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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Good morning. This vlog is really going to be about “real talk”. As you can see I just woke up and even though I had the alarm set for 6 o’clock, it’s 7:30. But we went to bed at 2AM because it has been too much yesterday. I don’t really know where my head is and the fact that I slept longer than usual indicates that I should go to bed earlier and really take care of my sleep but sometimes I get really exhausted. I’m gonna check my form because it’s the best in the morning when it’s still raw and I’m not bloated yet. So I’m gonna get right into it although I don’t have a tripod so it might be a little wobbly here because Matúš is preparing something as you can see here, so I’m not going to ruin it for him and now – let’s check it. Um, so I don’t really know what to say about the form I still don’t know myself because the first competitions can be unpredictable. And as I said, it will be this years’ first competition so.. we’ll see. I’m so handy that while I was turning the camera on, the weight managed to calibrate itself. I have precisely 40 grams of oatmeal and 10 grams of protein here. This will be my breakfast and as you can see it won’t be as colourful. I’m just gonna add some water. And stir while the oatmeal soaks up the water. Because then the oatmeal has the prefect texture. As you may have noticed, I’m not wearing makeup. But that has a reason. Because although I love makeup. I left my makeup bag back at home in Púchov. Although my mom sent it back to me right the next day, I only had time to go pick it up a week later. But finally I’ll be able to put some makeup on and look like a person again. But let’s get back to the oatmeal. I almost forgot how it feels to wear my usual makeup. Because it felt like infinity waiting until I had the time to pick it up Yes, yes, I feel better wearing makeup. I don’t know about you, but I really love these pieces of art that I create on my own face. And that change just warms my heart. I don’t really know what to say next. I’m not even sure about how I feel. It feels weird when you are about to go on stage after a year when sometimes you used to be there several times a year. And after that long pause you get to be there again.

10 thoughts on “Súťažím vo FÍNSKU! I 1 WEEK OUT – InPREP #2

  1. Veľmi som si ťa obľúbila. Máš dokonalú figúru. Vo vzťahu prajem všetko len to naj. Inak s makeupom to mám podobne😀💞

  2. Mňa by zaujímalo, že odkiaľ máš financie na fitnesslifestyle nakoľko ešte študuješ a nepracuješ, že by si mala výplatu každý mesiac. Robíš nejaké jedálničky, tréningy alebo čo také ? Teraz keď ideš ešte závodiť, musí to byť finančne dosť náročné všetko okolo toho, letenky, ubytko, strava v zahraničí, cestovanie atd., tak ak by si mi mohla odpovedať, bol by som rád 😉 inak videa sú super, lepšíš sa 🙂

  3. Libilo se mi, ze i ta hudba jakoby dokreslovala tvou naladu. 😀
    Velmi dobre zpracovane video, skvele se na to divalo. ..A ve videu nahodou i pres dietu vypadas hodne mile ikdyz lze videt unava. Hodne stesti na soutezich.

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