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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi everybody vanquished angel here and
today’s video is going to be on supplements for working out now I
decided to make this video because I’ve been through looking for the right
supplements and seeing what works and what works for me and when you walk into
a GNC it’s more about them selling a product you than it is actually getting
you a product that works and there’s so many products and it’s so overwhelming
and there’s so much pseudoscience that it just really can be problematic to
figure out what you should take or if you should take anything at all so okay
to start off where I’m coming from here is that I’m a very slender male I’ve
always been a very slender male however this is me with weight on so when I
first started out I was about oh maybe 20 years old I was a hundred and
twenty-one pounds and I’m six foot one which is extremely thin and very light
and I didn’t know what I was doing at all and I did some research and you know
I subscribed to men’s health and and I bought weight sets and I worked out at
home and I got up to 127 pounds and that took me a year which is not a whole lot
of gain went into the military that worked for me I got up to 168 pounds got
out of the military and dropped back down to like 130 135 and so but recent years
I’ve actually gotten back into working out a lot and taking care of myself and
I’ve always kind of somewhat been into health and now I’m up to 168 to hund or
no a hundred and 73 pounds so one of the things that I’ve
also gotten into in recent times was supplements now I’ve done the whole
protein powder and creatine powder branched chain amino acid powder and
super organic super greens powder and this powder and that powder and and
whatever else and to be honest at first I was okay but then I got real skeptical
shortly after and I felt that it just wasn’t healthy or it wasn’t of as much
benefit as they promised or even at all really and then I started to look at the
labels of them and a lot of them were really high in fat and lots of sugar and
calories and just a lot of stuff that really isn’t good for you so maybe the
protein powders and the branched chain amino acids were good but all the other
crap in them really was not good in my opinion so and my focus for this video
is natural supplements that help or that are a benefit to working out so I was
specifically not looking for any magic hocus pocus super stack-on whatever
magical mystical powder out there I really wanted stuff with peer-reviewed
science and evidence that it does work and so here are seven supplements I take
so the first one and what I feel the most important one is is an herbal and
it is called ashwagandha now and i also label the bottles of when I take it
so ashwagandha I take in the am and I use a weekly planner here and
ashwagandha has a ton of benefits that it is actually peer-reviewed to help
with so ashwagandha lowers stress and
lowering stress helps fight cortisol levels cortisol is counterproductive to
building muscle and maintaining muscle and cortisol is that stress response
hormone that your body releases in emergency situations or high-stress
situations so like you’re having problems at home with your significant
other or at work this all increases cortisol production in the body and
enters your muscle building ability and then it also lowers anxiety so obviously
that’s also gonna lower stress as well then it gives you better sleep of course
Lord stress less anxiety and more relaxation is going to help you sleep
which helps build muscle as well it’s also set to improve cognition and then
of course if it’s going to help with the other stuff it’s gonna help with
physical performance one of the things that Nashville ganda is known for is its
ability to help with low testosterone so with people that have a hindered
testosterone level it can increase testosterone levels which helps increase
performance now in his in a typical healthy perfect life young male
ashwagandha is really not gonna have that much effect on testosterone too
much it will increase a little bit but not much
it will however those that deal with stress those that are older that
testosterone levels have gone down and will help increase their testosterone
levels so ashwagandha is of great benefit
ashwagandha is my number one herbal actually for this and there are
peer-reviewed studies on this the next one then is fish oil now i take fish oil
both in the day and at night and I take the 1200 milligram one and fish oil
has a ton of benefits it has omega fatty acids
stuff like that so it has antioxidant properties as well
it is said to help heart function the jury is a little bit out on that one
nowadays and it’s also said to help with bad cholesterol levels that was proven
false that it actually just masks bad cholesterol it actually doesn’t improve
it however it has been shown to help protect your joints which is very
important for those of us that are sporty or physical or trying to build
muscle you want those joints to be protected fish oil does that it also
helps prevent muscle breakdown there are several reasons why your body breaks
down muscle fish oil helps prevent that and it also helps insulin function so it
helps better maintain your blood sugar levels and it also increases protein
synthesis so it helps to synthesize the protein to build muscle and prevent
muscle from breaking down this is why a lot of your your body builders you’re
mr. universe use fish oil in their supplements the next one is magnesium
magnesium it just helps you get better sleep which of course will help with
better testosterone production and better overall overall health so
obviously it’s going to help to build and repair muscle as well to get better
sleep and it also increases testosterone by supporting the body to meet or to
have better hormone production just as a nutrient
and magnesium his insulin sensitivity so your body absorbs and uses its
insulin much more efficiently and then it helps with better blood pressure and
now another one is zinc this is another one much like magnesium that the body is
oftentimes low in for the magnesium I take this one in the a.m. and for the
calcium or the zinc sorry I take this one in the PM zinc also is a wonderful
nutrient or vitamin for the endocrine system which then therefore it will
increase testosterone levels and it lowers estrogen production so men do
produce estrogen and just not as much of it as women and when estrogen is
produced it breaks down testosterone to do so so preventing the breakdown of
testosterone or preventing estrogen production will help have more free
testosterone in the body which then again helps build muscle specifically it
helps create DHT or dihydrotestosterone it also increases thyroid hormone
productions as well and then of course it’s going to increase DHT now DHT is
that male is actually more the ultimate male hormone then testosterone is it’s
pretty much responsible for all the male or masculine features in men so
increasing the amount of DHT increases a lot of things in the body and helps with
body building and also however can if you have male pattern baldness it also
helps contribute to male pattern baldness
as well another vitamin that I take for bone health and that is calcium now
calcium helps in many ways it could also contribute to testosterone production
but it also helps support muscle growth because calcium is used and it also
helps support bone growth and that I remember for my exercise physiology
classes so calcium is also very important and I both AM and PM now this
one might recommend you take it three times a day but then I’ll have to do
with my other supplement which I’m going to talk about in a little bit so I put
one in the a.m. and in the p.m. the last or not last supplement but one
of the other supplements and this one we feel is it very extremely important is a
multivitamin now I take an adult’s 50-plus multivitamin because I found
that one just had more vitamins and minerals and things like that that
you’ll need to maintain health even though I’m not over 50 so that’s what I
take and I say both on here but I only take one pill per day but I use a pill
splitter now there’s several reasons why I do this so I’ll split seven pills for
the week in my weekly planner here and I put half in the AM and half in the PM
and that’s why I have it labeled both the reason why I do that is using the
pill splitter breaks through the coating of the multivitamin which helps your
body your stomach access the vitamins and much more readily plus it also
increases the surface area to digest and absorb those vitamins and minerals but
then it also separates you’re not just taking it all at once you’re taking it
twice in the day which I feel is better now your body when you’re working out
goes through a lot of nutrients and vitamins and minerals and whatever
else that it’s doing and so a multivitamin will help replenish those
multivitamins have been scientifically proven to decrease your risks of cancer
and increase your antioxidant levels but the jury’s kind of out on other things
and whether or not it’s beneficial I prefer to take it because I feel that it
is beneficial to the body especially when working out to make sure that you
have at least access everybody has access to those nutrients and then the
last and final supplement that I take really isn’t tied so much into body
building or building muscle and it is steal libido now I have both the black
in the red but I prefer the black I will no longer be taking the red but I do
have both this of course increases sex drive and that but I feel that it helps
benefit body building because I feel that it helps create a better
environment for the hormones and increases hormone production so I add
that to my list of supplements that I take to better build muscle and and just
live healthier hopefully this has given you some ideas or some tips on what
to do for supplements I stay away from the powders mostly because I just feel
that they’re not actually that healthy and as per protein I try to include more
of it in my diet since I don’t eat a lot of meat I try to incorporate things but
do have more protein in other ways like I will look if I’m getting a can of soup
I’m gonna look which cans of soup or brands have more protein in them and I’m gonna
go with that one I also include quinoa in a lot of my rice dishes or side
dishes because quinoa is one of the few 100% complete protein plant sources
there is so including quinoa in your diet is another way to do that
alright thanks for watching and as always have a good day and be well

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