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hi my name is Robin I’m sorry 8 years old I am power left my name is Dorothy I’m 28 years wood and I am buddy bill one thing that I realized is that a lot of people complain about my opponent being too light this time I have an opponent Jewish 220 kilo body weight was four feet and was four arms and two heads today we hear terrain meets virgin bodies and we have one target want to beat one of the strongest men in Germany the vegan badass we beat and beat them yeah the thing is I’m up against two guys and it’s really hard to tell how it’s going to turn out because I never done something like that before but as always I never go into a battle and think that I try to get second place I’m always going to win and this is not going to be something else this time I’m going to the battle to win our strategy is we give all we can 110% and yeah motivation hashtag no fucking excuses for us it’s not possible to lose against one man oh sorry Oh yeah we go you go see you see the that’s what makes it fun Oh please Oh Wow Oh No yeah I’m where but ours yeah Oh come on oh yeah was Oh No whoa and so I hope Oh of these I thought Oh Oh ah yeah Oh they won fucking Aaron Oh fine eating away Oh Oh what about weddings Oh you

100 thoughts on “Strongman VS Bodybuilder + Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #7

  1. This one is by far my favorite video:
    – Epic Music
    – 2 guys vs Vegan Badass who's my favorite
    – That feeling !
    – That positive energy !
    – That FUCKING video !

  2. you can see at 3:06 the powerlifter already had some back issues. Stop crying stuff like "he left all the work for the bodybuilder", as if he injured himself on purpose. Holy shit how stupid are the people on youtube nowadays? He is still lifting weights you cannot even count.

  3. This is power of the Iranian “🇮🇷 🦁” ❤️ “Abadan” ❤️
    Well done Patrik my man 🙏
    Also do some research about Iranian Hulk. Sajad Gharibi Iranian Hulk.
    Thank you guys for supporting him 🙂 love you all. ❤️

  4. Yes people he's vegan, do not comment about how the man is vegan, we get it. Now scroll back up and eat some kale or something

  5. Patrick whipped two guys at this and that's because he eats first hand vegan protein, not secondhand animal products full of cholesterol, antibiotics, carcinogens, and other shit.

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