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99 thoughts on “Strongman VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #1

  1. strength is an overall status, not just muscles, mind, elasticity, vascularity, stamina, speed, etc.

  2. why did that clown compete and why would he call himself a strong man ha ha ha ha what a fucking clown… i think i heard him calling for his mommy ha ha ha ha

  3. +BodybuildingRev ich würde mal sehr gerne einen strengthwars sehen wo es um maximalgewicht geht und nicht darum eine bestimmte anzahl von reps in einer vorgegebenen zeit zu schaffen. Also quasi wie ein powerlifting meet, nur mit anderen bzw mehr disziplinen. Ich glaube da würde man ganz andere interessante facetten der athleten sehen.

  4. the guy on the right went like deeper on the squats than the guy who won. he should ve saved more energy there

  5. Commentator is insulting when he says Michael was stronger but Daniele won because he was fitter; that's completely untrue, Daniele was stronger and fitter (he was also a lot older and had the experience to tough it out when it got really hard).

  6. There are few things wrong with this battle. Firstly, these should be more balanced weight-wise, 20kg difference is way too much. Michael, however, made that up with his squats, which were much much better than Daniele (also shows the weight difference, tho). Pull ups could be a solution to make it harder for Micheal :D. With all this out there , I can still proudly say that it was an amazing battle and both competitors did great. Looking forward to more of these. Michael, Daniele – you guys have my respect. keep it up, boys!

  7. the guy on the right needed comforting from other big strong men LOOOOL, i knew he lost when he went to take a sip of water

  8. Strongman lost, so how was he stronger? what kind of biased crap is that? he's out of shape and almost had a heart attack.

  9. Seriously, I've watched a few of these videos and each one has some badass songs in them. Some of us want to work out to these songs used in the videos. POST THE ARTIST, SONG NAME, SOMETHING!!!!

  10. please get EDDIE HALL, idk what it would take to do that but whatever it is you gotta do it please get him on the show

  11. I'd suggest a rematch where at least 10 minutes separate the events. The issue Michael ran into here was endurance going from one even to the next, as he has 30kg more bodyweight. That added muscle uses far more air. At the same time it's essential for him in absolute static power & the dynamic strongman events. Give at least 10 minutes between events & and in dynamic load & carry events and then test it. Really this demonstration simply showed that with equal work load and no recover time a heavier man gasses sooner. This we already knew.

  12. If the rule allows parallel squat, you have no business to do ATG or else at all. Full ROM is great but sometimes being wiser is greater. That powerlifter just did parallel because the rule allowed parallel. And I guess this pakour is too much favourable for powrerlifting profession rather than strongman.
    P.S. – I cautiously assume that that strongman had ate something pretty much before the pakour lol.

  13. Zuerst dachte ich, boah, was für ein überheblicher Typ, dieser Michael Blumstein. Und natürlich hoffte ich als Landsmann sehr, dass Daniele Pauli gewinnt. Aber was ich an Strongmen bisher sehr schätzen gelernt habe, ist die grundsätzlich faire Art miteinander umzugehen. Ja da werden bei Wettkämpfen sogar die Gegner angefeuert. Man freut sich, wenn sie eine tolle Leistung bringen und trauert mit ihnen, wenn es nicht geklappt hat. Und den Mut, den Michael Blumstein hier gezeigt hat, zu sagen, dass er nicht mehr kann und aufgibt, finde ich bemerkenswert. Zu wissen, wann es genug ist und sich das einzugestehen ist ein Zeichen von Erwachsen und Weise sein. Kämpfen: Ja, Kaputtmachen: Nein. So macht es Spass zuzuschauen.

  14. "I go to the fight, win and say goodbye" At that moment, I knew who I was cheering for and who I was looking forward to seeing their losing face.

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