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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

In this video I’m going to be showing
you some home gym setup ideas stay tuned if you want to not only fit
into your jeans but get your sexy back and finally find that life of happy
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them let’s get started when you’re looking to create a home gym it’s good
to find an area that it’s going to be just yours no kids no distractions just
a place where you can focus and work on yourself it doesn’t have to be crazy
expensive you can do the very basics and you can also go sky’s the limit but
definitely create an area for yourself and I’m going to show you a couple
things that will help I’m a big believer in weights it’s important to combo
cardio with weights you won’t get bulky doesn’t matter what anybody says I’ve
been training for 20 years I don’t look like the Hulk and you won’t
either in fact it’ll make you get those sexy sculpted muscles that you longed
for one of the first items I recommend is a yoga mat they’re fairly inexpensive
it’s nice because you have a spot to put on it’s a little cushy especially if you
have a hardwood floor or ceramic and you can do your yoga your abs pretty much
anything on here and it’s portable it comes typically with a nice little case
you can take it to yoga and you can use at home highly recommend it a lot of
people they regret not buying one and it’s great the next equipment I
recommend our dumbbells you can find them at any sports store you can even
find them in Walmart what I have are these power blocks and what I love about
them is they take little space if at all you have a nice stand on there and then
you can just grab them and go what’s great too and I’ll show you is you can
just pull the pin and you can adjust the different poundage that you need so as
you can see on here it’s 6 pounds 9 pounds 12 15 18 and 21 and 24 and that’s
all color-coded on the side they are super awesome I love it you can also get
hex dumbbells which is a little bit cheaper than the power blocks and just
get a set of three you can get 5 pounds 8 pounds in 10 pounds or 8 pounds 10
pounds in 12 pounds or 10 pounds 12 pounds and 15 pounds now I want just to
say one thing if your purse weighs more than five pounds
then most likely you’re able to lift more than five pounds it’s a common
mistake I see somebody takes up the two pound weights and they could do this all
day if your purse weighs more than that I mean we carry our children right keep
that in mind if you’re new to buying dumbbells they usually are price per
pound so a counting of price when you go into the higher ones but there’s always
a start and those are excellent for doing a variety of exercises the next
idea are resistance bands these are really great for a variety of exercises
you don’t need a universal machine I use the loop which looks like that you can
use them for your legs you can use them all kinds of things there’s a lot of
exercises that you can do you also have the band with the handles these are
really great you can do a variety of things like bicep curls you could do lat
pulldown you can put it on a bar there’s a variety of things that you can do and
it’s really handy they’ll be different colors and different resistances of them
there’s an example I have a variety of colors and they’re different resistance
next we have a skipping rope if you have low ceilings you can get a rope las’
skipping rope but if you know them these they’re a great way you can get your
cardio in you don’t have to worry about a treadmill or a bike or an elliptical
or anything like that you can still get that in or you can go skip outside and
have some fun and get fresh air at the same time you can even do a little
cardio circuit with the skipping rope and use jumping jacks and that kind of
thing and pair them with the weights and you
can make a high intensity workout next we have a stability ball these are
really great you can work squats you can work your legs you can work your abs a
lot of people have a really weak core and crappy balance and so these are
really great and you can double it as a bench so you
really don’t need to buy a bench if you can’t afford one now a little weird
about stability balls they do come for height and weight so just be mindful of
that it would be pretty funny I’m only five feet tall for me to be on a huge
ball because that just won’t work for me and invest in ones that are decent and
are from an exercise store next is a chin-up or pull-up bar those you can
find at Walmart at exercise stores and those are really great and you can put
it on the doorway now a lot of women will find that their upper body is very
weak but you can do assisted pull-ups or chin-ups and you can use that with a
chair and we will get to that in later videos but that is fairly inexpensive
and that’ll help you with your upper body strength
next is a foam roller this is really great to get those sore muscles and get
all the kinks out in the knots out we use this a lot I also use something
called the fashio blaster and that has been amazing I’ve only been using it for
a couple weeks but you will definitely see a video on this because I am seeing
some pretty cool things happen and I am highly recommending it so but I do like
the foam roller as well although I’m leaning now towards the fashio blaster
which is awesome what I also love is a tennis ball or a squash ball and they
get open not so a lot of times if I have some knots in my back or on my butt or
on my legs I will actually sit on this and roll on it it’s really effective I
find and really gets the spot it may hurt when you first start but it does
get better also will help me having videos on this in the future now if you
want to get a little fancier you can get something like the rack we have behind
here and we have a bench you can load it with the weight plates it has a cable
and a pull down and you can do a variety of sizes on there it does take some room
up but you can do a variety of things the next thing is a TRX and it’s up
there it’s actually City up there but I’ll do a picture right
here so you can see it and the TRX is great you just basically have to put it
into the ceiling that’s how we use it and you can do a variety exercises which
I’m going to be doing some in the future I like it because you could do some
funky ab exercises and leg exercises and really work that upper body and you can
switch positions so that you can make it harder or easier I also have equalizer
bars you might see that a lot of body rock which I love and they use equalizer
bars a lot it’s fun it does something different and it just keeps things
changing I have a lot of equipment I actually used to have way more equipment
but because we moved into this house about six months ago we had to pare it
down so which is which is crazy because I love my gym and I’ll give you a tour
once this is once this video is complete I also have a treadmill and I go on
there and I’m going to give you some upcoming tips on how to use the
treadmill but I do use that I even use that when I was pregnant and it just
helps get that cardio up when I’m not doing hit because I also like hit now I
know gyms can get pricey but you can look online and see if there’s some
people who are getting rid of them a lot of times in the new year you’ll have a
lot of people go crazy and they’ll buy brand new equipment and then by March or
April when their new year’s resolutions are done then they’re putting that stuff
for sale so you could get some killer deals on your equipment just take a look
around it doesn’t have to be straight from the store although when it comes to
the yoga mat I definitely recommend you getting a new one on that because that’s
kind of gross and here’s a little tour of my gym
there’s the power blocks we also have a huge set of power blocks for my hubby I
will hopefully graduate to one of those one day but as of now I stick to the
little little power blocks and then we just have a decline bench also with the
medicine balls that’s kind of fun and we have our plates and then
we’ll wrap with some extra bars there’s my stability ball and my
treadmill with the resistance band and then we have these equalizer bars and
also a bulletin board or a whiteboard to write down our goals and our workouts
and my hubby erased mine I just noticed and that’s it that’s some of my home gym
setup ideas I hope it gives you a couple ideas on how to start I will be doing
some exercises in the following weeks and months comment below and let me know
what you’d like to see because I really want to be sure that all of you get the
help without it being some crazy fancy equipment I will start on the basics of
equipment especially for those of you who maybe are just coming back from
postpartum or never really have worked out but you really want to and we’ll
start from there and we’ll all progress thank you so much for watching go get
some things for your home gym until next time and they use equal hmm you can get
a weightless rope out there squash ball

6 thoughts on “Small Home Gym Setup Ideas – Simple Yet Effective

  1. My tips for setting up a home gym and equipment recommendations. What do you have in your home? What are you wanting to buy?

  2. I love my Power Blocks. I found out about those from FitnessBlender (Kelli and Daniel).
    God bless those people who have power racks and barbells in their homes.

  3. this is why i like women's gym equipment tips. the stuff is intended to make your body work better, not just build useless muscle. 'fascia blaster' – never heard of this before but i bet tony horton is recommending it in a couple of years

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