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100 thoughts on “Strongman VS Weightlifter SQUAT DEATHMATCH #2

  1. The other guy should have lost this one , bcs his form are soo bad , look at his knees for an exsempel , and look how perfect form Tetzels form are compare , see for yourself for understanding me hehe 😀

  2. cast be like :yo weightboy if like, tetzel fails like, again make it so it looks like you won by just abit mkay? tetzel was a freaking tomato the other guy looked like he just warmed up lol

  3. So the guy in red wins by default because homeboy did not do one squat even remotely close to parallel….just sayin'

  4. What did we learn? Place the barbell on your back the right way and you win!!! Weightlifter had the better technique and so he won..

  5. It takes a lot of spirit to push yourself to the limits like Tetzel did competing against a weightlifter in what they do. Say what you will, Pretzel is a hell of an athlete.

  6. lol everyone keeps bashing Tetzel's voice, you're all just jealous because you can't scream like a badass viking xD

  7. Who are these "weightlifters" this guy and that other guy Robert are strong as fuck. I'm confused because they aren't called "powerlifters" does that mean that they are just casual gym goers? Lol

  8. Yeah, sure, Philip won but I'm sure neither one of you would risk completing a rep when you know you won't do it. Like Tetzel did.

  9. hairy mofo didnt do one properly..u have to go to atleast 90 degrees..guy in orange went deeper and still won,fucking viking wannabe..

  10. Honestly guys I love both athletes here! I think Tetzl knew he's gonna loose that battle and pushed the weight lifter more by saying shit haha well done both

  11. There's something about Tetzel. He's really overconfident most of the times, somewhat cocky but I really like him. I feel like I could watch him lose challenges all day. He's still pretty damn strong though so I'm not taking anything away from him. You the man Tezticle!

  12. The weight lifter is far more proficient in the squat tezel was very vertical for a low bar plus his neck is hyper extended which you definitely lose force production that way but … I'm mean that shits my one rep max so… I'm kinda invaded

  13. Besides, that this type of squats make you vulnerable to injuries, that was amazing brutal strength war, everything starts big and then looses its original spirit. Front squats are not that widespread then why not, deadlift fight?

  14. TETZEL bester moderator überhaupt wenn du nicht anmoderirst ist fehlen den wettkämpfen immer das gewisse etwas coolster look und geile namen mann

  15. The weightlifter has femurs (long torso, short LEGS) better suited for squatting more upright and less energy required from the core muscles of the body to stabilize the weight. He also trains squatting more times for the snatch and clean n jerk. The Strongman trains for 20 events strength events. Not Just 2 like the weightlifter. And tries to be good at every single one of them. He May squat 2 times a month. Thats another factor that made him lose

  16. Tetzel just talk too much, just being silence and focus dude. You always lose because you think you're too good

  17. If Strength Wars ever comes back they need to do more Squat death battles, and maybe like some deadlift or bench press death battles too.

    So good! Tetzel has a true warriors spirit and Philip is a squatting monster!!!

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