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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All right guys, it’s going to be an emotional
video for me. I got some sad news. As you guys know, I’ve been doing the squat and biceps
challenge. I’ve been doing squats and been doing biceps every day for 30 days. On day
27 or 28 I believe, I suffered a horrific leg injury, so long story short, I didn’t
know if I was actually ever going to be able to walk again. What I did here was I found
a quadriceps specialist in Lithuania. I got some X-rays done and I guess I had a combination
of a protein deficiency and I had left qudraceptical contusion. I had to undergo some really serious
operations. You know what guys, I do not recommend the 30-day squat challenge. I don’t really
know if I’m ever really going to be the same again. My life has actually taken a downhill
spiral since then. Living in the hood now. My girlfriend left me. I don’t know what’s
going to happen guys. I’m going to be signing off from YouTube for a while. This might be
my retirement. Talk to you soon guys. Psyche. Just kidding guys. Life is going great. I
actually feel amazing in large part to the squat and biceps challenge. I wanted to fill
you guys in, give you guys my final results, give you guys my breakdown of my measurements
and all that good stuff on the squat and biceps challenge. First of all, hitting arms every
single day for 30 days. My arms right now are about 17 inches, so they’re a shade under
17 inches. I think all in all I only gained about like an eighth of an inch or maybe slightly
less than an eighth of an inch. Not the results I really wanted in my arms, but my legs on
the other hand had major improvements. I actually gained about 30 pounds on my raw back squat.
That’s with no belt, nothing, just my raw back squat. I gained about 30 pounds on that.
I actually gained an entire inch on my thighs. That’s just measuring the circumference of
my thighs. Legs are actually getting there. Getting to be slightly respectable, so I think
I’m a 24.5 inches. Obviously a large part of why I did this was I felt like my upper
body was way ahead of my lower body, but I can honestly say now I absolutely love training
legs. My feedback on if I should do arms every day and legs everyday going forward, I’m actually
going to lay off both. I felt like I could not make my arms sorer. It’s crazy. Just doing
arms every single day, I felt I was just breaking down all the glycogen in my arms and it was
really tough to train my arms at maximum intensity every single day. I felt like they weren’t
getting any bigger. They weren’t getting stronger, but toward like weeks three and four of the
squat challenge, I was actually seeing some amazing results with my squats. It felt like
every single day I would go in the gym and I felt like I was squatting more and my lower
body was stronger and I was starting to feel like an animal. I just started to want to
attack that squat rack. What I was doing is I would go to the gym first thing in the morning
and I would do squats. I just felt like I had so much energy all day. I think a large
part was due to the fact that you think about your lower body and the muscle groups you’re
hitting with squats and I was also throwing in dead lifts. I was doing lunges. I was doing
leg press. I was doing a lot of other stuff. When you think about it, three of the five
largest muscle groups in your body, you’ve got quadriceps, quads, hamstrings, and you
got your booty muscles, your glutes. Those are actually three to five largest muscle
groups in your body. What is the best way to increase your testosterone and your anabolic
hormones, it is to train your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups. That was what
I was doing every single day on the squat and biceps challenge. Just doing squats, doing
biceps, doing deadlift, doing lunges, doing all those exercises. I’m hammering out maximum
intensity sets on my body’s largest and strongest muscle groups. I started to feel more energy.
I felt like everything across the board was increased. I definitely felt a surge of healthy
testosterone. If you guys are looking to increase your energy levels, guys are looking to just
pack on muscle mass allover, feel like a beast; I definitely recommend training your lower
body and just seeing what you can do. Don’t be dumb. Obviously I went into this with some
years of experience. I don’t recommend the squat and biceps challenge if you’ve say,
only been working out for six months or eight months. I’ve obviously been in the gym most
of my adult life. I felt like my body could definitely handle it. But if you think about,
just in terms of say from evolution, you’re on your legs almost from the time of birth.
Obviously you’re not walking on your hands so I feel like your lower body is able to
sustain a lot of maximum intensity exercise, whereas your upper body doesn’t really adapt
as easily. That’s one thing I really found interesting about the squat challenge is just
how adaptable your lower body became. There were a lot of days when I was really sore
on the squat challenge and I started doing squats. I started to instantly get loose and
I wasn’t any weaker. A lot of times, even when I was sore, I was five or ten pounds
stronger than two days before. I thought that was really interesting. I definitely recommend
it if you’ve been in the gym for at least a couple days. I do not recommend doing the
30 day arm challenge. What I’ve done recently to really bring out my biceps, my next goal
is 17.5 inch arms by the summer time, I’m just going to annihilate my arms, but only
twice per week. I’m going to make sure I get at least three to four days rest between my
arm workouts. I’m really doing to focus on like squeezing, focus on that eccentric portion
on my repetitions and I got some really cool videos on bicep exercises coming up because
I know for me biceps are definitely a weak point. I’ve trained them a lot, but I haven’t
gotten the result I got in say like my delts, and my chest and my traps and other muscles.
I got some really interesting stuff coming your way with that. Anyways guys let’s get
into some workout highlights from weeks three and four on a squat challenge. Are you ready
for throw downs? Here we go. Sorry guys. I’m in a weird mood. Sick right now. I’m on some
crazy cough medicine. Feel a little loopy right now recording this voiceover. We are
starting off this leg day with reverse split leg lunges. This is an awesome exercise, actually
puts a ton of emphasis right on the front of your quad. This one was really challenging.
I’d actually hardly ever done this before, so I started off on my first set fairly light.
The thing about this, when you go down, you really want to focus on keeping your chest
up, so you don’t want to dip. You want to focus on all the weight kind of coming straight
down. You don’t want to lift too far back. This one was an awesome quadriceps shaper.
I thought I would show you guys some other exercises here, other than just squat variations.
In the last episodes I’ve been really focusing on my hamstrings and just overall my leg development.
I really want to actually work on my calves here over the next couple months. So you guys
stop bashing me telling me I skip leg day because I actually don’t. The calves are a
very minor muscle group by the way, but that’s neither here nor there. What I’m doing here
is some stiff leg deadlifts. I’m trying to just slightly bend my knees, get that nice
tension in my hamstrings. Trying not to go down too far because I don’t want to hit my
back too much. Actually, I’m wearing a belt on this, so 315, I rep it fairly easily, so
I usually do sets of ten to twelve here at 315 for the stiff leg dead lift. Here we go.
Sipping on some Komodo dragon juice. Getting in my zone. Hitting that squat rack. Setting
up here I’m getting ready to do my patented ferocious kitten. Here we go. Ferocious kitten.
Ready, set, lift. Here we go. What I’m doing here is box squats. I’m going a little bit
heavier. Really trying to focus on exploding, so I’m pausing for a second then I’m really
focusing on exploding through my heels. The key for this exercise, even though it’s on
the box, I’m exploding through my heels. You don’t want to put too much weight through
your toes. Just overall a killer exercise. I actually got a little bonus for you. I superset
this exercise. I’m going heavy on this. Then I’m just doing these little dumbbell squats
here. I actually got this from a think a female butt workout video. Nonetheless, it is ectomorph
approved. This was absolutely killer after doing heavy box squats. I felt a ton of tension.
Try this exercise, super setter with squats or any type of squat variation, you guys will
feel a deep burn. All right we’ve got some arm work here for the squat and biceps challenge
wouldn’t be complete without showing you guys some bicep highlights. We’re really focusing
on squeezing my biceps. I’m not going up all the way on this. Really interesting exercise.
I got it from my friend here who is filming me. Really focusing on just keeping tension
on the biceps. Really like this camera angle. Feel like it makes my arms look a lot bigger
than they are, so probably going to do this again. Really focusing on squeezing my biceps,
keeping that tension. I’m actually just grabbing the bottom of this. I don’t even have an extension
cable on. I’m just grabbing it without an extension cable. Squeezing my biceps. Focusing
on time under tension. I was really trying to change it up toward the end to show you
guys crazy stuff. I actually just thought of this towards the end of one of my workouts.
This is day 29, so these one-legged leg extensions are absolutely killer. What I’m doing here
is I’m starting off on my left leg. The key for this to really work is you don’t want
to ever lock out your leg. We’re keeping that time under tension. As you can see, I’m never
completely resting at the top. You can go way heavier on this even with one leg, but
you want to focus on time under tension and really squeezing. You’re about to see, this
is only part one. This is actually going to be a complete superset. This puts a ton of
volume on your legs. I actually recommend doing this at the very end of your leg day
workout. What I did here is kind of a rest-pause variation. I think I did in the ten to twelve
rep range on each leg. I’m going to throw some more weight on. Keep in mind my legs
are fatigued at this point. Obviously setting up the weight yourself, you’re going to naturally
rest about 30 seconds between. Throwing a little bit of weight on. I usually go up to
like six plates if I was doing this fresh, like six plates on each side, but being really
fatigued from the one leg press variation, this is actually killer. Back in action after
about 30 seconds rest. Same concept, I’m just trying to go time under tension here. I’m
really making sure I’m not resting at the top. Excuse me guys, I know I sound like a
swol lesbian or something right now. Here we go, focusing on that time under tension.
I’m not touching my legs. I’m not pushing my knees forward. All this is on your quads.
I also feel this a little bit on my glutes and actually a ton on my hip flexors. Try
out this superset. Really, really beneficial towards the end of your leg day workout. Dunking
video coming soon. In the meantime, I thought I’d show you guys a little box jump. This
is a 47 inch box jump. All right guys, those are highlights from weeks three and four of
the 30 day squat and bicep challenge.

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