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Sleep rhythm, duration and quality can all be tracked in Suunto 3 Fitness This will help you to understand how well your body recovers and rests while sleeping Before you head under the blankets, let’s get your watch ready for sleep as well Scroll up to your watch settings And down to sleep Toggle on sleep tracking by pressing the middle button Next, set your bedtime First enter the earliest time you may go to bed Your watch tracks part of the sleep data from your wrist movements So inactivity during your bedtime, will be interpreted as sleep Now let your watch know the latest time you may wake up Great Then define your sleep target Press the middle button to enter the settings view and define your preferred good night’s sleep duration Confirm by pressing the middle button Here you can also deactivate all your watch’s notifications Press the middle button to activate the “Do not disturb” mode and let your watch know when notifications should be snoozed Perfect Insights can be seen on how well you sleep by following
your heart rate variability during sleep To do so, Daily heart rate needs to be active Press the lower left button to go back to the menu and scroll up to Activity Make sure Daily HR is toggled on Now your watch is all set and ready for bed After a good night’s sleep wake up your watch with a button press Your watch will greet you with a sleep summary Here you’ll see how long you slept when you fell asleep and woke up an estimation of your sleep quality and much more To view your sleep stats later on scroll down to the sleep duration display Here you can see a summary of your last night’s sleep in comparison to your sleep duration target Both the ring around the display and the time next to the target,
reflect how well you’ve reached it To see your 7 day sleep history, press the middle button Here you can see your sleep duration average as well as your average HR during sleep In both overviews you can press the lower right button
to see the exact numbers for each night Now you have a good excuse to sleep a little more

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