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( upbeat music ) Kevin: All right, guys,
another amazing episode of “What The Fit”
is about to be in session. As usual,
I’m not by myself. I’m with talented individuals.
I switched it up. I went with some
YouTube stars this week I got my guy, Rhett
and Link with me. Just walk with me
for a second. I got some strongman
stuff to do. But before we get physical and we get into talking
about health and wellness, let’s stop right here. This is my star. ( dramatic music ) -Link: Oh, there it is.
-Kevin: That’s my star. -They don’t make these
for internet stars.
-Kevin: No. Bullshit. -That’s why I brought you here.
-You’re just rubbing it in. No, I’m not.
I brought you here to see it, soak this moment in. It does hurt a little bit.
I’m just saying. Kevin: Understand that
that can happen. Now, I want you guys
to take a moment to breathe this in. This is–breathe it in. And what–is that gum? Jesus Christ. Who would put that?
What is this shit. What was somebody…
-Link: I didn’t do it. -Oh, my God. Hold on.
-You mind if he spits on it? Goddammit, guys.
The point of this moment is to simply motivate
and inspire you to get what you
can eventually have. You know what?
This brought me to another– I’m giving you guys
a full (bleep) tour -of Hollywood.
-Rhett: Okay. Kevin: Why the internet?
Why did you guys choose -the internet route?
-Link: We can do -whatever we wanna do.
-Uh-huh. Now, no one has to watch. -Okay.
-But if they happen to watch, then it’s like, okay.
I did whatever I wanted. -Okay.
-And they still watch. What is the endgame? One was to get a star
on Hollywood Boulevard. -You’re goddamn right it was.
-A very clean one. Number two,
make a collaboration video with Kevin Hart one day. It sounds like
you guys are, uh, -on your way.
( laughing ) Yes, it sounds like.
It sounds like you both are on your way. So, we’re gonna get on the Hollywood tour bus. -Rhett: Okay.
-Kevin: Yeah, man. I’m full of surprises, baby. -Can find the true meaning
of Hollywood? -Man: Whoo.
-Kevin: Come on, guys. Oh. Hello, everybody.
-Hi. -Man: Hey, Kev.
-Kevin: Hello.
I’m with two friends. The big one,
that’s my guy, Rhett. -Woman: Hi.
-The little one is Link. Link: Hey, I’m the little one. Kevin: Allow me
to take over this tour
for a little bit and give you all a tour on what I consider
Hollywood, okay? -( laughter )
-Let’s go. Let’s go.
Let’s go, bus. I wanna give the tour. Let–let’s go. Drive the bus. -( laughter ) -Kevin: Okay. If you look to your left right now– -That’s their right?
—you’re gonna see… -You mean left or is it right.
-Link: Kev, left is over there. -My left, my left. This was my laundromat
right here. That’s where I used to wash
my clothes, people. Man: Go, Kevin. Kevin: The guy that owns the
laundromat, he recognized me
and he was like, “Give me a headshot
so I can put it up.” I came in one day
to wash my clothes and this lady was like,
“Is that you?” I was like, “Yeah.”
She was like, “Then why are you here?”
I was like… I immediately wanted
the picture down. It’s a true story.
I didn’t want my (bleep) picture up there anymore. Do not curse, okay? Every time I cuss,
I normally have to give my kids a dollar,
but I don’t have any… -Man: I got a dollar.
-Okay, no. -Man: I can you loan a dollar.
-I have $100 bill. That’s yours.
You keep it, all right. That’s yours.
-Thank you. -There’s gonna be
a lot of cussing and I feel like I should get
a lot of curse words off. -Rhett: Right, yeah.
-And nobody can say anything. Shit, damn, damn, shit, shit, shit, ass, ass, ass, ass. I get 80 more. I’mma owe this little girl
a lot of money. Rhett: Yeah. -I feel like this
is a great tour, guys.
-It’s excellent. If you wanna give us a shot
at any time to take over, I mean, we’re ready
and willing. We’re ready.
-Kevin: Are you sure? -Rhett: Oh, yeah. -Kevin: Introduce yourself. -Link: Hey, guys. Uh, we’re
Rhett and Link. I’m Rhett. He’s Link. Uh, this mic
is not even on. -It’s not.
-Yeah. Oh, there it is. Kevin: ( laughs ) Link: Here we have
the St. George Dental Clinic. You know
you can trust George because he’s a saint. If everyone looks down
to their left, you’ll see
a very nice office chair against a palm tree. If that doesn’t say LA, I don’t know what does. Can we get a clap–
a handclap? ( applause ) Woman: Whoa. You guys are killing it. ( upbeat music ) Kevin: This is our stop, guys.
We’re approaching the thing with the stuff.
-Link: When you say
the thing with the stuff, what does that mean?
-Kevin: The stuff–
just look out there and look at the stuff. -( upbeat music )
-( grunting ) -Kevin: Yeah.
Who doesn’t like working out in a hundred and
twenty-six-degree heat, huh? Come on, guys. I got us some strongman
stuff to do. This is not going
to be a regular workout. We will be getting fit outside
of our comfort zone. -We’re gonna build a truck?
-No, no, no, no, these are for us to lift. -Link: ( laughing )
-Yeah. We’re out there with these guys.
You see this? -Man: Gentlemen.
-How are you, man? -Both: Welcome to your
Strongman Competition. How’s it going guys?
-Hello, hello. -In unison and everything.
-How are you, man? -I’m Martins. Fourth strongest
men in the world. -Kevin: Holy shit.
-Martins: Well, let me show you what strongman is all about. -( upbeat music ) -Man, I’m hiding behind you.
Oh, there it is.
-Oh, shit. -Holy shit.
-And today, you guys will be going
to your ancestral roots and learning what it means
to be strong. Uh, this might be a good time
to let everybody know that, uh, I got doctor’s orders. I can’t lift
more than 20 pounds. -Kevin: What?
-Why is that? -Rhett: Uh, I’m coming off
of vasectomy. -Kevin: Oh.
-Martins: Oh, okay. -Rhett: Yeah.
-Oh, you got them snipped. -Rhett: Yeah, I did.
But you know what. -Kevin: Wait a second.
Wait. No, wait a second. Wait a second.
-There we go. -Wait a second.
-Oh, all right. I am dressed for it.
-Kevin: Wait a second. -( applause ) -Kevin: All right. Come on. -( applause ) -Kevin: I definitely would not
wear that shit ever, ever. -( laughter ) -Kevin: No.
All right. Let’s go. I’m ready.
So, where are we starting at? -Martins: We’re gonna start
with the stone lift. Now, this is a staple
strongman exercise. Widespread fingers,
you lift it right up to your lap.
-Rhett: Oh, what. -Sit down with it.
You’re gonna drive your hips right into it. Roll the stone
right up to your shoulder. -Link: So, why?
-Because you guys are gonna be
shouldering it. -Link: Uh-huh.
-You got to shoulder it. -Martins: Yeah.
-And that counts as a pick-up. -Martins: That counts as a rep.
-Kevin: What the (bleep) is in that?
-Martins: Right now, it’s empty. So, that’s a hundred pounds. -And then, what,
you put it in a cannon. -One, two, and three. -Straight on, just get…
-I can do it, man. Get out of my face.
-Martins: You’ve gotta listen
to me. You already proved
that you can’t do it. -I can. I didn’t lift it.
I just wanted to see how heavy it was.
-Sure. I mean, like, if you guys–
-Kevin: You don’t know nothing. -Okay, fine.
-Link: Just fourth strongest man
in the world. -You ain’t got
to tell me nothing. You let me do it how I feel
like I could do it. -I can’t believe
you’re being mean to this guy. -Yeah. -( laughter ) -Strongman Competition, hmm? That’s what you all call it. ( grunts ) Okay. ( grunts ) Here we go. Oh my.
-Yeah, yeah, right
( indistinct ) you up, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Okay. Okay. -You have to sit down.
-Get down with it. -Okay. Get right there,
pull it in close to you. Push your hips into it. That’s it.
-Yeah. -Pump it, pump it.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -There we go. There we go.
-Yes! -Okay.
-That’s a rep! That’s a rep! -Yeah! Shit! -Suck it!
-Man: There it is! -That’s what I’m talking about.
-You suck it, stone! Ah. That’s right.
– ( laughter ) -Rhett: You let me know
what you need, man. -Here’s the thing.
-Just let me know where you want me
to touch you. -You know–what I need
is an excuse. Thank you. What’s the point
of picking this up? Like, what’s
my motivation? -What do you mean,
what’s your motivation? -Martins: Because we are men.
-That’s right. That’s right.
Good job, baby. -We lift shit up.
-I got you. -Let’s go! -( upbeat music ) -Continue.
-There you go! There you go! -Yeah! Get it, Link!
We got this belt! We got this battle!
-Give him some help. Give him some help, Rhett.
-You might wanna go– all right. Okay.
-Martins: You got it
halfway out. -( cheers and applause ) -You got that, Link.
-I tried, Kevin. -Kevin: All right,
what’s next? Let’s go. What’s next?
-Next, we get that tire flip. -Okay.
-Martins: This is
a 900-pound tire. It’s–
-Kevin: A what? Timeout. Wait, what?
You lost me at 900 pounds. -Martins: So, Shawn here
is gonna demonstrate. He’s gonna drive
his hips forward as his torso rises. -Kevin: Uh-hmm.
-Pushing into the tire and flipping it over.
-Shawn: Nothing. You’re just gonna put
your chin on that tire -like that?
-Got to get intimate. Kevin: All right.
You’re my bitch, huh? Huh? Hmm.
That’s what you want? Watch out. -It’s all you.
-Okay. All right,
give me a countdown. -Martins: Ready.
-Kevin: Yes. -Martins: Three…
-One hundred, ninety-nine… ( laughter ) -Five, four, three–
-Shawn: Four, three, -two, one.
-Link: –two, one. Here we go. Okay.
Up, up, up, up, up. -Hey.
-Oh, shit. Move those feet
a little bit forward. Link: I’m telling you.
I’d get it. Wait a second, man. Like, I really tried. -I know. It’s tough.
-Hold on. Hold on. -Martins: Come on. Come on.
-Oh, shit. -Get back down.
-Oh, shit. -Shawn: Get back down.
I’m gonna help you through the first part.
-Okay. Yeah. You got to. -Let’s do it.
-Somebody better help me. All right.
On three. One, two, three.
Okay. Okay. -There you go. There you go.
-Oh, shit. -There–get under it,
get under it. Both hands under.
Drop it down. -It’s all you. It’s all you.
-Kevin: Goddamn. -There it this.
-Yeah. Yeah. -What the (bleep) what the (bleep) timeout.
-You’re on your way, baby bird! -Whoo!
-Everybody, timeout. -Martins: You’re gonna fly soon.
-Kevin: Timeout. Everybody, timeout. Now, it’s not fair to have all these
amazing people on the side and not involve them. So, what I wanna do, I wanna do a Bengay challenge
right now. I’mma grab six people,
six people. We’re gonna go three
against three, tug-of-war. You’re gonna go all in and win, okay? You and you,
I like that. I like you and you.
So, one, two, and I’mma get a guy. Brother, we’re gonna go
you right here, and we’re gonna go
you right here. All right. So, you all three.
-Woman: Uh-huh. -Back up a little bit
on the rope. Okay. I just saw
they legs. These are goddamn
track runners right here.
-( laughter ). -Yeah, yeah. You run track. I know a track leg
when I see one. All right. On your mark, get set, let’s go! Go!
-Whoo! -Whoo!
-Man: Yeah! Come on! -Come on! -( cheers and applause ) -( indistinct ) all right, all right. -( applause ) -Okay. ( laughs ) You might be
a sore winner now, but hopefully
this win from Bengay will relieve the pain,
ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, guys so much.
-Whoo! -Thank you, guys. Give them a round
of applause. -( cheers and applause ) -What’s next?
Go to the next thing.
-Martins: All right. We’re going to the yoke carry. -Kevin: Okay.
-So, basically, you’re just gonna get right under it, stand up and carry it down the line and back. -Kevin: How many pounds is it? -Now, this empty
is 200 pounds. -What?
-So I’ve personally competed in the heaviest contest
in the world. The heaviest yoke I’ve done was a thousand
five hundred fifty pounds. They’re first. Martins: ( laughing ) -Rhett: This doesn’t look
compromising, does it? -No. It definitely–
it definitely looks like y’all are doing something else,
but whatever. -Okay.
-Kevin: Let’s go, Link. Rhett: Twenty,
I’m giving you twenty. I’m giving you–
-Man: Nice. There we go. -And I’m giving you
a hundred and twenty in my mind. How is that?
-Kevin: Come on, Link. -There you go. Stay with him.
-Rhett: Look at us. Look what we’re doing.
-Are you pushing down? Pull up!
-Man: Come on. Going strong. -Pull up! Pull up!
-Yeah! -Yeah!
-That’s it. -Rhett: Look at us.
-Martins: There we go. -Yeah.
-How was that? -Yeah.
-Look at that, huh? -( applause ) -Kevin: Now,
here’s another question. If I breeze through this, where will my place be in, like,
the Strongest Man Competition? Is there like a level?
-Shawn: You would
have successfully warmed up
for the contest probably. -Kevin: Okay, got it.
-Shawn: Yeah. Okay. You’re gonna push forward.
-Kevin: One. Hey, man. Leave me alone!
I know what to do! -Okay! You got it!
-Shit! Ready, one, two, and push. Okay. Oh, yeah.
-Man: There we go.
There we go. -Okay.
-( laughs ) -Rhett:
Two hundred, no problem. -I’m one of the strongest men
in the world. ( laughing ) Oh, God. Whoo. Oh, God. Oh. -Shawn: Nice.
-Kevin: Oh! Oh! Boom, boom. Huh?
– ( cheers and applause ) -Martins: All right.
You’re gonna use what you’ve learned in the bus pull.
-The what pull? -Martins: The bus pull. -Kevin: Oh, you pull the bus. Easy. -I’ll be the ref. -Done.
-Shawn: All right, Kevin. So, you and I
is going head to head, see who’s stronger. -How does it feel
to know you’re gonna lose? -( laughter ). I get to pull a bus. All this fake ass
Strongman shit. Give me my bus, cuz! -( bus horn blows ) -Martins: Competitors, ready? -Kevin: Why can’t
I pull the bus? I don’t need to pull this! ( car horn honks )
-( laughter ). -Martins: Oh, you haven’t had
enough training, dude. You’re a little too short.
-Kevin: Bullshit! That’s bullshit
and you know it! -Martins: All right.
Sorry, buddy. Just not today,
little bird. -Call me little bird again,
I’mma fly. -Martins: Okay.
Set, go. -( grunts )
-Martins: Good job, Shawn. That’s it, chop, chop. Keep
drawing the rope into your
stomach. That’s it. Keep drawing it.
-Link: Oh, the bus is moving. Oh, look how
that little car’s moving. He’s gaining on him.
-Martins: He’s gaining on you. You got to move, man. You got to move,
move, move, move, move, move,
move, move, move. -That’s right.
Suck it, strongman! Suck it!
Suck it, strongman! -( air horn .
-Suck it! Whoo! Yeah! -Beginner’s luck.
-Kevin: Oh. -Shawn: Kevin hart
is our winner.
-Shoot for the stars! -Link: Hey, that was
a good pull though. -Shawn: I tried.
-Mini hulk, that’s what I’m talking about! An amazing episode
of “What The Fit” ended it with a bang. -Nice job.
-Thank you. -I’m impressed.
-Thank you, guys. Thank you to you and your singlets. Thank you
to our strongmen who came and paved the way
and showed us what to do. -That’s right. That’s right.
-And how to do it correctly. At the end
of the day, they left losers, but it happens to the best of
them when they face Kevin “The Hitman” Hart. -That’s right.
-Aka Hustle Hart, aka Move With Hart, aka Mini Pull, aka Put It On My Back, a.k.a. Hot Feet, a.k.a. Thunder Thighs, a.k.a. Hard Knees, a.k.a. Quick Edit
So You Can Get Gone, aka Slam The Ball. ( sighs ) It’s just a–
it’s just a nickname, you know. It’s just a nickname
-Oh, right, right, right. I got known for.
-Yeah, yeah, right, right… -Kevin: This is Kevin Hart. Now I don’t wanna tell you
what to do, but subscribe
to my YouTube channel. Do it now. Just click that
Laugh Out Loud logo. Oh, and click the video
to watch more of “What The Fit.”

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