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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey everyone, welcome to the 26 days hourglass program Now this is episode 1 this is going to target your abs and butt at the same time. You can find the calendar this free program over here So this hourglass program is perfect for beginners and intermediates and will help to prepare you for my upcoming booty program that involves resistance So hit that bell icon so that you get notified for my upcoming videos smash that thumbs up button and don’t Forget to share your progress so that I can put together a results video at the end of the program and let’s jump into it Guys, alright, we’ve got 22 exercises today 30 to 60 seconds on and 5 to 15 seconds off We’re going to start with some high knees Do a slow high knee if you want a no jumping low impact version Only the first four exercises are standing while the rest are on the ground We’ve got a quick 5 seconds rest and we’re doing a whole minute of some lunge leg raise Lunge backwards and as you come back up give the same leg a raise then move on to the other leg You’re going to feel this on your glutes Next we’ve got some alternate toe-touches lift one leg while touching the opposite hand without stumbling your coordination, like I always do Alright time for some squat leg raise this is the last standing exercise so squat down as low as you can and raise your legs to the side and Alternate we’ve got a whole minute of this. So make it burn guys All right now get a flat on the ground and we’re going to do some single leg glute bridges Make sure you keep your core tight and thrust those hips outwards. Just keep thrusting guys Now onto the other side Now flip around we’re going to raise you leg to work that booty Then bring the leg back in and make sure you really squeeze and engage that core as well We’ve got a whole minute of this guy’s so really work those abs and butt Now with your belly on the mat we are going to do some frog kicks this will really work the glutes So make sure you squeeze those glutes as you kick your legs upwards Now get on to a plank again and imagine the ground is a vertical wall and scale that wall like you’re spider-man this really works those abs and obliques Now flip around again and it’s time to work that core with some bicycle crunches Focus on your breathing and exhale each time you crunch up Now get on all fours again and we’ve got fire hydrants lift your legs up in a 45° angle like so and this really works the side of your glutes and also your core as well We’re halfway through the workout guys. You’ve made it this far, so don’t even think of stopping now Now onto the other side Now sit on your butt and we’re doing some Russian twists, I have to remind you again to engage that core and squeeze those abs Now get on the low plank position and we are doing some donkey kicks as you keep that words Remember you’re trying to work your glutes here guys So be sure to engage the glutes and also that core while you’re doing this exercise. It’s challenging, but you’ll get easier Now get on all fours and we’re going to work on one leg at a time with some leg raise followed by a pulse Now onto the other leg All right now for everyone’s favorite we got mountain climbers just 5 more easy exercises to go guys don’t give up now Now stay where you are and we’re doing some plank jacks Now stay on all four and we’re doing some donkey kicks with your left leg And now onto the other side Now get on a high plank position And we’re doing a bird dog where you lift one arm and the opposite leg This works the whole body, especially the core and your glutes and just two more exercises to go guys And for the final exercise. We’re doing bridges thrusts those hips up into the air and squeeze those glutes We’ve got an entire minute of this. So just keep thrusting guys And That’s the workout guys I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button and turn on notifications, so you don’t miss out on the other upcoming episodes, and I’ll see you guys in the next workout. Bye

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  1. I do have some advice for anyone starting either this challenge or any of Chloe's other challenges/programs. So far I've done two of them (Flat Belly and Summer Shred 2019) with great results. The advice I'm going to give is just that, advice. You can follow it or not, but it's advice I'm giving based on my experiences.

    1. Get workout gloves and other workout "armor" – While doing these workouts, my hands were getting badly damaged. I have eczema on my right hand, which is probably a major factor. I found wearing workout gloves makes it easier to protect them. That and I would sweat so much that I would start slipping on my yoga mat. The gloves keep you from slipping and face planting. If you can get something for your arms/elbows, I would recommend that as well. There are some dry spots on my elbows from the up and down plank, plus other plank positions.

    2. Take a break between challenges – The two programs I did, I did them consecutively. Once I finished the Flat Belly Challenge, I did the 2019 Summer Shred Challenge. This was a mistake because of the intensity of the programs. Halfway through the Summer Shred Challenge my body wanted to give up because I was pushing myself too hard. I would recommend taking four days up to a week rest between each challenge. Meaning, do not exercise at all. Let your body recover. If you still feel the need to exercise during this break, do light exercises like walking.

    3. Don't skip stretches – Stretches help your muscles stay loose and makes it easier to exercise. If you skip them, your muscles will strain, which increases the risk of injury. Warm-up are also good to do before workouts because they loosen your muscles and make it easier to do the workouts.

    4. Eat before and after each workout – Eat something small before each workout to give you a boost of energy. This helps you put forth maximum effort into your workouts. When you're exhausted and have no energy, you won't be able to get the most out of it. I would recommend a handful of nuts or something that is high in protein. Also, eat something after the workout as well. You've expended a lot of energy and you need it in order to properly recover. It's recommended you eat protein and carbs for best results. I like to have a peanut butter (powder) and banana smoothie with 1% milk because it has good carbs and lots of protein in it.

    5. Do not have a restrictive diet – Your diet is the most factor in all of this. If you restrict yourself too much, you will definitely lose weight, but you will also be exhausted and possibly lose motivation. Not to mention that restrictive diets also keep you from getting essential nutrients. If you're on a restrictive diet for medical reasons, then that's fine. However, if you don't need to be on a restrictive diet it's best to just change eating habits and make your diet more balanced. As long as you have a balanced diet, you will see fantastic results. I would say stick to Chloe's advice and do a 80:20 diet (80% healthy, 20% unhealthy).

    6. Don't focus just on the numbers – When I started my weight loss journey about 2-3 years ago, I weighed 236 lbs (highest I've ever weighed was 256 lbs). Most of the weight I've lost, I did by just changing my dietary habits and eating better. I was able to get myself down to 155 lbs with very little exercise involved. I didn't find Chloe until this point and started doing her challenges at the the beginning of May. From her two programs I was able to lose about 10-15 lbs. But it's not just about the numbers. It's also how I feel and look. I didn't get the results I wanted exactly, but I still got results that made me happy and feel better about myself. In other words, don't worry about the number on the scale not going down. Instead, look at yourself and feel better with the positive changes you're making.

    7. It all takes time – Everyone's body is different, therefore all of us will react differently to these workouts and diet changes. Some will see immediate results, some won't. Like I said, I didn't get the exact results I wanted, but that doesn't mean I will give up. In just two months, I've been able to make positive changes, even if they aren't that major. Things take time, but you will eventually get to where you want to be. Patience is key to fitness, but the time and effort you put into is worth it because you will just feel so much better about yourself.

    8. Scheduling (added 7/1/19) – Scheduling is the most difficult aspect of weight loss. You wonder when should you work out: morning or night? How many days? When should you do your rest days? The simplest answer to all of these is to just make the schedule work best for you and your needs. The schedule that Chloe creates is a guideline, not a strict schedule you have to follow. I personally modified all of Chloe's schedules to fit the days that would work best for me to work out and which ones to take as rest days. As for "when," it doesn't matter honestly. I do my workouts after work when I get home and right before dinner. If you're more of morning person, then do them then. If you're more of an evening person, have at it. Just don't use time as an excuse for not reaching your goals.

    9. "Female Problems" (Added 7/1/19 edited 7/4/19) – I wanted to address this particularly because I've seen mentions of it on Chloe's other videos. Ladies, please do not use TOM/Flo/Mother Nature/Whatever you call it as an excuse to not work out. If you're cramping bad, just do low impact. I know it doesn't feel pleasant to work out during that time of month, but do not use that as an excuse. Studies have shown that exercising can actually help with proper regulation of periods and make cramping less painful. If you have a medical condition (either related or unrelated to your period) then do what you can. If it's too painful to do low impact of these exercises, then try something lighter if possible like walking. If you have extreme symptoms like cramping that makes you immobile and have not done so, see a doctor. Fiona MG made a comment below regarding this. I would recommend you read it if you have extreme symptoms during your period as going undiagnosed for a medical problem can negatively impact your life. Either way, do not push yourself or feel guilty if you have a medical condition. As for the ladies who do not have a medical condition, I don't want you to feel guilty either, but I want to encourage you. For change to happen, you need to put in effort and using every little thing as an excuse will only hinder you. I'm female too, I know what it's like to workout on your period. It doesn't feel good, but trust me when I say you feel like you've accomplished so much more when you overcome that fatigue and bloating by pushing yourself just a bit.

    10. Engaging your core (Added 7/2/19) – I'm adding this one because someone asked about it. Engaging your core means tightening your ab muscles. This is extremely difficult to learn to do. It's best to practice this when you're not working out to make it easier to learn how to control it. I found the best way to do this is to have perfect posture. When you stand perfectly straight, you naturally tighten your core a bit this is the feeling you want when exercising. You can tighten them even more when you breath out. Try doing breathing exercises where you tighten your core while breathing out to get use to this feeling. Once you get use to it, you can try the same techniques when working out. Eventually, it'll become habitual.

  2. Such discouraging music I am working out thinking about my goals and the music won't stop saying far away far away it's so discouraging dude wtf

  3. I’m 4’9 and weigh 95 pounds and naturally have an hourglass figure – was born in an hourglass body from my Mom’s side of her family. But I don’t have much say on what I get to eat (I have strict parents :/) but I always try to eat healthier and one thing I really been wanting to do is have a flat stomach and just get my body to the best it can be. Your body still needs high maintenance and care for it to still look good. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked out and I’m a bit excited cause I also really need to lay off some stress. Good luck to everyone and don’t give up! Focus on the prize and make sure you are doing it for you**. Hope you all are well and best wishes~ 🌻♥️✨

  4. i know i'm a bit late but i'm going to do this anyways!
    my weight before starting this was 95.5 pounds. i don't know if i'll lose weight or just gain it in the right places but i guess we'll have to wait. i'll do a halfway check-in on day 13 and a final check-in on day 26.

    day 1 – the workouts were difficult but i pushed myself through it! feeling the burn.

    day 2 – the workout in itself got a bit easier but i was sore so it was a little harder
    not noticing any difference so far but i'm still positive since it's only day 2!

    day 3 – i'm really feeling the burn right now but i pushed myself and did it! and i'm
    so impressed that i can already see the "11" definition in my abs. not much progress
    in the booty yet but to be fair, i started with a relatively flat tummy, i just had 0 definition.
    this is crazy!!

    day 4 – today was a break day and i'm so happy about that. also, still seeing the 11 abs coming through and my thigh fat is starting
    to feel more like muscle

  5. 9:50(left off at) yalllllll i need sum help. like the comment so you guys can keep me going i want do this for the next two months since im going to be in a quince nd wanna be in shape im update you guys for the whole program but ima need a like for everyday

  6. This is the first fitness program I ever started (hourglass program). I finally finished it yesterday. I didn’t change my diet that much, I just tried to eat as healthy as possible, meaning less sugar and fat in my diet. Now I’d like to share my results with you because seeing others results always motivated me:
    Waist: before 68 cm after 66 cm, I lost 2 cm! It’s not that much but I’m happy 🙂 I tend to bloat a lot during the day, so in the morning it’s even 65 cm.
    Butt: strangely I lost 1 cm which wasn’t my goal but I feel like my butt got firmer lol
    I know the changes aren’t that big compared to the others but it’s realistic and I did notice that my abs are a bit more defined. Now I just keep going with exercises 🙂

  7. I want to start abs workout but booty workout too. Is it okay to work on both areas at the same time. I was thinking to start workout like for 30mins abs and 30mins booty a day. Is that okay? Because I read some comment that said its not good for body so I'm curious. Heelpp!!

  8. Hourglass Program!
    Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4 REST DAY thank god
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7 REST DAY

    Day 8
    –Exam week so I couldn't work out for a few days..Honestly the best sleep I could get was for 4 hours😭😭But I’m not gonna give up so here we go again!
    Day 9 I started my period but I already skipped so many days so here I am!!!
    Day 10
    Day 11 REST DAY

  9. I'm starting this workout today, on 18th of January I have my prom and I wanna look bomb!
    Day 1: ☑️ 79cm in the smallest part, 91 in the biggest 🙁
    Day 2
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7

  10. I completed this program.. I will be uploading before and after pictures, measurements soon on my Instagram
    Follow me @ana.sazet

  11. I don't know abt y'all but my wrists hurt SO MUCH like I can't do half of these without feelings like my wrists are gonna break

  12. I don’t want to lose any weight I just wanna get more toned and get my butt bigger
    I would like to gain some weight actually
    Is it a bad idea to do this challenge if I don’t want to lose weight?
    And can anyone suggest foods/shakes for after working out that are also good for weight gain because I eat sooo unhealthily😂

  13. oh god i was just watching couldn’t imagine i would DO IT ALL😂😭


    +i’m trying to gain some weight (3-5 kgs) so i have to look after belly😂

    weight: 47 kgs
    waist: 61 cm
    thigh: 50 cm
    arm: 26 cm
    height: 158 cm

    DAY 1: DONE✅
    DAY 2: horrible muscles pain
    DAY 3: horrible muscles pain

  14. Hi, I have a question, this program will help me to have thinner thighs, in addition to flattening the abdomen and for the butt, is that I read some comments and well that said, thank you!

  15. CHLOE I love your outfit in this video, can you reply with a link where I can purchase those pants. I gotta have them!

  16. Hey! So I just started the Chloe Ting Hourglass Program. I will log back in everyday to tell you all what has happened in the process of doing this program!

    Day 1 – Two exercises : Small Waist & Booty Workout and Summer Shred: 11 Line Abs
    Easy ( ) Medium (✔) Hard ( ) They were both really great workouts! I am def sweating like crazy! But I feel great!

    Day 2 – Two exercises : Muffin Top Abs Workout and Small Waist & Booty Workout
    Easy ( ) Medium (✔) Hard ( ) Again, really great workouts! I def got a sweat while doing so!

  17. i will try this
    Weight: 97kg
    High: 165cm
    Butt: 118cm
    Waist: 97cm
    Stomach: 112cm
    -i know im fat!
    -i will do this Workouts every day
    -i will give updates every Sunday
    weigh: 95.9
    Butt: 115cm
    Belly: 112cm
    Waist: 95cm
    – I’m proud of myself. I WAs 2 times in the gym and doing that workout everyday
    -till next week

  18. I'm going to start this challenge tomorrow and I'll update here my results. Do not ever give up on something you believe in !
    day 1(14.10): it was tough but I liked it. I wrote somewhere my beginning measurements and I'm looking forward to seeing results. I started with "miley cyrus legs" on xhit bc I wanted to have my heart rate up and in the end my shirt was really wet. Like to update.
    Day 2: my muscles were sore because of yesterday but I still did an extra video(the same as yesterday) and i'm feeling great .

  19. How does the program work? It mentions it's a 26 day program but there are 4 "episodes"- so is it do all 4 workouts everyday or…? Thanks

  20. Starting this journey today 🙂 Because of school and work commitments I will be completing the workouts mostly in the evening. My measurements were taken in the evening too so I apologise as I know that's not the most accurate time but I feel its better than nothing.
    Height= 5'8 or 176cm
    Weight= 62kg or 136 pounds
    hips= 85cm or 33.5 inches
    waist=74cm or 29 inches
    upper arm (right)=27cm or 10.5 inches
    forearm(right)= 23cm or 9inches
    TBH I'm not really bothered about measuring my left arm it would be similar.
    bust=85cm 33.5 inches
    thigh Left=56cm or 22 inches
    thigh right=56cm or 22 inches
    calves left= 36.4cm 14.3 inches
    calves right=36cm or 14 inches

    Day1. I am tired lol and nearly fell several times.

  21. I tried this workout plan a couple of weeks ago but stopped due to some personal issues which really set me back and made it hard to find the motivation to start it again. however recently I felt determined to restart and complete it! I'll be recording my progress on a weekly basis in this comment and will include my measurements, if anybody is interested. 🙂

  22. Day 15 here, not some motivation to go through the 11 more days…
    I've seen great result so far, especially on my upper abs

  23. After scrolling 431278591 comments I'm finally doing it lol
    measurements on day 2 (i forgot on day 1)| waist: 68.6cm (27in) // hip: 86.5cm (about but not exactly 34in)
    Day 1:☑️
    Day 2:☑️ i can never do the mountain climbers so for half of the time i do a plank then i climb and jump like a frog
    Day 3:✖️ I only did the muffin top one because I did not have time today

  24. I am starting this workout today…. I am resuming working out after 2 yrs and so am in pretty bad shape.

    Day1) I was miserable. I got tired easily….. My body balance was terrible…. I kept stumbling and falling off especially while doing the dog-bird… My arms couldn't take the plank position for more than 15secs…..I know these were coming…..and these will surely get better with time. Wish me luck.

    Day2) similar experience

    Day3) Couldn't find the time.

    Day4) Couldn't complete the last abs set. Tried hard. Though I do find the exercises slightly easier to do.

  25. Is this going to work for V shaped buttocks as well? I've started doing the 30 days abs workout challenge, but I don't really know what would work nicely for my butt. Any tips?

  26. Day 7 of the hourglass program (says rest day but I took yesterday as a rest day since I didn't have time). My legs are really sore and my stomach is cramping a bunch because of my period but still trying to push through.

  27. Day 1 ✅ (I almost died and my butt is cramping up, the plank positions killed me simply because I lack in arm strength! Hopefully it gets easier)

  28. Omg i did this for the First day of the hourglass challenge and this Workout was sooooo hard so now i do the second on this day😰 i can‘tttttt ahhhh

  29. Is it possible for me to still get the same expected results even if I don't do 2 exercises? I manage to do everything else but the Plank Jacks and the Bird Dog :c

  30. Minute 10 first day and I’m already dead, do I really need to get more butt? 😂
    I’m such a lazy person, need to exercise with more frequency

  31. Hey! I’m starting this workout and gonna be doing it for 15 days. I’ll comment the days and the results as I go along. If I don’t end up updating. I can’t find my comment haha, so could you like or comment so it’s easier to find by the number of likes and/or notifications from the comments I receive if you want to see the progress.Thank you!

    Day One:I actually went through quite well. I can already see the frame of a six pack coming through! As for my butt, well that’s going to take a few more days haha.

    -Tip:Go at your own pace and attempt to improve it as you go along.

  32. I Tried this exercise for the first time today and Ya girl was Tired I had to stop a million times lol but I'm hoping that I can get used to it and stay motivated with sticking to this program.

  33. Hey guys! I finished today the hourglass program, so I'm gonna report my results here:
    Day 1=
    •weight: 48.5 kg
    •chest: 77 cm
    •hips: 94,5 cm
    •waist: 63,5 cm

    Day 26 (Actually, 28, since I had some extra rest days)=
    •weight: 47.5 kg
    •chest: 77 cm
    •hips: 91 cm
    •waist: 61 cm

    So yeah, I'm very happy with them! I did not actually lose a lot of weight (only 1 kg), but I feel a lot better and I can see that my waist and my hips are thinner (I wanted to lose weight near the hips too, because they were kinda large and not very proportioned).
    Also, my butt is muuuch better, and I barely have cellulite now 😍
    So, well, thank you so much Chloe! ❤

  34. I'm doing this challenge. I'm updating my progress daily on my blog. You can find it at: I will finish the program and will be updating DAILY!!

  35. The problem is… workouts never last 10/15min for me cu I take too many breaks in between so it stretches to 25/30 min each 😭

  36. I've been doing the Get the Smaller waist in 28 days for 4 weeks and I am curious to do another one so I did this today. This one takes longer time but I think its a lot easier than the one I did. Maybe the first one was too hard and trained me well lol

  37. Do these seem completely impossible to some people? As someone who has ZERO experience working out, I feel like I’m doing some of these really wrong. I don’t want to fuck up my body.. are there tutorials on how to do these properly?

  38. Day: there's some extra fat on my stomach witch I'm trying to get rid of. Work out was difficult but I made it through.

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