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100 thoughts on “SUPERHUMAN WEIGHTLIFTER Deadlifts 8 Tires on Portugal’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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  2. I really don't mean to be rude or a downer but that's not really a talent that's just you being super strong and I wouldn't be surprised if he use steroids

  3. That's great, and while it may be thrilling at a strongman competition, it's not really an act to entertain the masses. Don't get me wrong, this guys strength is incredible, I don't dispute that, but it's not particularly entertaining, is it?

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  5. I was going to insult the tire lift because it looks heavier than a more condensed set of weights, and then I was like, wait it's in another language, lets let em have it.

  6. I know that football kit can cover a lot, but what I didn't know was the fact Olivier Giroud is hiding a Thanos under his kit

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  8. I wouldn't even have attempted to try lifting it without a belt on, not unless I wanted to be able to fold myself in a suitcase afterwards lol

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