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100 thoughts on “Strongman Robert Oberst Responds to Your YouTube Comments

  1. Okay okay but honest to god: i don’t need to know numbers, but I do want to know HOW you make money. Is it just competitions and merchandise, or are there other factors involved like brand deals?

  2. Great video, started only knowing Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw but glad to learn about a strongman from here in CA!

    Just wanted to leave a comment saying I'm not a fan of getting angry about money comments. There's nothing wrong with wondering how you can make a living in certain professions, even if it's prying to ask. I take it as a compliment, like "wow, you can make a living with that, that's impressive" unless they're specifically rude about asking (I used to work a strange job too so I've heard that question many times). Just really shocked me to see someone get so angry about someone's simple curiosity, Robert's probably just gotten a lot of comments/questions from people who were rude about it and just overreacted if I had to guess.

  3. Desk jackasses (i mean jockeys)only thing they have going for them is that they talk shit behind a computer screen..Mr Oberst you are bad ass

  4. can he do a pull-up???…survey says…YES!!!

  5. This dude is awesome and one of the chillest and most humble guys I’ve seen. Fuck all the haters out there.

    Btw if any of u are into strong men stuff check out his show on the History channel Strongest men in history.

  6. I don't wanna know what money you make, I wanna know where it comes from. Like is it all competition or do you get brand deals?

  7. Robert don't listen to them dick heads you are great I watch you Brian and Eddie all time💪💪👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  8. This guy is just a giant, down to earth guy. And if he were a bad cook he would be a skinny 6’8 guy and look a lot taller. lol

  9. I didn't realize he was that tall . I just saw him on the history channel strongman show . They're all monsters so i guess i couldn't tell their heights .

  10. STrong af and straight shooter , isn’t here to satisfy you fucken haters !! Just let him do him and go strap a 45lb plate to your chest and walk off a pier

  11. The dude said "I don't get how these dudes get paid" not "How much you get paid?" It's not that bad to ask how someone gets paid, imagine if someone wants to go into strongman and can't get ideas for revenue, what else is he going to ask?

  12. He never asked what kind of money you make you condescending dick.
    He asked HOW People in your line of work/life gets paid since you dont have a fucking monthly salary.
    Reading comprehension, it is still a fucking thing.

  13. yo my man i'm a big fan of what you do and im interested in doing what you do but i keep getting put down cuz people tell me i cant get paid for this but i here that you get paid doing this and i would like to know how. im a 20 year old big dude from iceland and i currently live in canada i'm related to tow of the world's strongest man hafþór júlíus björnsson and jon pall sigmarsson and i would love to see a video explaining how to become strong man like you and again ty for all the fun videos

  14. 2:07 Good answer. Stop asking people hoe they get paid. Lets extend this and stop asking people what they do for a living when we first meet them. What someone does for a living is just another way of asking how do you get paid.

  15. Notice he didn’t actually do a pull up though. I saw a video here on YT with I think Brian Shaw or some other 6’8 400 lb dude and a retired navy seal and neither one of them actually did a single legit rep when they went head to head.

  16. My dad is 6'4" and my mom is 5'4". My little sister is 5'4" as well. My older brothers are 5'10" and 6'0". And as the youngest brother I'm 6'10" 😂

  17. I'm gonna answer some of Obie's questions the way i thought they should have been answered. His dick is small when lifting because all the blood is in his huge muscles, but when he stops lifting he turn into the elephant man lol! As far as his money is concerned..if you don't know how pro athletes get paid, then your an idiot (period)!! Aside from that…the key to being awesome and huge like Obie is to Love/Respect your Mama!!

  18. Why so cagey about the pay question? It read more like a question about WSM pay structure than about how much Robert Oberst specifically earns, and since the whole things funded effectively by the existence of a fan base, it's a perfectly reasonable question.

  19. I'd also like to say I really enjoyed seeing you all on the history channel this summer. It motivated me to keep up with my stength training . I look up to you strongmen and it inspired me to stay in shape .

  20. Honestly I don't know how people criticise his career. Just cause he's stronger, happier, nicer, and a better person than you doesn't mean you have to go off on this dude

  21. 5:45 oh right that point i realised u trolling and talking shit about patrik baboumian. dude I like you but that shit really changed how I see you. you talking shit about another strongman just cos he s vegan ? insult him ? I was watching him since idk 3-4 years and that dude is strong. really strong. yea maybe he s not like thor or brian shaw but little bit respect dude. that attitude not matching with how you show yourself on your channel / instagram.

  22. One of my favourites athletes..
    It's amazing how him and his colleagues really seem the nice bunch of guys to hang with..
    Strong & Humble 👌👍💪…
    Respect to all of you and the sport you dedicate your life for

  23. If you're watching this vid, look up Obi's channel and subscribe to him. His channel name is: Robert Oberst. He's a badass strongmen who does cool things like deadlift cars. He's also as humble as he is funny. I'm promoting him because he seems to be too humble to self promote. He's only got 37k followers. Let's fix that.

  24. Was what that guy meant about him playing a dwarf a reference to the Hobbit films, because the guys who played the dwarves are actually quite big in real life from what I know?

  25. Why are fat people are strong im 6ft physically frend is also 6ft fat but i cannot beat him in weight lifting to think but my frend doest even workout just playing ps4.

  26. Why are people hating on this guy he does what he loves and he comes across as the gentle giant I'd love to kick back and a beer with this lad we'd have a right laugh take it easy peeps love from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  27. Love watching your videos especially with Eddie, Brian, Nick. Much respect you are an inspiration. Would love to have you visit my church

  28. Oberst. You inspire me to be something better. I dont care how I look. I just want to be strong. I'm 36 so I need to make a life change. Keep up the good work man, and maybe one day I'll see you at, well I'll see you on the internet!

  29. My mom is 5'3" and my dad is 5'10". I am 13 years old and over 6 feet tall. I want to be a strongman. A lot of people in my family were bodybuilders, so I get why it is easy for me to build muscle, but I dont know where I got my height from.

  30. This guy is awsome. That comment about these strongest men being fat is stupid. Go get a fat guy and tell him to pull a truck or dead lift 700 pounds. There not defined but that extra body weight believe it or not helps them do what they need to do.

  31. He is an inspection to me I strive to best his over head press an would love to meet him someday it would be humbling

  32. I relate to the picked up fat kid like him. I'm not that tall (like 5'11") but when I became all-state football team and broke the adult record of powerlifting in the school (my highschool was part of a university here in Mexico) like 300kg total, people started respecting… It's about what you do, not what you look like

  33. If you’re 6’8” then Brian Shaw is 7 feet tall. When you stand next to him he’s got about 3 inches on ya bud

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