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100 thoughts on “STRONGMEN VS. SCOTSMEN IN EPIC TUG-OF-WAR | The Strongest Man in History (Season 1) | History

  1. I’m upset not gonna lie 💀💀 it was honestly the lack of proper footing/foot wear on our guys part. Give them a run down on technique and proper shoes and they would beat all 8!

  2. Did he just dis them at @2:38-40 on their "mental strength" ?! hhhh kinna ballsy thing tondo in front of 4 juggernauts. 😎

  3. Really shows history. Why feed one very strong guy with over 10,000 calories per day, if you can have four men, doing more. Strongmen are impresive, showing us how far a man can push his limits.

  4. There is no doubt that one of the strongman is at least 3 times stronger than 1 Scotsman. When we compare how much they can lift, or truck pull etc. Like each of our strongmen here can at least lift 450 kilograms on average, Eddie Hall and Shaw can lift more. But I don't think that the average Scotsmen here can deadlift 150kg since they don't even lift and you can not lift that much if you don't lift on a regular basis. Same could be said for other lifts/Strongmen events. So the strongmen are 3 times stronger, but with the advantage in technique and coordination the Scotsmen beat the Strongmen 7 to 4. This really shows you how significant the technique factor is. It makes up for a whole lot. Of course the strongmen also did not have the correct boots, so maybe they could have beaten 7, but not 8. Since 6 looked easy even with wrong boots and 7 looked impossible, I am convinced 8 would be the end of the line here if both had the same boots.

  5. I love how these guys are aware of how huge they are, and they make jokes about it. "they're a clan, and we're a clan." "we're a bigger clan"

  6. Kinda bullshits, strongman win by longshot, even with 10 they would still win, they called them out without proper gear (shoes) so when they start kickin in their strenght the ground was sliding

  7. Every One of these Men is an Incredible Human being, but there are men bigger than all of them that couldn't do a moment of what they can.

  8. Yeah my money was on the guys who pull busses and trucks for living…I think if it wasn't for the shoes, they would have beaten 7 of them too.

  9. Ok, so Brian is such a sweetie. Him versus a bunch of second graders must have been a once in a lifetime memory for them. And it showed them if they work together they can move mountains.

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