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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I am Michael Blumstein and I will show you how simple building muscles and strength can be. You need 3 things: one bar, a squat rack and a decent coach. Don’t forget the weights. The stronger you are, the more weights you’ll need! Right? Yes, we’ll definitely need some. Here we go, Michi! Show us the strongman. You’re strong, focus! Come on, now! Don’t stop, just don’t. One more! Alright, go! Weights dropping on their own. Effort, guys. Bar, weights and the will to succeed – all you need. That’s it. So, Michi, what now? Deadlifts are done, now squats to follow, with 200kg. I just did deadlift with 300kg so let’s see how it goes. Let’s see. What do you think? Does it even matter? Just do it, break your limits. Yea, don’t think, train! Concentrate. Alright, enhance your stamina. Stable back. Stop joking, keep going! No problem.. Holy shit, forward! I think it were 17, not bad, right? Third exercise: 150kg overhead press. Keep going. Everything you have, everything. Don’t fall asleep, push! 4 reps with 150kg overhead press. Back done, legs done – 3 exercises: deadlift, squats, press. Right, just 3 exercises. I’m tired out. You saw the results.. coming with big weights and a motivating coach – I love it.

100 thoughts on “Strongman VS Bodybuilder – German Simple Mass Workout (eng sub)

  1. for the size they have, they lift pretty light, shit i can push press the same weight and i look half the size

  2. In my humble opinion, you make some of the best training and sports videos in youtube: interesting, straight to the point, useful and most important: Enjoyable to watch. I specially enjoyed the weightlifter-powerlifter-bodybuilder squat session, definitely interesting to watch! Keep up with the good work!

  3. For the over head press, you're supposed to use your legs like that?! I always use just my arms and keep everything else frozen like a statue.

  4. das erwähnte resultat siehst du in 10 jahren wenn deine nieren und leber abfucken von dem shit denihr euch reinballert……..nichts desto trotz wahsinns leistung ! respekt !

  5. I want to make those chicken leg guys at my gym watch this instead of screwing around with arm curls and dumbbell flys every workout.

  6. Although I cannot understand German, I thoroughly enjoy watching all of your videos they are very motivating and full of fun too! I love everyones passion for lifting on this channel! Keep the videos coming! – England

  7. Aber was ist denn mit vorgebeugtem Seitheben am Kabelzug??? Braucht man das nicht um die Masse in die hintere Schulter zu bekommen???? 😉

  8. Great video, super strong dude, but those push presses don't count, those are power jerks since he dips back under in order to fully extend his arms. Still awesome

  9. This is the smelling salt that they sniff before push.

  10. Herzlich willkommen, Sportsfreunde, beim Ork-Workout für Fortgeschrittene – Heute ein paar Grundübungen für die tägliche Belastung am Mühlendrehrad.

  11. Ok, I'm not going to bullshit, I'm not even in the same league as this guy's calf. That being said, isn't he rounding his back too much on the deadlift? I ask as a novice.

    Secondly, what is he sniffing out of the container? My wife asked and I didn't know. My response was cocaine in jest, but seriously what is it?

  12. well done with squats but why he using his legs when doing overhead press. He shouldn't jump when lifting overhead press this is cheating!!!

  13. Ein Grizzlybär ist so stark wie diese beiden Herren zusammen!

    A grizzlybear is as strong as these two gentlemen together!

  14. Ein Grizzlybär ist so stark wie diese beiden Herren zusammen!

    A grizzlybear is as strong as these two gentlemen together!

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