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100 thoughts on “Supplements Review Part 3 – High Grade OMEGA-3s (Muscle Recovery Monster!)

  1. @a11bolden I hate to have to do this to you, but it seems you might need a bit of a chemistry lesson my friend. It seems that you may be working at GNC, and if so, please tell us all about the commissions you receive to push certain products on the customers over others. I'm sure they would like to hear it. As for omega-3 quality…you are DEAD WRONG. Chemical assays CAN be performed on ANY ingestible to determine trace levels of impurities down to the parts per million.

  2. @a11bolden ….omega's extracted from fish and then used to inexpensively produce the majority of oils on store shelves today ARE NOT subject to pharmaceutical grade standards and their quality ABSOLUTELY 100% reveals this. I suggest you review a few more of these before inaccurately commenting. As for taking it during a workout?? Not necessary….no correlation. Morning and Evening is sufficient. Finally, as I pointed out in the video, this is my father's brand of omega-3s.

  3. @a11bolden As I say all the time and continue to promise to all of my guys and gals on TEAM ATHLEAN, I would never promote or recommend anything that I don't use myself. Needless to say, I TRUST the brand and I KNOW what's inside each and every pill produced. Not sure there can get any more of a solid and secure endorsement than that. You think the guy that works at GNC can say the same thing? Thanks for writing

  4. Jeff,
    I went to two different supplement places looking for a meal replacement that was Brown rice based, and all they had was just brown rice protein. So they sold me a product called "Perfect Chia" that they suggested I mix with my previously purchased Whey Protein to create a meal replacement. Do you have any experience with Perfect Chia?

  5. @hotwheelsrc51 It says its high in Omega 3 & 6's and after seeing your review on Omega 3's vs 6's, should I return the product?

  6. Hey Jeff! I recently ordered your athleanx program and I was just wondering if you still are giving out that supplementation guide?

  7. @asrsniperx No. The inclusion of 6 and 9 omega fatty acids are defeating the purpose of the supplement and are contributing to the imbalance of inflammatory and antiinflammatory qualities. Also…you MUST stick to a pharmaceutical grade like Dr. C's or Lovaza if you want the best quality without the impurities or substandard oils.

  8. Hey Jeff! Thank you for your reviews. They make perfect sense. I visited the website for this product, however, they are out of stock. I was searching for a high grade omega-3 product. I ran in to this one. I am so not sure about it. Could you check this product please? it is called xtend life. they have 3 types of omega 3 products i guess. I don't want to post the link cause my intention is to be informed, not to advertise a product I don't even know. Thanks a lot!

  9. @JDCav24 Jeff, don't you think using the " pharmaceutical grade" word is a bit misleading since there is no United States Pharmacopoeia or an official monograph for Omega 3 fish oil concentrates.
    And also, we already have omega 9 in our body and our body can make it. I don't think it would defeat omega 3.

  10. ok this doesnt make sense to me you say omega-3's fair enough but in the meal plan i have been taking flax oil which contains ratio of about 4:1:1 .. 4 = omeg-3's, 1= omge-6's, 1= omega-9's …now should i be taking the pills along with flax oil aswell and with all these suppliment am i not pumping TOO MANY chemicals into my body?? i mean im following the videos aswell ig ot the creatin glutamine flax oil, omega 3 pills, meal replacement shakes, protien shakes…seiously lol wtf let me know…

  11. are your "Captain C's Omega 3's" or any other "high grade" ones available in any stores cuz i cant find em?

  12. hi jeff would antartic krill oil not be absorbed easier by the body or would the presence of omega 6 contained there in be counter productive, im looking at dr cs but would be liable for customs tax here in ireland, thanks

  13. @JDCav24 I have your athleanrx supplements, in your honest opinion how do you think they stack up against other brands?

  14. Hi Jeff, Very informative videos. I have been taking the Omega 3 fish Oil since 6 months, cos I am new to Bodybuilding. But I take 1200mg every day with 360mg EPA/DHA. Is it enough to get the RDA of omega-3? Your reply would be much appreciated. Once gain great videos.

  15. Jeff I know that lately there has been a lot of hype about Krill Oil. Depending on where and what you read, people are switching to Krill Oil saying it has more positive and intensified effects. Can you possibly make another supplement video, touching on the pros/cons of Krill compared to a High Grade Fish Oil? I am truly curious to know the truth about this topic. Thank you much! Keep up the amazing work, you are a huge motivator in this community brother!!!

  16. I watched your video & would like to know what advise you have for someone that is a vegetarian. I do not use fish oil instead I use Flaxseed oil product made by Optimum Nutrition which has a 4-1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6,9.

  17. Hey Jeff i was wondering if regular omega 3 is better than nothing cause theres no way im spending 100$ a month on that stuff.

  18. Hi Jeff, thanks for the information. I went to the site you have listed in the AthleanX manual and found this link on the website. I've been hearing a lot about Krill Oil and that it is better for you than fish oil, what is your opinion and take on this issue. Thanks.

  19. Please help me out! Should i take omega-3 if my metabolism is really high? I dont want to burn more fat. I want to gain fat but also my muscle recovery isnt the best.

  20. Thanks for the advice. Was there a dog barking in the background when you were recording? I'm wearing headphones and every 20 seconds I'm taking them off to make sure my dog isn't the one barking (it's 3am) 🙂

  21. I am checking the omega3formula website now. Could you tell me "where is the contact info at?", "where exactly is the fish source?", "where is the supplement facts?". Lack of information throughout, yet vague statements explaining why we should buy it. Are we only supposed to take your word on this by you simply saying -I trust this-? Not really convincing, Jeff.

  22. Hey Jeff an article just was released connecting fish oil to prostate cancer. Can you elaborate on this? LIKE SO HE SEES IT

  23. Ha…..I get Lovaza prescribed to me for free.  Not even a co-payment.  My triglycerides were way high this past summer but are now normal.

  24. Umm those are way to expensive for me.. 47$ for the smallest bottle? How many days will that even last? Im kinda young (17) and I cannot afford to keep buying that everytime I run out unless it has like 150 days worth of pills or atleast 100

  25. Jeff, what about using flax seed or flax seed oil as a source of omega-3's?  Nutritional data that I've read has flax seed oil containing (in some cases) double the amount of omega-3's based on 200 kcal servings.

  26. @ATHLEAN-X™

    Hey Jeff, I'm wondering if I take fish oils already is there much sense in taking CLAs as well? Thanks.

  27. When choosing an Omega 3 product should we look for a product that has a higher DHA than EPA or does it matter. I bought a product that has a DHA of 392 mg and EPA of 64 mg per pill x 3 pills per day

  28. Jeff can i take Lonsdale Super Omega 369 in stead of just omega 3 and is there any use to take Lonsdale Spirulina Protein Supplement? Can you say something about this products?

  29. Just curious, I have read that this (OMEGA-3s) is linked to increase chances of Prostate cancer, i am always looking for better stuff however it makes me nervous.. anyone want to weigh in on that?!  Thanks in advance.

  30. You say it makes your metabolism faster – for us with a very high metabolism, wouldn't we want to avoid that?

  31. grind some flax and or hemp seeds to give your body the opportunity to produce its own dha an epa . much better choice imo

  32. this omega 3 is too costly for me do anyone know about this brand and is it beneficial should I take it or not,this I the product,"Amway Nutrilite Salmon Omega 3".

  33. If you use low grad fish oil it will suck hard, I tried to save money and the shit i got was so bad i actually vomited

  34. Just went to the site recommended and ordered the B2G1F offer. Will start taking Dr. C's Omega 3 when it arrives. I'll check back in again in about 3 months with a no BS review of this product.

  35. Quick question, if you take less then the daily recommended which totals to 1k and 700 something of the other…. so if you take about 150-300 and 250-300 per say wouldn’t that affect your body or it’s just wasted urine and money ? My personal evaluation that made sense to me most is to take as I stated on a daily basis and once you feel pain in sinovial and general muscle then increase dosage respectively…. however I wanted to confirm that taking on a daily basis less then the recommended would make a difference of something compared to not taking it at all … I hope I’m clear 😁

  36. is that DR C' s oil triglyceride form how much dha and epa per serving? people talking about flax, while flax has o3 its ALA and converts to dha epa at a very low%

  37. It would depend on the fish, wild salmon has 1.3g for 3oz, it also depends how much omega 6 you eat on how much you need per day.

  38. I’m confused I’ve bought fish oil Superstrength omega 3 1000mg bulk powder and it say take 3 time a day but online I can find information about omega 3 says take up to 1500 per day, information please?

  39. What is the best time of the day to consume Omega 3 tablets?

    Also only 217 comments. Thats what happens in an hour to his new videos.

  40. Jeff, your videos are literally (not figuratively) saving my life. You've opened my eyes to so many vital aspects of nutrition and fitness that have greatly increased my quality of life and I will never take my health for granted again.

  41. Wtf… outdated information, inflammation actually has been proven necessary to signal for your body to start muscle recovery, studies are now showing that anti-inflammatory drugs have significantly reduced muscle gains by as much as half if not more

  42. Sadly you didn't mention how or when to take it. Coz i have read in one study that it is best to take it during bedtime as it can trigger your melatonin as well.

  43. You said omega 6 are readily available but the caption said rarely available. Just noticed that. I’m a huge fan and follow all your stuff. This is probably the oldest video I’ve seen. It’s awesome you’ve been helping people and staying committed to it.

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