wait, what? I came here to get thicc thicc but wait a got-dang-second subcribes ; looks for “I got shot video”

  4. And guys MAKE sure your breathing i always forget to to all to grab all the oxygen i can while while training the muscles

  5. yooo who wants to be in a lit insta gc where we just motivate each other to be thiccc its gonna be soo fun trusstt

  6. Air hump … Girl youre funny😂😂😂😂❤ also you have a great body and thanks for the workout thips

  7. So I'm slim missing the thick. My legs are p-thetic. Used the bands, weights, no weights and nothing. Any suggestions for me?

  8. Yes. You're right. Cardio always comes after strength training unless it's light as in nothing that makes you sweat profusely. Cardiovascular activity can reduce your performance when it comes to aerobic activity aka your workout or strength training so it's best to start with light Cardio as warm up then do your workout and finish with your planned Cardio after.

  9. I got told that if you stand on your head for more than 2mins your head will explode and you will die but the guy in the back thooo XD

  10. Anyone else here wanna gain weight to get slim thick? I dnt wanna do anything that’ll help me lose the tiny bit of 105 weight tht I hve… all tht running I will burn off my weight

  11. I felt all of the workouts the same day and the days afterwards. You don’t play 😫 but I’m glad these are making more fit

  12. Hey, love your body. Can you also recommend a diet chart along seperately targetting to achieve a slim thick body? Also are 3months sufficient enough to see certain changes?

  13. I want to work out but no place near me has a pool and I have awful knees, a bad hip and a bad shoulder. Is there any excersizes that are low impact without water?

  14. guys im rlly insecure abt my body but I look exactly like this ???
    I always wanted to be thinner and now I'm so confused

  15. Definitely make another one like this with different exercises cause this was very easy to follow and you made me feel like I really should just get off my ass and start feeling good about myself.

  16. Who else is working out while watching? 😂 I'm also over 2 inches down on my waist, so don't be afraid if I can do it you can too! 👍

  17. I keep on saying I’m going to do it the next week…and the next week…

    I want to grow my natural hair kit and get a better body. But it seems like such a long process. I can never start

  18. As a dancer, we were always told cardio FIRST, you have to warm up the muscles or else they can get strained. Always stretch AFTER your workout

  19. To gain weight can I do this twice a week and then the other 3 days I can do a a resistant workout?? Please comment back!!

  20. I’ve heard that it is better to do cardio before your workout, it gets the blood flowing unless you stretch thoroughly before and after your workout🤷🏾‍♂️

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