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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey,, it’s
Liam McIntyre from “Spartacus: War of the Damned” here to tell
you about the guy that changed my life, changed my
training, changed my shape. This is Tyrone Bell. Tell them a little
bit about yourself. I am the official “Spartacus”
trainer and I am the man responsible for
what you see here. Yeah, no, Tyrone and I had an
interesting little journey, so– We did, we did. How did we meet? It was in a
gym, funny enough. No, it was an interesting
time for me because I had just lost all this weight for another
film, like 45 pounds, so I was in the works for
maybe getting this role. And the head of stunts, Al
Poppleton, was putting me through this crazy boot camp
training which was soul crushing but amazing and learning
all these, you know, really fundamentally-amazing
things but– We had to assess at the start
that your skills were up to scratch for fight scenes,
for–you know, we had to know you had the endurance to
last the entire season, but unfortunately that was
not the best, you know, as when it comes
to packing on muscle. Yeah, so I got
real fit despite myself. And as soon as you got the
role, then we were thrown the brief that you
needed lean muscle mass. You needed to be ripped, which
went against, all against our boot camp training and
we had to send you into a another sort of
form of training. Yeah, well, Ty is the master
of hypertrophy training, I suppose you’d call it. So the hard taskmaster of
hypertrophy training so I was, I don’t know, I felt like I was
in this room and working out that I had to have a
trainer for the season. And Ty, I can only imagine, was
sitting down there going, “Well, not me ’cause this is gonna
be a big job, I don’t know.” I think we met like once
at the end when I was testing or
something, you know? Yeah, yeah, and I mean the
first moment I looked at you and I was given the
brief and I was good. I know I’m good, but
I don’t do miracles. But you don’t argue
with Al Poppleton ’cause that guy’s the business. And he’s like,
“Ty, you’re the man.” I was like– “Make him into this.” And I’m sitting there going,
“Well, he’s massive so this is gonna work out great. This guy’s built like
a brick shit house. Can I say that? Probably not. You know, this guy’s massive so
if anyone’s gonna help me out with this, this guy’s good. Meanwhile I’m thinking, Ty’s
probably not as excited as I am. Like I said, it was a
challenge because of the timeframe, not only because
we had to get you in peak form before shooting but we had to,
you know, we had to be training the entire time
throughout the seasons. And with the timeframes we were
given for training, you know, the workouts not only
had to be effective, but they had to be very,
very time conscious. Yeah, yeah, so we had to
shoot days where we’d start at 5 and then we’d finish
up at, you know, 7, somewhere like that, 7:30 and we’d hit the gym at 8:30. Yeah, those, those– Those were the days. And then there was
times where it’s like, “Okay, with your schedule,
you’ve got 20 minutes.” It’s like, okay, this is
our only chest session for this week. We’ve gotta make
20 minutes work. But that’s where we developed
and we needed to develop the 19-minute workout where you had
to get hypertrophy results from 19 minutes and we
had to develop that. And hey, it worked not only for
you but for other cast members. Yeah, true. Well, it’s funny,
by the end of it, there were people were
just like lining up. Like I started off there
and they’re like, “Oh, you’re training
with Ty, okay, sure. Go have a good time. I’m going down to my gym.” By the end of “War of the
Damned,” everyone’s like, take a number, take a number. That’s right. That’s right. It’s funny and I was
like, “Stay away from my dude.” It’s my time. “This is my time. You should have
come here earlier.” But yeah, early days, that
was fun ’cause I was like, oh, this is gonna be great. You know, how hard
can it be, right? And– Oh, yeah. And Ty was all about hard. Then I introduced Liam to– To reality. Yeah, and
nutrition, and nutrition. Yeah, I got nicknamed the
carb nazi for good reasons. Oh, my God. I would count and
watch every calorie that went through your mouth. And there were times that
I’d be like–I’d be at the lunch table like on
Thursdays. Literally I’d walk past it and this guy would just
be staring at me. I’m like, no, that’s messed up. I gotta get a new trainer. This guy–he’s just– This is gonna
be a long season. He would just appear and I’d
have like, I’d have some, I don’t know, so
anything–I was like, it’s a potato, what’s wrong? It’s not Ty approved. That’s off. Yeah, it’s not Ty approved. Yeah. Even now, like it
happened today. I’m like, “Spartacus” is
finished but he walked past, I’m like, nothing on
my plate is wrong. It’s all right. Let this slide, this is good. This is good. Yeah, but that was
probably, to be honest, that was 80% of your results. It was what you were eating. It’s all diet, right? Absolutely. And especially when your
schedule is so full on and then our workouts are so intense
for that short period of time, recovery and
nutrition was paramount. Recovery, right. Yeah, recovery. That’s the other thing that
I couldn’t understand ’cause I just spent so long training
with Al Poppleton, who probably at the time very rightly
was like, “More is more. Just work till you
can’t work anymore.” And from where I was at, it
was a really good mind state to get myself into. It makes you mentally hard. Yeah, yeah, it really
toughens you up for when, you know, you have
to do the work. But Ty’s like, “All right,
so if you want to grow some muscle mass, we’re gonna
have to change this.” But I’m like, no, no, no,
I’ve got this worked out. I know what to do. I’m just gonna lift more. No, no, no dude, you
don’t know what to do. At the end of some training
sessions you’re like, “What are you gonna do now? You’re gonna sleep, aren’t you? You’re gonna sleep.” Yup. I’m like, “Yes,
sir, I’m gonna sleep.” So I owned you
for two seasons. Yeah, it was great. Please Mr. Ty. And, you know, I’d be early
days, I’d be training and then I’d like oh, that looks
like a fun exercise, so I’d start doing
some arm curls. And Ty would say,
“What are you doing? What are you doing? You want to just
throw this away?” But so I think I eventually
came around to it, of course, “Spartacus” schedule is
hard to get to sleep in but. But yeah– That’s where
supplementation came in. We had to get your L-Glutamine
going, you know, make sure your BC double A’s were in there
because, yeah, were, a lot of the time, sleep deprived which
was unfortunate because, you know, you would have made even
greater gains if you had more sleep under your belt, which I’m
excited to see because you are gonna stick with it. I’m excited to see
where you’re gonna be. Yeah, well, me too. That’s the thing. But that’s what I mean, like you
actually changed the way I look at training and changed the way
I diet and changed the way I live my life. Because, you know, I was a
computer-game nerd and I’d– I know, I know. Yeah, he still finds
that hard to sort of accept. But, you know, so
I–it was weird. Like a week ago, I was sitting
in a hotel room going, oh, finally I’ve got some
time to play some games. I’m sitting there with a game
I was playing and I was like, this is great fun. And I’m looking at the clock
going, oh, I’ve really gotta get a training session in. I’ve never had
that thought before. It stuck with you. It’s engrained now. I know it’s part of me now,
and I’d play, I’m like ah, I’ll just put it off for a
little bit and I just couldn’t. I couldn’t do it. I was like–and for the first
time in my life, put the game down, walked into the gym,
hit out a quick, you know, 30-minute session and, you
know, blew the chest apart. So it was great. And I’ve just
never been like that. See I’m proud now. I’m proud. Thank you. But it’s a life-changing thing. I think that’s the most
important thing that you got through to me, and I was lucky
enough to have you for because you were there to like
change–like change my perspective and that’s the
thing ’cause like anyone can do a diet. Anyone can lift some weights for
a week, but you have to really change the way you
think about training and I think that’s what you– Absolutely, you need
to adapt that lifestyle. It’s not–I mean hey, you could
have blown–we could have got this done, you’re done with
“Spartacus” and that’s it. But now it’s engrained
and it’s a lifestyle now. And you are always gonna be
busy, whether you’re on a feature film or another TV
series but you know now how to fit an effective workout,
effective training, nutrition plan, everything in ’cause
you’ve adopted that lifestyle. Well, that’s the gift though. I mean and that’s the benefit
of having a guy that just isn’t very nice to you sometimes. Well, there was moments. We don’t need to
talk about that. I got the nice thing
going on, all right? So– But that doesn’t
train kill a body. ‘Cause you gotta be hard
on yourself too, right? You do, you do. You’ve gotta be honest ’cause
I’d sit there and I’d sit there with a chocolate cake
going, you know what Ty would say if he were here. You know what he’d say. See, that’s good, you’re
now talking to your food. That’s–you got a connection. I’m just looking at all those
empty calories and he’s like, “There’s sugars, there’s fat. You don’t want those. You don’t want those.” And I’m like, no, no, I’m
just gonna put it aside. Oh, jeez. But, you know, it
makes–it’s results. That’s right. What’s your favorite session
’cause I think we’re on the same page with this, but– No, well, I just remember
when we were doing, you know, our 19-minute workouts ’cause
sometimes we were thrown, “Okay, guys, you got 20 minutes.” So that’s where we
developed that 19-minute workout hypertrophy for
different muscle groups. Chest was always a challenge. That’s my challenge,
one of my challenge– That’s right. But I think, you know, the most
rewarding was always the arms. In 19 minutes
with that rest period, you used to pump up huge. And we used to do that before
you had promotional shoots and stuff like that as well. We just filled them and, you
know, it’s instantly rewarding. And I slowly
turned into a headcase. It was always good for Ty
because, you know, I’d be like, “Look, nothing’s changing. I cannot see anything.” And Ty’s like, “Dude, your
body’s like in a totally different place.” You look at the before and
after and the progression shots and it’s like, we can
literally see the changes happening month to month. Ty said early on that,
remember you telling me that–you’re like, “Well,
unfortunately the bad news is you’ll never be big enough now.” Like you’ll always look
at yourself and go, “Oh, I could fix that. I could fix that. I could fix that.” In fact, Todd Lasance, we were
doing the same thing and we were both getting back into
training and he was like, “Oh, I don’t know this
shoulder, is this big enough?” I’m like, “Dude, you’re massive. You look ridiculous.” And I’d be sitting there
going, I don’t know, I feel like I’m not
the same size. See, it’s important to
be happy where you’re at but there’s always that once
you’re content, then it’s over. You know, so
maintaining’s boring. You’re always looking
for constant improvement. Refining it and
just pushing yourself. Yeah, just making
the quality better. Yeah, I remember you
warning me about that. And I’m like, no, in my
head I was like, you know– Are we happy at this weight? Are we happy there? No. It doesn’t
work that way, man. But yeah, I know I
always thought, chest was more satisfying ’cause I felt it
always felt really, really rough in the morning, which
I’ve learned to accept is the best way to feel
when you’re just like, oh, I just can’t move properly. So obviously I did a good job. That, or seriously
damaged myself. But no, it
was–yeah, and safe training. That was the good thing ’cause
I mean it was so good having a spotter and someone that knew
what they were doing, could lift the weight, could tell you
how to do it so you didn’t just waste your reps
and stuff like that. That’s right, that’s right. When time is that valuable,
every rep counts in both phases, the up phase and the down phase. You know don’t cheat, don’t
bounce, you know, because you only have 19 minutes. You have 1,140 seconds so you
literal every second counts. Every rep. Work out and math. Oh, mate. I’m good. What was it, if you’re
thinking you’re shrinking? What’s that rule you told me? Yeah, we’ll edit that out. Yeah, totally, man, I know. It’s–you’re up against it and
it’s hard to make big gains when you’re time poor. But it is possible, yeah. That’s right. That’s right. I only it was only–that’s
the thing, you know, you gotta–it’s a
long-term gain. Like near the end of “War of
the Damned,” I started to go, you know what? I do see what you’re seeing. I do see the change. Yeah. You know, it had been
happening for a long time but I didn’t want to believe it
’cause I was used to being the other guy. And that’s the thing too is
other people were seeing it, you know, but you yourself, you see
yourself every day so you don’t. Don’t see the
big change, yeah. But it wasn’t, like you said,
it wasn’t till the end of the season it’s like,
“You know what? I’m looking all right.” You saw a few covers of
magazines, you saw yourself in a few things it’s
like, “You know what? I’m okay.” Have I thanked
you for that yet? Yeah, man, that was
seriously life changing. But then, you know, it wasn’t
always good news ’cause for those covers and things like
that, you had a new system for me, which was
something that was very– Well, you know, we had
to peak you and that was the hard–that was the hard thing. You know, during–like guys who
compete, you’re gonna peak a few times during the year but, you
know, we’d be dropped on you have a promotional
shoot in a week. It’s like–and I used
to like prepping you like it was a competition. We would drop your carbs out
completely and then we would carb load you or dehydrate you,
all that and it was hell for you in a short amount of time but,
you know, look at the results. It worked. It’s, again, if I wanted to feel
good about myself, we’d do that then do an arm exercise. That’s right. Do an arm training and be
like yeah, all right, I can do it. Which I practice all the time. But yeah, those were
some of the hardest days. ‘Cause I’m not–I’m not new at
this so I’ve never really flown business class, but they
flew me business class to this photo shoot. So I’m like, oh, all
this food, all this stuff. Of course, Tyrone’s decided to
put me into like this massive carb depletion phase ’cause I
had to because I was basically gonna walk off a
plane into a photo shoot. And so there was free chocolate
cake, there was all this amazing food, and you know,
chicken, beef, prawn, what do you want? Like, oh. And I had to bring a box of
boiled chicken on the plane and kumara
and egg whites that– depending on the meal times. And I had to tell the steward,
I was like, “Can you just bring this cold chicken out to me at
like 2 hour intervals in this amount exactly please?” And he’s like, “You’re
not serious, obviously?” I’m like, “Yeah.” He’s like, “Well, what
about–we’ve got food.” I’m like, “Yeah.” “We can make you chicken.” I’m like, “You can’t make me
chicken the way I have to have the chicken.” He’s like, “But
it’s just chicken.” I’m like no–I don’t have–does
it have seasoning on it? “Yup.” Salt? “Yup.” No. See, man, I’m proud. That’s made me
really happy, man. I’m sitting there and I’m
just munching through this horrible chicken. But exactly, but, you know,
that’s what you can teach me in the sense that the Liam
from 3 years ago couldn’t have done that at all. Like I couldn’t
even think like that. You do it, I’d do it for 2
days and be like, that’s stupid. Surely it won’t make
that much difference. You know, surely–but that’s–I
guess that’s the lesson of this whole training
exercise. All of it does make that much
difference if it do it all at the right times in
the right order. That’s right. That’s right. It all has to work together. You can’t do one part, you know? The training, it just all
works together and rest. Well, yeah, rest, of course,
which, again, I was still–even by the end of the
season I’m like– I know, I know I still reckon
it’s gonna be the one that you’re gonna–we’re
gonna have disagreements on. That’s okay. No, I do agree with you, I just,
you know, I get lazy about it but not the right kind of lazy. Yeah, you’re stubborn too. Stubborn, yeah,
sorry about that. But, you know, it
pushes you through a bit. Yeah, I remember he was
like–too many people will give you outs like too many other
trainers that I’ve had in the past give you like a
little wiggle room. A little wiggle room, okay. You know, so I was like–he’s
like, well, you can–you know, other trainers might be like,
“Shake a little bit of salt on there, you know, have a bit
of this, have a bit of that.” And I was like, oh, cool, so,
you know, I can sort of put a little sauce on there
or something like that. But when it was–especially when
it was coming down to cutting, you know, you were like,
“Exactly this much–many milligrams of salt, exactly
this many grams of protein. If you get that wrong by
an ounce, you’ve ruined the whole thing, everything.” I’m like, that
can’t be possible. “Everything. Everything.” That’s what we were
working with though. I mean, you know, everyday
normal people, you know, day-to-day, they can afford that
wiggle room but you were put in front of the world. You know, you were
meant to lead a rebellion. You’re a sex symbol. You know, you were meant to be
this warrior, you know, so there was no room that the milligram
could be up, you know so– That’s part of it. You know, I think, you know,
there’s a lesson in that food for everyone that’s like
training for me now ’cause like I know that if I’m not having to
be that guy on camera every day, I’ve got a little more wiggle
room, but I only know that because I didn’t have the wiggle
room and I can know my body a little
more from that process. But it’s been–it’s been
one hell of a journey, man. It’s been exciting. And it’s not over yet, mate. Well, I know. It’s sort of just beginning. It’s life now. Well, here’s the thing, like
the hard part for me every day was looking at you training huge
weights that I was always try to like match even though I had
this not experienced body. You know, you’d be lifting
these huge like, you know, you’d be doing three– But that’s–that’s great as
well though is like, you know, normal people as
well, you have that goal. Somebody, you know, you follow. It might not be your training
partner, but you watch training videos of these guys and, you
know, “That’s what I want to be. That’s what I want to be
lifting,” and stuff like that. So but, you know, you had that
in your corner every day which obviously it helps. Yeah, no, but so this guy was
just massive and I had to look at that every day, which was
kind of like the psychosis, I was like, “Oh, why
is Tyrone so big?” But, you know, I guess
that’s keeping it up for a long period of time. That’s right, man. That’s right. It all comes. It’s just a long-term goal. So, you know, like– What I made you do was
what I was doing as well. Exactly, which was amazing. You know, and so like long term
is how you gotta start setting your mind up ’cause so many
people are on short-term diets, short-term training cycles,
short-term this, whereas the stuff that you do is all about,
you know, really changing your life, which is what I got. Definitely. I mean you can get fast results
if you do everything to the gram, you know, to the
pound and to the second. You can get fast results but
then, like you said, it becomes a lifestyle and that’s
where you start making your great gains is once it’s– Early days, it took a while. It did. As we went, it got
faster and faster and really started
to take hold. And when it got engrained
it was–yeah, man, look, I’m excited for you to be able to do
like this workout with some of these people for Oh, I can’t wait to show it. I mean ’cause these are the
actual workouts that I made you do, you know, and I
do personally as well. So to be able to show
everybody what we did, you know? So it’s great for people
who push for time massively. Totally. And it’s achievable. And it just–it
takes discipline, but it’s a realistic
life change. Yeah. I think that’s what–I mean
that’s what you brought me and I appreciate
that so much so– You’re welcome. Go out and
knock them dead, man. Will do.

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