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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, guys! Jeff Cavaliere back here from
with the next installment on our series on nutrition: our snacks. Again, my counter’s filled up with a lot of
food to kind of reinforce to you that you are not limited in the amount of choices that
you have for snacks. I think we’re just sort of limited in the
ideas we have for snacks and what we qualify as a healthy snack. So today I wanna show you about 5-6 that you
can easily take with you. A lot of you guys are busy, a lot of you are
on the run… I wanna give you some options that you can
have that you can take with you, be portable and make sure you get your snacks in. Here’s one point here, guys: if you’re trying
to eat only from breakfast to lunch, you’re generally looking at around six hours. That’s six hours time period, it’s way too
long if you’re trying to build muscle. If you wanna actively build muscle, you have
to eat every 2-3 hours to make sure that your muscles that are trying to recover from -let’s
say- yesterday’s workout, have that constant flow of nutrients ready to be delivered to
them, to help the repair, to help the recovery, to help them get bigger. So you need to eat every 2,5-3 hours. A nice side effect is also is that it will
boost your metabolism and make you start to burn fat. So starting off on this end here… you can
never go wrong with a peanut butter sandwich. You want peanut butter and jelly, that’s fine. This is the right kind of bread. This is Weight Watchers bread. You don’t necessarily need to have Weight
Watchers, you can just get a low calorie bread…it’s 40 calories a slice. Some of them out there actually have like
160-180 calories on each slice, those multigrain breads. Just be careful with the breads that you select,
but a good whole wheat bread, something I would say that is less than 80 calories a
slice will be great for you. Put peanut butter on it, cut it in four…this
way you can grab them in quarters. Very portable, they’re not gonna go bad throughout
the day. So that’s one good way to do that. You can also, if you want, go with these single
serving cans of tuna. You can get the ones that pop on the top,
very easy for you to bring to the office…good source of Omega 3. Some cheese wedges…they’re a source of protein,
individually wrapped, so again they’re very portable…they’re not gonna go bad. You can take them with you throughout the
day. Here looking at some hard-boiled eggs for
some protein, you have your yogurt.. You can mix those with just a handful of almonds,
something to get a little more healthy fats. What you could do also is create your own…these
are all included in the meal plans… just create your own sort of meal plans. Take your almonds, a handful. Again, we don’t measure on these meal plans,
guys. I don’t want to turn you into little robots
with measuring cups, because that’s simply not gonna work. It might work for a couple of days, but you’re
gonna get tired of having to do that and you’re not gonna stick with it. And the important thing about the ATHLEAN-X
meal plans is that you actually stick with these meal plans from start to finish… …’cause
you’ll get tremendous results by the time you’re finished with the program, when you
pair it with the training. So a handful of nuts…if you want, even a
handful of this sweet chocolate. It’s low sugar, it’s not like regular chocolate. Mix it up a handful together with the nuts,
bring out some of your favorite cereal… I know a lot of you guys from last series
couldn’t get a hold of the cereal…a low sugar cereal guys.. Something like Cheerios, something like Crisp
Baked, something that’s got natural fibre in it, a little sugar. We’re not talking about lucky charms. So mix it all together, put it in a bag and
then you have some treats that you can take with you as well. One of my favorites are the bars, the protein
bars, just because for me they’re extremely portable, I know I’m getting enough protein
from them… the calories sometimes fall between that 250-300 range, so it’s a perfect goal
for you, for your snacks and to me they taste pretty good. So I recommend in the program mostly the Prograde
line of supplements and EAS…they’ve both been around, both high quality, very reputable
companies. They’re not gonna go wrong and you’re not
gonna dive into the unsafe things or some of the glorified candy bars that are out there. So lastly, what I like to do… …another
tip that I tell guys, you’ll see that Prograde is also another thing that I recommend during
the program, very high quality, highly purified, real stuff. You can count on the quality of this and actually
help you build muscle. You take a scoop of this powder, this comes
in powder form. Take it out, put it in your shake bottle in
the morning. Just leave it in the bottle there, when you’re
ready to drink it, pour in a bottle of water and then you shake it up and you have a drink
that’s fresh. It hasn’t been sitting there all day. So you can actually maintain the freshness
of this just by mixing it in a different way. Last thing is water. Water is key, ok guys? You gotta make sure you drink water with every
single meal of the day. The ATHLEAN-X meal plans revolve around the
fact that you’re gonna have water every single day with every single meal. …because you’ve
gotta bring it to a 80/20 balance level. So take a bottle of water with you. If you have a problem with getting water down…I
know some guys can’t stand water, they can’t take it…Crystal Light. Crystal Light is amazing, it comes in God
knows how many flavors. You’ll find one flavor that you like, pour
it into your water, mix it up and it will help you to make sure you get as much as you
need during the day. Guys, all this stuff…these are just 5-6
of the meal plans I wanted to give you, but there’s over 37 meal options within our meal
plan just for snacks alone. The X-factor meal plans are guy friendly,
they don’t require you to know how to measure things…it’s you eat until you’re not full
anymore and that’s it. Very simple, quality foods, foods that help
you build muscle. You can get all these know if you head over
to, grab the meal plans…and oh, by the way, get the training system. That will help you get lean, athletic and
ripped muscle in over 90 day period. You can buy these things together, the meal
plans and the workouts and you’ll see a transformation of your body that you never thought was possible. Head over to and we’ve gotta
get back into the gym. We’re gonna get some more workout ideas. Thanks, guys.

100 thoughts on “Smart Snacks for Six Pack Abs

  1. I don’t understand how you cannot go wrong with peanut butter it’s pure butter with peanuts butter is fat, can somebody explain why peanut butter is good apart from the protein from the peanuts.

  2. Hi, What is your thoughts about who says eating every 2 or 3 hours will increase the insulin in the body and that will make the body gain fat?

  3. Hey jeff, was just burning some time watching your videos to make better use of my time in the gym while at work doing nothing. Just wanted your opinion of fast food joints like chipotle and el pollo loco, ahi poke, pokebowl, sushi places in general. I literally just work, gym, and sleep, so I don't have much time or even a place to make home cooked meals, raw essentials are fine by me, that and the restaurants above is how I've been surviving but now I want to thrive and build a body. Any help is much appreciated, already learned so much from just the few videos I've seen so far. New subscriber, thanks in advance.

  4. whats wrong calories… i have a ridiculously fast metabolism and I try 2 eat like a horse (healthy stuff) but cant seem to gain enough mass.. work out 3 -4 times a week

  5. Is aes myroplex actually good for you? Cause I heard of many rumors saying that it contains lethal ingredients

  6. I understand you are trying to keep it simple, but with a little more effort and research, there are healthier options like: ezekiel bread (great grains and less preservatives), organic peanut butter (or make your own in a high speed blender, or by investing in a vita mix), fresh tuna/salmon (packs just as easily without canned preservatives), and real chocolate with more than 60% cacao (hershies chips are just pure sugar). I see how much effort guys put into working out, we can put more effort into the components of what we eat. Most healthier choices are just as convenient once you figure it out, and not much more expensive, especially compared to the benefit for your body. Obviously do what makes sense with availability, and budget. The goal is to be healthier.

  7. Does anyone know about an equivalent Youtube channel of Athlean for nutrition, where they put science back in eating? Thank you.

  8. I know you stress not to measure, but how do I know if I am creating a calorie deficit for weight loss? By the way, I love what you do. I watch your videos all the time. So much good smart advice.

  9. I really like your youtube Channel I share your wonderful knowledge with all by buddy's through messager me Jeff this is by far the best workout channel I have found your a genius thanks for all the videos and knowledge…keep up the Gains Jeff..LET THE GAINS BEGIN!!

  10. I spent 2 months measuring, now I have an idea of what a serving of nuts and peanut butter are. It's a pain, but for calorie counting, it's a good idea to figure that stuff out.

  11. I was thinking about buying some Atkins bars. They are low calorie and sugar plus decent amount of protein.

  12. 1. Peanut butter and jelly with healthy bread (less than 80 calories a slice
    2. Tuna
    3. Cheese wedges
    4. Hard boiled eggs
    5. Greek yogurt
    6. Homemade trail mix (almonds, low sugar chocolate, healthy cereal,)
    7. Protein bars
    8. Protein shake
    9. Water is key

  13. I find that when im eating every 2-3 hours and drinking water my stomach stays round throughout the day. When i wake up i have abs but then when i start eating throughout the day, my stomach gets "fat". Am I eating and drinking too much? or is this normal?

  14. For the PB&J you should have talked about getting all natural PB, without all the extra salt and sugars added. And the jelly, with all the carbs and sugar so maybe go natural or what i do is get one piece of bread (whole grain) get the all natural PB, and chop up a lot of strawberries and i call that a good and healthy PB&J

  15. at the end of the day it is all about calories in /calories out. If you don't get a grep (counting) then you'll risking to get more calorie in than out. But I agree, we should not go starving. better to eat more and burn more.

  16. I'm so goddam confused watching all these videos with buff dudes doing fasting and other buff dudes saying eat every what ever the fuck hours

  17. Hell. I get a 60 calorie wheat bread; toast it then slice it down the middle long ways. Bread is just a vessel for the contents so I dont mind the extra thin slices as long as they hold.

  18. Actually you don't need to be eating every 2&half hours! I do Intermittent fasting almost every day and I have grown so much more muscle that way including that I also lost a lot of fat!

  19. Personally, a favorite snack of mine is a peanut butter banana sandwich. Organic fresh ground peanut butter (if your grocery store has those grinders) and a banana sliced down the middle as the “bread.” With a VERY thin (paper clip thin) strip of honey down the middle. Delicious and healthy

  20. Wow, peanut butter on bread with jelly is so wrong, I'm really impressed. Essentially every other option is far better. Well, it's from 8 years ago and it's about food, I can agree a lot more with Jeff's more recent opinions about nutrition.

  21. Love the video. Great info, but did anyone notice the phone. That reminds me of back in the day. Sooo cool. I've gotta get one just like it. Again though, great information that's still relevant today.

  22. Just imagine every single human on earth eating that much? Totally unsustainable and that's why we are getting very close to our own extinction soon…

  23. I love PB&J. But I just started AX-1, and have never seen/heard it mentioned. I’m assuming Jeff has changed his mind on that?

  24. I pour whiskey in my water to help it go down…. it’s like a watered down no sugar old fashioned

  25. I have been working out and eating a lot better. I am not trying to bulk but i just get stronger for sports. Does that mean i should
    Still eating high calories or no? I’m not trying to get shredded just stronger but at the same time be able to maintain my ability to run and move! LMK

  26. I don't see espresso here, ok my Nonnie is Sicilian so basically that means I have to have espresso or someone's gettin whacked lol

  27. Sardines you never mentioned them they are very good for protein and omegas. That's what I recommend. I never get any likes but I dare anyone to find a better source for the price I dare you.

  28. I was just making a Pb&J while watching this. When I saw the peanut butter on his table I froze thinking, 'Come on Jeff dude, say it's a good thing. Say it's a good thing!!!"
    It's my all time favorite snack!
    ..and in case anyone avoids Pb&J sandwiches as a packed snack because of the soggy jelly bread effect.. if you put peanut butter on both slices of bread the jelly won't make the 'jelly side' soggy.
    …no jelly side, no sog yo!
    Err. ..or something..
    Thanks for all extremely helpful videos Jeff!!

  29. "You're going to get tired of having to do that." I've been measuring food for a year now. I might be weird but I enjoy the precision of measuring stuff. I actually enjoy eating less if I don't measure. I guess I'm a robot lol

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