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Position yourself
into a staggered stance with the rear foot elevated and the front foot forward. Hold a kettlebell or
dumbbell in each hand, letting them
hang to the sides. This will be your
starting position. Begin by descending,
flexing your knee and hip to lower your body down. Maintain good posture
throughout the movement. Keep the front knee
in line with the foot as you perform this exercise. At the bottom
of the movement, drive through the heel
to extend the knee and hip to return to
the starting position. [music]

5 thoughts on “Split Squat – Legs Exercise –

  1. this is also known as a Bulgarian Split Squat, you can also do this with the front foot elevated instead,that is on a step or box or something of that nature, this is dictated by your flexibility level

  2. Yes I agree cant even believe it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well.

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