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What up Food Tubers, Mr Oliver here. Today is a beautiful day because we are making the most incredible gluten free, wheat free protein loaf. This is perfect for people that care about sports and nutrition and post gym or workout or game. This is amazing for muscle repair and muscle growth. And to help me today I’ve got 2 brilliant boys, I got Billy and I’ve got J from F2 channel. Tell my audience about what you do guys. So basically we’re a football channel that does lots of different tutorials, amazing tricks and skills. We call it ‘tekkers’. What’s tekkers? Oh you know what tekkers is… You know when you knock up something with a bit of swazz, style. I think I might have to up my game today. Unbelievable skills or trick-shots, anything that involves technique. I’m tekkers with my pots and pans? You’ve got tekkers in the whole kitchen. You must be popular with the ladies though, with balls like that. I’ll let Jezz answer that one. Okay. So, onto the meal… So you need a tin but you can cook it in anything. We’re gonna use, this is called gram flour. We want about 250 grams of that. That is made out of chickpeas. Chickpeas? Yep that’s just dried chickpeas ground down. Great colour right. That’s in a whole load of indian dishes and flat breads and stuff like that. Almonds have got a fantastic colour, 100 grams. It’s a nut and it’s ground. So this is really nutritious. We’ve got some seeds here. Chia seeds in there, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame and pumpkin seeds. 100 grams of that. I have got some tepid water there so it’s sort of room temperature. I’m going to put in 7 grams which is one sachet of yeast. So that’s going to give it the lift. This is 370ml of water. We’ll make that just warm. Put the yeast in there, add olive oil. That’s a really good healthy fat. About 4 tablespoons, that’s just going to give it a nice richness. And a nice pinch of salt, sea salt i’m using and a bit of marmite. Marmite? Yea. Never would have suspected that. So 3 teaspoons in there. It gives it a wicked hum. Wow. If I come down on one side of loving it or hating it, it would be hating it. But, in bread who knows. Yea this is a fairly big flavour but it kind of once it cooks, it sort of disappears. Have a little stir up bruv. Left handed stirrer, have a look at his stirring with a left hand. What’s wrong with left handed? Look how you’re stirring it. Don’t be prejudice about left handed people. Can you get a little bit of a stir Jezz? I’m stirring it! It’s a wonderful stir, especially for a left hander. Ah he’s getting involved now. Handful of linner seed in there, I know some of those ingredients may be new to you guys, the seeds, the linner seeds, the almond flour, the chickpea flour. Bt guess what, they’re in every single super market across the country. The more you can feel your body with the goodness, the quicker you’re going to repair. After exercise, the more astute you’re gonna be and fast and reactions. Your muscles and your bone density will be at optimal levels. I need to get 4 eggs in there, let’s see what your egg cracking is like boys. Is this a little Billy v Jezza? That’s 2 handed, let’s see if you can do one handed. And out wit your mate. He did! Come in on that, come in. That’s for the protein! What the shell? That shell is full of protein. So the only way to do it is just, there you go. That’s decent. If you want to have a little stir now, let’s see a right handed stirrer. This is how you should do it okay. Ah see what I mean? Jezz you alright mate? Rosemary, this is going to give it wicked flavour. I’m just going to finely chop it. So we’re going to pour that into our little mould. Try and get everything out. Super hero styling so in the oven we’re going to go in 190 degrees celsius which is about 375 fahrenheit. We’re going to cook that for about 45 minutes, so it’s technically more of a cake than a bread. But it’s a protein loaf. It is a bread. So boys while that cooks, 45 minutes, how about some skills with an orange? Fruity! Shall we do it? Come on boys. Fruity. Ooh very nice, just a minute. Sliced it! You see! I was trying to do like the quarters at football. So boys that’s what it looks like, there’s your protein loaf. How a look into the inside there look, that’s what you get guys. So, crispy on the outside. Full of the good stuff, beautiful seeds, nuts. I like to put different toppings on it. Sour cream, you can put houmous on it, you can put you know sort of cheese on top if you want. Have a little try. That you can toast up, really really hot. Serve it with cured meats, ham, tomatoes, all sorts of things. So Jamie we’ve just played a football match, we’ve done our loaf. How much of that should we be eating? Well it depends male or female, how long the game was, but let’s just say you burned 400 calories / 500 calories. You can have a good couple of slices there, maybe 3. This is really nice, really nice. So there you go guys, that is the gluten free, wheat free protein loaf, you can do loads with it. All sorts of different toppings, if you want inspiration and ideas check out my book Everyday Superfood. Loads in there also we’re going to do some cool stop frame animation about different toppings and stuff as well. Don’t forget to check out the boys channel, F2. It’s wicked, it will blow your mind. No matter where you come from, who you are, it will blow your mind and you’ll want to share it with your friends. Because you guys do incredible things. It’s almost as good as this. Yea don’t mind about the oranges, what you do with a football is incredible. Thanks for coming. Cheers mate, it’s been a pleasure. Lovely to see you. Thank you very much. Until next time, see you guys!

100 thoughts on “Super-Food Protein Loaf | F2 Freestylers & Jamie Oliver

  1. Omg! Need to try this, but I have one problem. We don't have marmite here I'm Sweden. What can I replace it with? /Sandra

  2. Can you substitute the chick pea flour for coconut flour? Also was that molasses he put in? I couldn't make out what was said.

  3. Is this a good exchange for post workout supplements, protein bars and powder etc…? Sounds a bit healthier this does really! I go to the gym and consider starting with protein powder. But after watching this, I think this is a much better option. I also consider taking pre- workout supplements to boost my performance in the gym, so do you have any suggestions to what I can use that gives as good performance as pre- workout, and maybe make a video on it?

  4. can someone please write the recipe for this? I am from another country and i cant figure out what he is saying, thanks 🙂

  5. Sorry but as a coeliac I have to point out that this is not gluten free due to the addition of the marmite. Marmite uses barley extract which makes this recipe not gluten free, sorry guys.

  6. Hi! I'm sorry but I don´t get to understand the second and the last one (The thick brown thing that looks like caramel) ingredient he uses on it. Could any of you guys write it down please?! Thank you!!! Greetings from Spain 🙂 !!

  7. Looks great Jamie :))) I actually trained several of your chefs in your new restaurants coming up on Rational Ovens :)) x

  8. greaat i am allergic to chickpeas so cant have gram flour… as well as to pumpkin & sunflower seeds, and eggs,

  9. Very healthy, super protein loaf, simple and easy to make, so delicious! Thank you for sharing +Jamie….. Oh yes….I was already forgetting the great toppings too!

  10. Jamie, this is super tasty, I can't wait to give it to kids before sport training. Please show more good stuff like that.

  11. How about we make THE ENGLISH the flavour of fashion? After all this IS England…..HOMELAND of The English. I am getting MIGHTLY annoyed at the CONSISTANT promotion of non-English over MY PEOPLE'S IMAGE IN ENGLAND.

  12. Hey Jamie Oliver and crew. 🙂 I really love this baking recipe, and I would love to see more baking. I have a few different things I would like to know more about. First of all I love to bake, and I like to try out various flour types. But I have no idea what they do or how they work. I would also like to see home made versions of burger buns or hotdog bread or other bread you often buy in the shops.
    I had hoped that the super food book would had more baking recipes with healthier alternatives. Is it possible that you could do a short baking series?

    Thank you very much for all the inspiration and passion you guys bring to the world of cooking. 🙂

  13. I am with Jamie all the way but you really need to appreciate that saturated fats are not bad fats and we cannot function as a healthy organism without cholesterol.

  14. chickpea flour? ok couldn't find that in store, so I used whole grain cereal flour instead. added peanuts, peanut butter and walnuts as well, all ground ofc, mashed banana, and some oats. no need of protein bars anymore 😀

  15. So wait, Jezza is left handed but he shoots with his right leg. And Billy is right handed but shoots with his left leg?

  16. I am pretty disappointed,,,, its around 3000 calories, and it has 11% protein ( 1kg of loaf with around 110-120 grams of protein). I gave up from that, gonna use banana and peanut butter for recovery instead of this, or I might try it with soya flour instead of chickpeas.

  17. I like how at 5:01 he says its a gluten free, wheat free protein loaf, but earlier when he added marmite it said leave out to stay gluten free

  18. Recipe:

    250g chickpeas powder

    100g Almond flour

    100g of Seeds (Chia, poppy, sunflower pumpkin)

    370mL warm water

    7g of yeast

    4 tablespoons olive oil


    Marmite (Optional)

    Mix it 4 eggs on it

    Rosmarin (Chopped)

    Mix it

    Oven 190°C 45 minutes

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