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100 thoughts on “Strongman VS Bodybuilder – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #4

  1. It's probably not very often that a bodybuilder beats a strongman! But Tetzel you don't have to give up cause anybody can beat anyone!

  2. I notice that in all of the challenges I have seen so far, the shortest guy wins. Elementary level physics say, that if you are shorter, you have an advantage. Same weight, shorter distance, means smaller amount of energy needed. For example if you do squats and your shoulders are 10 centimeters lower than your opponent's shoulders, you have a big advantage. On the other hand if these guys fought each other, a longer arm would give a big advantage, because the same angular velocity in a hook punch, would resold to greater speed at the fist on the end of the arm.

  3. Question: I have seen a movie series ""Spartacus"" how gladiators were walking with logs on their backs for hours. Do you think it is a good/healthy exercise to get your legs and back stronger or it is nonsense, that only looks good on a movie screen? I am just trying to figure it out, is it better for me to work out as a bodybuilder and use all of their technics VS working out as a strongman lifting/dragging and walking with heavy things that you can find on the streets ( tractor tires, tree logs etc..) Thank You.

  4. Does anyone else see that it wasn’t fair for the strongman? I mean they both weigh 115 kg but the bodybuilder is way shorter meaning that the bodybuilder has way more muscle mass than the strongman..

  5. Tetzel is the man. My role model who got me into powerlifting. And the most respectable thing is that he is natty competing against people who take steroids. Massive respect.

  6. The taller guy has a disadvantage his limbs are longer so it takes more energy and effort to lift… this is fucking stupid

  7. this is unfair dude body builder can do this shits better as its his daily doings .. try something else dumbo

  8. It should have been, Strongman does his max lifts for these and the bodybuilder does his max for 10 reps.
    Guaranteed the Strongman would win because it is lower reps and his max. pretty sure that bodybuilder is roided up, so much Testosterone that his body made more veins that shouldn't be there. haha You don't tell a strongman to do high reps, each max weight and low reps. My own opinion though.

  9. Gah i cant wait until i can afford a gym membership again. I just have to do bodyweight workouts for now

  10. This was as far from a test of strength as possible, 'low' weights against the clock, that is designed for a bodybuilder,

    Elite strongmen are lifting 200kg+ in the log lift, and deadlifting 350kg as a minimum, even breaking 1000 pounds for the top dead lifters.

    These are two completely different aspects of strength, one being about stamina and endurance as well as strength , the other about pure and raw strength.

    The difference is that most strongmen could put in the hours and fairly quickly do those reps, with those weights, as fast as an elite bodybuilder, but most bodybuilders couldn't go anywhere near the elite strongmen when it comes to lifting those weights.

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