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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, I’m Stephanie Davis and I’m
telling you about a new ingredient it’s all about a native whey isolate. First of all why is it so special? It’s all about the source and the procedure. Let’s talk about a little bit about the source it’s from grass-fed cows that means it’s
free from hormones and antibiotics so it’s super healthy and really enjoyable. The next important step why is it so unique it’s because the procedure. The
milk is filtered on low temperature level that means that all the essential
nutrients and vitamins stay in the protein and after that it is powdered in
a very special drying chamber. The best thing is you can find it in my
favorite products. That means it is in the Iso Whey Zero and the Zero Bar.
Girls as you know BioTechUSA have a new range.
It’s the For Her range and it comes with three flavors and I tried them all out
so girls I’m super excited. You definitely have to check it out
not because of the amazing flavor because of the new benefits for you. It’s
free from antibiotics it’s free from hormones and also it’s sugar free
lactose free and gluten free. So it fits very well in your diet and I highly
recommend it. So guys you have to try it out!

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