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Warning this video contains massive abuse of the word Barbell What’s going on Nation? a lot of you guys have been asking me [for] help when it comes to eliminating hip knee and shoulder pain when squatting So I decided that I wanted to tackle this head-on today and give those of you Who are training in pain some hope obviously [guys] the clear solution is months of proper stretching and mobility work to loosen up, but until that happened There is a quick fix that you can start utilizing today in fact I just made a video along the same line to help eliminate lower back pain when dead lifting. So if you guys miss that Video, I will link to it down in the info section below now I’m sure that to the majority of you the straight bar is king when it comes to squatting [but] is that because it’s the only thing available to you or because there truly is nothing better well I want you to take a moment, and think about just how much your training gear has progressed since your side Your fitness journey you probably went from hitting the gym with running shoes shorts and a tank top To now wearing dry fit clothing proper weightlifting shoes a weight belt Wrist straps and maybe even bring in your own little bag of chalk if your gym allows it But my point is there are always ways to enhance your workouts And that’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s video four reasons Why the safety squat bar can help take your leg training To the next level and to be honest guys I actually picked up my safety squat Bar from Gronk Fitness a few months ago because I had never really trained with one before and I was personally interested to see if it could really add a lot [of] Benefits to my leg day training and as always I had to test things out on myself Before I share my results with you guys, but before [we] get started let’s have a quick recap of the anatomy of the squat So the squat this is by five one of the best lower body exercises you can do to build muscle and strengthen your legs There’s no disputing that it’s a push movement that heavily activates your glutes quads and hamstrings And there are actually two variations of the barbell squat depending on the position of the bible on your shoulders if you rest the barbell Across your shoulders and neck it’s called a high bar squat which is what actually what I prefer if the body [rests] more on your [mid-back] It’s called a low bar squat and I’m not going to go too deep into detail now about those two variations so if you want to learn more I do have a video about them, and I’ll link to that down in the [info] section below but the key difference Between them has to do with the positioning of the torso [and] this is important guys With the high bar squat your torso moves up and down extremely Upright almost like a front squat with the low bar squat however your torso assumes a much more bent over position Similar to a deadlift now having said that both variations require three things number one Excellent shoulder and chest mobility to get under the bar and grip it properly number two excellent core control and lower back strength to prevent a lower back injury and Number three there are other smaller yet very important form tweaks such as hip and knee Positioning that can really make a difference when it comes to injury prevention and performance during each lift So when does the safety squat [bar] come into play here? Well the main reason why the safety squat bar is oftentimes Superior to the standard squat is the fact that you don’t have to worry about shoulder or chest mobility when grabbing the barbell because of the position of the hand and most importantly the mechanics of the safety squat by automatically lock your body and Basically what could be called perfect form so the question that you probably have in your mind, right Now is should you make the switch from the barbell to the safety squat bar well Let’s dive in and take a look at the four main benefits of the safety squad now number one the safety squat by offers better core stability less stress [on] the lower back as well as less hip and knee stress too This is because the safety squat bar sits a bit higher than a standard barbell does and it pushes you forward Forcing you to fight to stay upright Therefore you will be a bit more upright than a high bar squat and a lot more upright than a low bar squat in General Guides the more upright your torso is the less pressure is placed on your lower back and with the safety squat bar The pressure will be displaced more towards your glutes and quads [and] because of this the safety [squat] helps prevent your core from Collapsing which will allow you to open up your hips and knees more freely offering a mechanically advantageous position to squat with much more lower chances for an injury in order to best Demonstrate this think about the difference between the deadlift and the squat with the Deadlift the weight is in front of your center of gravity which means that you absolutely need to use your back to pull the barbell off the floor With the squat however the weight is almost directly on top of a center of gravity which means there will be basically zero lower back strain when squatting This is also super important to know because due to the fact that the safety squat bar placing the load Exactly on your center of Gravity it locks you into the perfect form position when squatting like I mentioned earlier So if you have a really hard time with squat form the safety bar can help you take full Advantage of all the benefits of squatting number two the safety squat bar is a comfortable squatting solution for people with limited shoulder mobility now It should be no surprise that do to our mostly sedentary lifestyle Many people tend to be tight around the shoulders and chest and lower back area which is certainly not natural But it is typical it’s just how life is nowadays Even if you train every single day that is still only a few hours Compared to the rest of the day we work a desk job possibly not moving much at all in fact 99% [of] the time beginners will not have the shoulder mobility to get in a straight back squat position And their elbows will basically stop pointing backwards instead of down this then results in their entire upper body collapsing over making the squat particularly Inefficient and very dangerous of course the long term solution is to work on your mobility utilizing a series of dynamic and static stretches But that might take some time so in the meantime the safety squat can be an excellent alternative because there is zero External shoulder rotation due to that the handles are in front of your body however if you have excellent shoulder mobility It’s good to note here that being able to take your shoulders completely out of the equation [when] squatting can help with your overall Shoulder preservation and recovery as [well] Especially [if] your chest and shoulder workouts are very taxing on your body Number three for those of you who are starting to look a bit like [the] hunchback of notre dame The Safety squat can help fix your posture This is because over time your body will adapt to what proper form feels like while simultaneously strengthening your core and legs But most importantly the safety squat bar will Force you to maintain Upright torso Position preventing your chest from collapsing thus strengthening the right muscle groups that help you hold a nice Upright posture in fact as an overall Movement guys You should think of the safety squat bar as the ultimate combination between front squats and deadlifts Similarly to the front squat you’ll be an upright torso position but you won’t have to fight your shoulders in order to keep your elbows and chest up throughout the movement and Like the deadlift the safety squat will allow you to train your [mid-back] thoracic extensors [and] rhomboids and traps But without compromising your lower back, [so] for those of you can’t squat or deadlift Well the safety squat bar can really help take your training to the next [level] and number for the safety squat bar is Highly versatile making it compatible with many other lower body movements guys it should go Without saying or be pretty obvious that [anytime] you train with an exercise [that] can help make you stronger with other exercises in your training You should be doing it when it comes to the safety squat bar because of how upright the form Forces you to be Transitioning the strength and muscle you gain with it can help you get better other exercises like box squats Suspended squats good morning squats front squats and even walking lunges However, you could perform the walking lunges with the safety squat bar as well If you wanted to now I know most of you guys probably prefer dumbbells But you’ll be able to use more weight with the safety squat by without being limited by your grip strength Also, if you do have shoulder mobility issues You can’t exactly perform a walking lunge with a straight barbell across your shoulders to its maximum potential if you’re constantly Fighting keeping your torso from collapsing over so now that you’ve heard all the amazing benefits of the safety squat Should you ditch the straight barbell when it comes to squatting? That’s the question here well as always guys the answer is not a simple. Yes or no The correct answer has to do with your preference mobility past injuries and overall goals Let’s look at it This way the safety squat barbell offers the same benefits as a straight barbell when squatting in terms of leg power strength and development however Some people are limited by their shoulder or lower back Mobility and they cannot effectively and safely perform a squat using a standard barbell if this sounds like you then the Safety Squat Barbell is Exactly what you need but even for a guy like me [that] can squat with near perfect form when using a straight barbell I Still find the safety squat barbell useful from time to time what I want [to] either Give my shoulders or lower back a break even some of the world’s top power lifters and strength athletes train their squats almost exclusively using the safety bar For the same reasons I mentioned in this video so at the end of the day guys if your gym has a safety squat barbell Or you’re thinking about getting one for your home gym Definitely go [for] it And I will link to you guys the gronk safety squat barbell how I use down in the info section below [I] hope you enjoyed the [information] in this video And if you did be sure to show some love and support by smashing that like button subscribing if you haven’t already and Clicking that bell and as always guys more good stuff coming soon


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    (0:38)- 3 Easy Tips To Eliminate Deadlift BACK PAIN & LIFT MORE WEIGHT! | USE THESE NOW!
    (2:14)- Squat: High Bar Vs Low Bar – Which Builds More Muscle? More Strength? (Great Warm-Up Tips!)

  2. Hey make a video on butt exercise, you seem to have a nice one. Also, can you explain to build chest muscle uniformly? because my right pecs is not that well formed compared to my left, how can I fix that?

  3. Yo Scott set up a collab with Vegan Gains, I'm sure he will do one with you and it will help spread the vegan message.

  4. It was awesome to see ScottHermanFitness and Vegan Gains together at the Toronto Fitness Show what a great team!

  5. Scott I hope that you aren't seriously teaming up of becoming friends with Vegain Gains!! He's a Muslim hating bigot…

  6. Should I have a pendlay, cable, and t bar row in the same day workout (using push pull legs split) and the decline, flat, and reverse grip barbell bench press or should I swap out and only do one variation per day?

  7. got a question nothing to do with the video although the video is great, do you sell any abs training programs.

  8. You could see right away that your butt wasn't tucking under at the bottom of your squat using the safety bahh. Thanks for sharing this, Scott. I didn't even know such a thing existed. I'll definitely be investing in one of these.

  9. Hey Scott i already use this bar for squatting and cant recomend it enough. Ive had 2 back injuries in past 15 yrs, one from heavy deadlifts and one from an accident outside gym and thought my squatting days were over as well as deadlifts.
    I can now squat painfree. awesome
    Also I learned i can deadlift again using a trap/shrug bar, which is also awesome.
    MY CONCERN HERE IS; you are not demonstrating very good squat form even with the safety aspect of this bar.
    Noone especially not a trainer should ever descend into a squat, especially a deep one in 1 second. That is uncontrolled and asking for trouble as you will also be bouncing out of the bottom position not using brute horse power to lift.
    Its much safer and doing more actual work and using more power and energy to lower the weight under complete control, hit bottom, pause , then power out of the hole!

  10. Scott, Do you have any program for dumbbell only ? If yes were can I purchase it?
    Basically I do not have time to go to a gym(is far far way) but I owned several dumbells , I want to know if is possible to exercise the whole body using only dumbells routines at home.

  11. I started getting more leg gains when I went low bar and started to really stick my ass out but still keeping my chest up. Kind of like the squat u were doing a while ago Scott the one u were laughing at in ur video. I feel like when u engage the movement in ur hips first and stick ur ass out as far as possible ur stretch ur hamstrings as much as possible. Also I can lift more that way and it doesn't hurt my knees

  12. Reason n°5: To avoid the horrible neck/upper back pain when you lift the weight with the iron bar..

  13. Hey, next time you do a video, can you do me a big favor and look fiercely into the camera and say, "I'M GONNA NEED ACCESS TO QUEENAN'S UNDAH COVAHS!!"

  14. I've always trained with straight bar to hit as many muscles as possible. Should I still switch to safety bar?

  15. I struggle so bad with squats and can't hardly do a front squat even after months of mobility training and proper warm ups. Totally would give this a try

  16. Hi, this video is amazing, but could you do a video explaining the correct performance of the smith machine squat please?! 🙂 thanks. Love your videos!!

  17. staying upright does not offer a mechanical advantage… most people can squat 5-10% more weight when low bar squatting, since the more bent over position will recruit more muscle fibers in the posterior chain, and because most people have more muscle mass on their backside than frontside, they will use more muscle mass the more bent over they are, and in that way, theyll be able to low bar squat more weight. It will place more weight on the lower back, but muscless in the lower back, can be trained, just like every other muscle in the body, to adapt to the increased stress. Together with prober breathing and breacing, and perhaps a belt, this will make a more bent over squat superior to an upright one. With that being said, the safety squat bar is still excellent for people with shoulder or lower back problems

  18. Hey Scott, are you still bringing out videos for the versus series? Finding them really informative. Would love to see a rear lunge vs front lunge

  19. Hey scott I was off my game today and bombed in the squat rack. My legs gave out and got dizzy, so the bar fell to the safety bar. Then as im dizzy I start pulling the weight off on the one side and yup titanic all over again. I feel like such an ass lol. but my legs are killing me.

    I was doing time under tension ( safety squats ) in the squat rack then my legs gave out right when I felt dizzy. it was weird. like a melting effect –

    I was also doing heavy shoulder press along side heavy squats. Probably a bad idea.

  20. Used this safety bahhh bell tonight at a gym. 1st time squatting ever. I was most impressed with the aforementioned bahhh bell!!!

  21. I really like goblet squats, and this reminds me of them.

    I'm going to start doing these to get around the issues with the goblet squat (such as limit on how much you can hold in front of you in that goblet position comfortably).

  22. OMG! Hilarious disclaimer!
    I used to squat exclusively low-bar style. After years of this, I felt my shoulders were becoming my weak link and the limiting factor for adding weight to the bar. The SS bar completely eliminated my shoulder pain from squatting. I only squat with the SS bar now and I have almost forgotten that I used to have that nagging shoulder pain.
    Another great video. Thanks!

  23. I love this bar! So versatile. After a couple sets of normal squats with this thing I do a couple sets of Hatfield squats (those rock!). This bar, the Duffalo bar and hex bar are easily my favorite bars ever.

  24. We have a Rogue safety squat bar. It weighs 70 lbs. I really like it. Zero shoulder pain, zero neck strain, zero lower back pain. This thing costs $400. Good thing I’m a Gov’t employee working on a military installation – free gym with tons and tons of weights.

  25. Thanks for the video. I have a question. What is your opinion about the Draper top squat and how does it compare to the safety squat bar? Thanks

  26. First, I'm guessing that you're NOT from Alabama. Second, for such a young man you are extremely knowledgeable. Everything you say has been shown to be true by my experience. I'm 74 years old and have a lot of difficulty going to a low position on my squats with a straight bar. Sometimes, when warmed up a lot, I can do it but I can still feel it in my lower back.
    But, with my cheapie Safety Squat bar, I can hit rock bottom with no stress on anything except my quads. Plus, I get to use my hands to hold onto the power rack for balance and to give a "little" pull to get me up when needed.
    I notice your Safety Squat bar has a BIG gap between the two little bars. Another video complains about that and how women can't use it. On my cheapie bar which I can't find the name but I bought it through Amazon, the distance between the two little bars is 12" – 13" center to center. Between the padding is about 9". So, it fits around my head and neck snugly and doesn't feel like it is going to slip off my shoulders.

  27. It's really a preference thing. Someone people use it, others don't. If they want to change up a bit, they switch back and forth. If there is no downside to the safety barbell and it offers the same benefits than your traditional barbell, then go for it. I will do this on my leg day. One day i will use barbell and next leg day i will use safety barbell, and so on. Who cares what others think. It's about YOUR legs. If safety gets you powerful legs, then so be it.

  28. IMHO the only reason to be using a straight bar for DL or squatting is you're a competitive PL or WL. If one is PL for fitness…I'd just stick to using a "trap bar" for DL (..fireman's carry..etc.) and a "safety squat bar" for back squats. Less chance for injury and workout pretty much the same muscle groups.

  29. Scott, here's an interesting problem I've been having. I've been doing barbell and safety bar squats (front and back) for quite awhile and use about 150 lbs. and also leg extensions/curls, too. Yet, I've noticed when I go up the stairs that it is still an effort (I'm 74). It's as if squats don't help in the real world. I have the same weakness when trying to run up hills. And I do hip thrusters for the glutes, too. They are weak.
    The other day, I tried doing single leg squats with just bodyweight. I need more explosive, springy power for the shotput and discus events and slow squats weren't helping. Man, my legs were shot for a couple days. I also got a better pump in my legs than from the other leg work. I warmed up with two legged squats and gradually moved over to doing partial one legged squats (half squats) and making them into jumping squats. Someday I'll do full squats but for now half squats are good enough for the shot and discus. It's amazing how doing an isolation exercise like single leg squats can affect a limb so differently than the normal two legged squat. I guess it's the same as the difference between barbell curls and dumbbell curls. The barbell equalizes the stress between the two limbs and makes them work in unison. The isolation single limb exercise brings forth all the weaknesses that that limb may have and was being compensated for with the barbell exercise. As my legs get used to the single leg squats, I'll use my (up to) 60 lbs weight vest that I got from Dick's Sporting Goods to increase the resistance. If I get any stronger than that, I'll have to use my hex bar or try the safety bar. Hope this info helps someone.

  30. My gym just got one. And I squated for the first time in 23 year, because of knee problems and I rep'd 200 lbs my first day. I'm super excited about this. This bar is the bomb

  31. Thank you for the warning I wouldn't have made it through without it. A very important question, is this a paid ad for this barbell?
    The high bar squat might mess up your neck

  32. This explains why I feel back squats more in my shoulders than in my quads. I wish the gym I go to had a squat bar like this.

  33. Hi Scott , I am deciding between safety bar squats, landmine squats, or box squats to replace my regular squats.. I cannot do regular bar squats properly.. what would you recommend.

  34. Very informative video but I'm not sure what was the point of doing the entire video in that funny accent.

  35. Made my own safety squat bar, works great, I couldn't get my arms/hands back far enough to do straight bar squats after 25 years of not working out. So I had to go safety bar, feels great and I really like it. Every time I use it takes me about 4 days to walk again legs so sore.

  36. hey Scott, thanks for the great vids bro, I have a quick question on this one….when the strong men do this lift they tend to hold the bar in a wide grip, on the curved ends of the bar….tried them myself for the 1st time today and that felt more natural for me, I wanted to know if you thought that hand grip matters with this bar, I managed to get low with no probs and also my knees dont seem stiff after so all good… thanks for ypour time bro, bless

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