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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome back to our Ask The Trainer Series. My name is Marek. I represent Trec Nutrition. Today We’re gonna talk about supplements for begginers. When You should start taking them and what kind of supplements are best when starting taking supplements. Supplements basically are the great way to help You get the moast of out of the work that You put in the gym Your supplementation will be based on your workout plan on Your fitness level that You are currently in. and on Your overall fitness goals. When You are in a appropriate and You hit the gym really hard and You fell like eating chicken and rice doesn’t serve justice anymore. Then it’s probably a good time to reach for the supplements. And Your first weapon in a supplement world will be will probably Whey Protein. There is no suprise there it is basically an essential supplement for any gym goer that’s lifts weights. Why do We need to supply our diet with protein? Even If We eat plenty of meat, plenty of eggs Just beacause protein powders have a quick absorption time. Which will basically allow You to fuel Your body with essential amino acids right after You workout or first thing in the morning when Your body really needs them and It needs them really quick. When choosing a protein powder You should always reach for the highest quality protein on the market. Just because If You decided to take supplements It will have a tremendous effect on Your body So You should never go for the cheap stuff Just because You want to stay healthy and You want to get the most out of the supplement that You take in. Personally I recommend Whey 100 that is full of essential amino acids and It’s derived from the highest quality ingredients Besides protein I recommend multivitamin and fish-oil Just because You want to keep Your joints healthy and obviously If You workout 3-4-5 times a week Your body will be needing more vitamins That You take in from the regular food. It everything also will depend on the type of Your diet. If You feel like You’re not eating fruits or vegetables You will probably need more vitamins If You don’t eat fish in Your diet You will defenitly need to reach for Vitamin D and K and that fish-oil to keep Your immune system in check to keep Your joints healthy and Your bones healthy. And last but not least When You are starting Your supplement regime You will probably need to look into creatine Just because creatine is the currently the safest and the most studied supplement on the market. The most common version of creatine is creatine monohydrate. and It is again the most studied supplement on the market It’s been proven many times that It’s effective It works. and It has virtually no side effects. Why take creatine? Creatine will help You replenish the ATP. for energy storage and You will be able to lift more weights and for longer time. Creatine has to be absorbed and stored in the muscles. So when You workout Your body can actually release the creatine from the muscles and use them for the workout Creatine will have to be replenish over time and stored in the muscle for effective a workouts So that basically It. I don’t think as a begginer in the gym You should overload Yourself with a lot of supplements but defenitly Whey Protein Vitamins with Fish-oil and creatine will be the three supplements that You will want to look into. I really hope this will help. Thanks again for watching. Please remember to subscribe to our Youtube Channel. and ask more questions so I can answer them in the next episode. Thank You so much and have a great day!

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